Kirt Gartner XI

1/4 Klingon, 3/4 Human
Position label: 
Security Officer

Born On Risa Oddly his human mother is the Daughter of the Ambasidor to Risa and when Kirt Gartner X was vacationing on risa as a Congradulations Present from his parents for getting into star-fleet Acadamay the two Met when he was trying to figure out What the Devil was the Horgon about...Well She showed him (BOOM) he left Risa a few days later to start at the acadamay with out Knowing he was soon to be a Father his mother Angila had heard about the Tridition Kirts family had about nameing the first Son Kirt Gartner so she kept it for Kirt X hoping someday to marry him but it never came Kirt X was killed in action while Assinged to the USS Athena While He never knew his father Kirt XI did not Resent him He knew he did not know that Kirt XI existed Yet so when he was old enough he joined Star-fleet trying to get in touch with his father but found out right away that he was Dead so now He is out To bring Honor and Glory to his family Name

5' 9"