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Welcome to STF, the best online Bulletin-board style Star Trek Role-Playing site on the internet. Founded in 1991, STF existed originally on the Prodigy "Classic" network, which provided a unique bulletin-board style format. While most RPG groups conduct their actions in live chat, which requires everyone to be online at the same time, or play-by-email, which requires sifting through many messages on your email account, the WeBB provides a central location for our RPG.

Latest news

Sci-World Starts today!!

Hello all,

The annual SciWorld convention kicks off tonight at 5:30pm New York time, 10:30pm London time. We've confirmed several additional events, all free and open for you. Tonight's events include 3 play-by-post roleplaying games: Star Trek, Stargate, and Marvel universe, and a number of chats, including a workshop on recruiting for your game, a character development workshop, and a discussion about writing for villains.

Please check us out at sciworldonline.com

Looking forward to seeing you at SciWorld!

STF Awards July 2016 Nominations Are OPEN!!

Nominations are now open for this term's STF Awards (the "Emmas"), which will be held in July on IRC. You can nominate your fellow members by submitting this form: http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/768443

Nominations will close on June 30th at 11:59 pm (Eastern).

Remember that there were some changes last year that we kept for this year. So make sure to check out eligibility and caveats to awards and some awards need specific things to qualify as a nomination. There are descriptions everywhere needed! Please read carefully!


Fleet 5 USS Chernov CO Opening

With Emily England's departure we have an opening for a CO spot on the Chernov. I would like all people who have at least been a XO to email me your crednetials and past positions in the club that wish to apply at fcomm-5 @ star-fleet . com. This will stay open until I find someone I feel can handle the ship Remember the Chernov is a JJ Abrams ship, and considered an alt rpg.

~Steven Sigle, FCOMM 5

Election "Do Not Contact" List

The next STF Presidential Election will be kicking off in 2 weeks!

Please note that unless you are on the "Do Not Contact" list, candidates *are* allowed to send you unsolicited campaign emails. If you do not want to receive unsolicited campaign emails during the upcoming election and wish to be added to the "Do Not Contact" list, please email me at ec [at] star-fleet.com, or let me know on my contact page: http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/user/87/contact.

-Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

STF's 25th Anniversary & Ten Forward

Hey all,

I was approached by Krys about organizing events for STF's 25th Anniversary and have agreed. :)

There is a basic idea I'm working on and it will work best if I have a few people to work on it with me. In particular, there will be an 'Open House' in IRC one day during the week of celebrations. I can't be on all day, as will be the case with most people, but if you can spare an hour or two to host a section and/run an event, please let me know. (more details and dates will be forthcoming)

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