First STF Egotists Elected To Take Office!

The first EGO elections have ended and the results have been tallied. In the interests of disclosure, the number of votes each candidate has received shall be revealed:

Jack Dipper : 10 votes (21.31%)

Larry Garfield : 9 votes (19.15%)

Symon Silvester : 8 votes (17.02%)

Kevin Harbison : 7 votes (14.90%)

Russell Watt : 4 votes (8.51%)

Amanda Noon : 4 votes (8.51%)

Krystelle Bromilow : 3 votes (6.11%)

Joe Fahey : 2 votes (2.31%)

Our first elected Egotists are thus Jack Dipper, serving a full term of 24 months, Larry Garfield, serving a partial term of 16 months and Symon Silvester, serving a partial term of 8 months.

The elected Egotists shall take office at midnight (GMT) on 29th October 2009, per the election schedule. As he has been elected to serve the shortest term, Symon Silvester, upon taking office, shall become Chief Egotist.

Congratulations to all of those involved for making this a painless and effective process.

Fleet Captain Andrew "Wolfe" Robinson
Election Coordinator
28th October 2009