Did you know the club has an official Out of Character Zone? It does!!

After a vote in Starfleet Command as to whether or not the area should be commissioned in late 2009, the vote determined the area to be a viable resource and it should stay open -- So lets get using it!

Its a fantastic place to meet others you might not otherwise meet in the club, talk about things aside from STF.. unwind, be fun, go bananas!!

Are you interested, we certainly hope so. Vist us here http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/ooc or by clicking WeBB OOC on the STF Navigation Menu.

There's lots of things to do:

* Helen will be interviewing a member of STF
* Sam will be putting this month's quiz up
* We're polling on your Top 3 Favourite Species

And remember.. its about you, so if you want to talk about something there then talk about it provided its appropriate that is :P

So there you have it, our advertisement. The slogan, Its there, Its staying - lets use it!

- STF OOC Team (ooc-team@star-fleet.com)