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OK, we're a bit late, but here we go. The Egotist Election to replace the outgoing Larry Garfield has now begun. This is for a full 2 year term.

In order to be eligible to RUN for the open seat, you must:

1. Hold a minimum member rank of Fleet Captain
2. Been an active member for at least eight continuous months prior to the election being held (excluding routine Leaves of Absence).
3. Not be Larry Garfield.
4. Not already be a member of EGO.

In order to VOTE in this election, you must:

1. Hold a minimum member rank of Fleet Captain
2. Currently be an active member as defined by MOO.
3. Not be Larry Garfield. :-) (As EC, I do not vote except in the case of a tie.)

If you wish to run, you must email me (using my contact form) no later than 12:00:01 am US Eastern Time on Thursday 10 March (aka, Wednesday night) stating your intent to do so and including your complete member name and account name.

Since there was a question before, I have created a voter list for the EGO election as follows:

- Anyone who is already on the "Flag Officer" role who is not grossly AWOL. (I removed two accounts from that role earlier tonight.) That list was originally well checked when it was created so I presume it is accurate. :-)

- Anyone who has a character with a flag rank that posted during the month of January (vis, was an active member during that time, which is 30 days prior to the start of the election, more or less.) This is not a perfect filter but it's good enough. As it turns out, there was no one in this list who was not already in the Flag Officer role.

That gives us a list of possible Voters consisting of:

Anthony Martin
Amanda Noon
Andrew Robinson
Barret Vogtman
Deklitch Hardin
Gene Gibbs
Jack Dipper
Joe Fahey
Jen Herr
Jody Romero
Katherine Dedul
Kevin Harbison
Kenson Koh
Krys McLean
Lee Bridgeford
Larry Garfield
Steve Johnson
Symon Silvester

Or 18 people (minus me, of course). If anyone believes that list to be in error, let me know and I will investigate and correct if necessary.

Incidentally, that is also the list of people eligible to run, minus the three current Egotists, minus those that do not meet the 8 months continuous service requirement. I believe that gives us a potential candidate pool of 13.

Remember, no campaigning. This should be a very boring election. If you want an exciting election, talk to Jen about the Presidential election. :-)

--Larry Garfield

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