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!! Job Announcement !!

Job Title: Project Lead - Newer New Navy Plan Project (NNNPP)
Opening Date/Time: Wednesday, June 17 2230 PST
Closing Date/Time: Until Filled
Salary: 1 cake of choice per month, weekly cake stipend to be negotiated
Job Type: Contracted Engineering Staff

We are hiring a motivated individual who will lead a small team of engineers in creating a document that will be used by this department for many years to come. If you have some time, management skills, and the desire to positively impact the club and the Engineering Department, we want to hear from you! If interested, submit an email of interest to edir at detailing how you meet or exceed the listed experience and qualifications, and any thoughts you have on the project itself. If you have any questions about this position, please email me directly at edir at

Job Duties:

- Lead a team of engineers in performing an analysis of the current New Navy Plan (NNP) and determine what changes need to be made to bring it into consistency with established canon

- Determine and implement the best means of holding team meetings

- Develop a document to replace the NNP that is easy to understand and is in line with established canon

- Provide a recommendation on the name and implementation of this new document

- Provide monthly progress reports to the Engineering Director

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills:

- Have submitted a ship design for review

- Knowledge of Star Trek engineering principles and technicalities

- Available access to the Star Trek Technical Manuals that are considered canon resources by this department

- Ability to effectively lead a small team through discussions

- Ability to resolve any disputes in a professional, fair and courteous way

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