Announcement: Proper use of the "Location" field

A few weeks ago, the Internet Department held a discussion regarding the proper way to "use" the "Location" field. For the full announcement of the results, please read this post:

In short, proper use of the "Location" field is as follows:

Location - Activity

The "Location" field is only to contain a physical location; e.g. "Bridge", "Captain's Ready Room", "Quarters: Joe Bloggs".

The "Activity" field is only to contain an In Character activity; e.g. "Joe Blogg's Physical", "Medical Emergency", "Graduation Ceremony".

Examples of the proper format:

Sickbay - Joe Blogg's Physical
Counselor's Office - Cadet Smith's Evaluation
CO's Ready Room - Disciplining Lt. Marius
Cargo Bay 1
Transporter Room 2
Planet's Surface - Cultural Research

I hope that gets the point across, and clears up the many rumors and misconceptions that have been floating around about this issue. Jack and I worked hard on a solution that allows the most flexibility for users while maintaining integrity of the system.

Thank you,