Erin Ferguson LOA

Lt. Cmdr.
Position label: 
Chief Medical Officer

Erin Ferguson was raised an only child on Earth in San Francisco. Both of her parents were professors at Star-Fleet Academy. They never went off planet so her life was very uneventful. However, because she was around so many involved with the fleet, she grew up hearing stories. This steared her interest towards the academy.

At 16, she applied and was accepted. She graduated and was immediately posted to Starbase 60. There she remained for several years, quietly advancing in the ranks to full Lieutenant. She then applied for the CMO position on Liiris XII and was quickly accepted.

Erin is of average height with long red hair and blue eyes. She is rather quiet and focused when it comes to her work. She can often be heard talking out-loud to herself as she works…….

120 lbs
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