Election Schedule Announced!

Alright folks it is that time again, time for yet another presidential election! As the election coordinator it is my pleasure to announce the election schedule for this upcoming election. All times are listed in Eastern Time.

Election Schedule:
Nominations Open - 3/8/13 - 0000 HRS
Nominations Close - 3/14/13 - 2359 HRS
Primary Opens - 3/22/13 - 0000 HRS
Primary Closes - 3/28/13 - 2359 HRS
Secondary Opens - 3/29/13 - 0000 HRS
Voting Close - 4/4/13 - 2359 HRS
Election Turnover (IRC) - 4/6/13 - 1500 HRS


Job Postings in Command!

Want to do more for the club? Well, there's some open positions being advertised in Command - as of now we need FComm-4, -5, and -6, and the Academy needs an AFLO. The details are in Command - what are you waiting for?

Expanded Technology List

The club's Engineering Department over the next month is opening discussion on making a list of rarely seen/only once seen canon tech in the various shows/movies. You can find the discussion here http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/671078 all are welcome to comment though please read the guidelines of the discussion. Some of these ideas may find their way into use for all roleplaying areas for players.

Robert Archer EDir

FComm 1 Applications

With Amber's iLOA, the position of Fleet Commander 1 (The Foremost Fleet) is open for applications. Please email applications to exec[at]star-fleet.com. Closing date will be 14 December.

Many thanks,


GM Wanted on the USS Saracen!

The USS Saracen is looking for a new GM!

As a Pendragon-class ship with an experienced crew, the Saracen offers a great opportunity for a GM to flex their creativity.

If you are interested, please contact Bob Spicer, the Saracen's CO, at http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/user/288.

PDept. Vacancy: Assistant Personnel Director

The Personnel Department is looking for a qualified member to take on the role of Assistant Personnel Director.

The Assistant Personnel Director is responsible for assisting the PDir in placement of new applicants within STF and replying to external emails to the department. Should the PDir be unavailable then the APDir is the next in command and will assist with the day to day running of the Personnel Department.


PDept Vacancy: Mentor's Coordinator

The Personnel Department is looking for a dedicated member to take on the role of Mentor's Coordinator.

Ripped right from the PDept's MOTD, the Mentor's Coordinator is tasked with generating and maintaining a current list of Mentors/Mentees, recruit new mentors, provide assistance and information to those participating in the Mentor's Program, and all other duties to ensure the stability and growth of the program.


Sunlight Fast Frigate Review!

Coming in for review is club member Cassia's fast frigate the Sunlight! All activate members are welcome to review it here... http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/666009 from 11/12/14 till 12/3/14

Robert Archer EDir

XO Vacancy USS Olympic

The USS Olympic is in need of an Executive Officer. I'm looking for someone who's been active in the club for the past 6 months, and not prone to taking frequent LOAs or AWOLs. Passing the XO Exam is a major plus! In your application answer these questions: 1) Why do you think you're best for the position. 2) What will you do to help or improve the ship. 3) How would you interact with your Commanding Officer, both In Character and Out of Character. If interested, please send your application to my contact form. All candidates will be informed if of their status by November 14th.

New Player-run SIM framework on Oev V!

Oed V is trying a new framework for simming designed to improve sim quality and overall sim cooperation and participation! This framework ensures that self-sims run by players are not disruptive to others or force other players into participation. It ensures that player-run self-sims are logical, fit into what is going on as a whole and are aligned with the long-term story lines of Oed. We hope to build a long term culture and story with this increased continuity and stability, so character development is more meaningful. Your character can impact the history and future of a whole planet!

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