Evelyn Blackwell (LOA)

Position label: 

Birth: Feburary 9th, 2365
Place: Orange, California; Earth

Mother - Juliette (Holbrook) Blackwell - 50 - Retired Starfleet Science
Father - Marcus Blackwell - 52 - Retired Startfleet Engineer
Sister - Katherine Blackwell - 18 - High School Student
Brother - Evan Blackwell - 16 - High School Student
Brother - Aaron Blackwell - 12 - Jr. High School Student
Brother - Hugh Blackwell - 10 - Elementary School Student

Physical Description:
Evelyn is a fit and slender human woman. She has light brown shoulder length hair that she is actually rather proud of. By what makes Evelyn's look so unique is her rather brilliant green eyes that seem to brighten and darken depending on her mood and the environment. She also has a tattoo on her back, below the left shoulder; a dove with the letters J, E, S under it.


Passion is most likely the first word that would come to mind when trying to describe Evelyn. She is known to speak when she ought not to if she believes something needs to be said, and it often gets her in trouble. She fights for what she believes in and would do anything, including putting herself at risk to help her friends and ship mates.

Evelyn does her job well, and isn't afraid to take risks. She is however, wary when it comes to trusting strangers. Once someone has her trust, she becomes one of the best allies a person could have. Evelyn is also weary of getting too close to people, especially men, as she knows nothing short of heartbreak when she gets too attached. She is the best friend a person could have, and would rather die than betray herself, her beliefs or her country.

Evelyn fervently searches for new knowledge and information, as she wants to be the best she can possibly be, to give the most to her crew mates and to the Federation. She learns all she can from new situation and tries to apply all of her experiences in her future choices.

Personal History:
Evelyn is the oldest child of five; born to Juliette and Marcus Blackwell in Orange County, California; Earth. Even as a baby, Evelyn was a bright girl, and her parents made big plans for her. Both Juliette and Marcus served the Federation; if fact it is where they met. They fell in love, finished their term, got married and started their family. They both hoped that their children would want to serve the Federation in the way they did.

Even when Evelyn was a little girl, she had stars in her eyes, wanting nothing more than to follow in her parents’ footsteps and experience life outside of Earth. Almost everything Evelyn did was designed to help her prepare herself to join the Federation. She was incredibly focused in school, often times mastering the work before the year was over. Her teachers saw that she had a natural knack for science and mathematics, and encouraged her to challenge herself with community college classes while still in high school. Evelyn even prepared herself physically, taking martial arts classes as well as playing recreational sports to work on teamwork. She loved being part of a team, and did almost every extra-curricular activity you could think of.

It was in one of her martial arts classes that Evelyn met the twins Josh and Sara Lancaster, twins who seemed to glorify the Federation as much as she did. They became the best of friends, and made all of their choices together. Sara was the closest to Evelyn in interests, though she was looking forward to joining the Engineering program when she got to the academy. Josh on the other hand, was a hard head who wanted to prove himself to the world and take control of a ship one day. Evelyn knew that he would be a commander some day. Once and high school, Josh and Evelyn became more than friends, and she found herself falling head over heels for the brash young man. She could imagine the future they were going to have together both in the Federation and beyond it. The trio made their way through school with almost perfect marks, and people in the town joked that they were going to wreak havoc once they got into the academy. Acceptance letters came midway senior year, and the group was excited to start a new chapter together. However, disaster struck.

Josh and Sara were on their way to a family reunion in Illinois when their shuttle had some malfunctions and crashed. They both perished, and Evelyn’s world was torn to pieces. She no longer knew what she wanted to do with her life. She went into a depressive state, and barely ate or slept. Nothing could snap her out of it. Her grades started to fall, and it looked like she was going to give up. One day however, he family had an intervention of sorts and convinced her that it would let both Josh and Sara down if she gave up on her dreams and gave up on her life.
Evelyn agreed and she slowly but surely got her life back on track. Once she did, she decided that she wanted to enter the medical field. It was in the death of her closest friends that Evelyn Blackwell found her true calling; she was going to give the gift of life. She went to the Academy as planned, and is hoping to pass with flying colors.

Valedictorian - Jr. High and High School
Pre-Med - Community College During High School

Medical History:
Chicken Pox - Age: 5 - Recovered Fully

130 lbs.