Starfleet Command

“Didn't they realize that the only way to change things was to act?”

Fleet Admiral Katherine Dedul
Vice President
Vice Fleet Admiral Adam W.

Welcome to Command

Welcome to STF's Command Ship! This is where club policy is discussed, rewritten, edited, chewed over and then spat out as edicts by the President. This ship creates a lot of notes to read, so please try not to add to the load by throwing in too many witty one liners and jokes unnecessarily (moderation is key!).

Sometimes this ship can make you angry, but don't post in anger: take a break, write a reply and wait before you click on post. Walk away, come back and reread it, then if you feel you're still happy with it, click on post. Remember, all members are invited to join in!

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Proposal Format

Please use the following format when introducing ideas or proposals to Command. The questions are provided as ideas on what to include in each section. This helps us evaluate and log your idea easier!

  • Problem: What is the problem that you are addressing? Why is this problem important to address? Include any relevant background information.
  • Proposal: What is your solution (the plan)? How does your solution address the problem? This is where the edict text would go for edict proposals.
  • Discussion: What are some forseen pros and cons? What would your plan cost the club? What would the club gain?

Note that a topic for discussion might only have a problem, as we're trying to think up a solution!

Command Contact List
Name Position IRC MSN Y!M
Katherine Dedul President Bumblebee
Adam W. Vice President AdamW
Daniel Lerner Academy Commandant Singularity42
Robert Archer Engineering Director RAdmCockRoach
Lindsay Bayes Gamemaster Director BusyBeaver
Sam Bibb Personnel Director Warpcore
TJ Morgan FComm-1 TMorgan
James Harrison FComm-3 OspreyJames
Steve Sigle FComm-5 ScubaSteve
Julia K. FComm-6
Steve Johnson FComm-8 S_Johnson
Kat DedulPresidentKatherine Dedul
CaptainSamuel BibbPersonnel DirectorSam B
Adam W.Vice PresidentAdam W
CommodoreJoe PSOX / Librarian / TECHJoe P
Katherine DedulPresidentKatherine Dedul
Rear AdmiralRobert ArcherEngineering DirectorHumanRobert Archer