Captain's Log

08 Jan 2015

Captain's Log - Stardate: 68019.2

17 Apr 2012

***Start Log***

Captain's Log
Stardate 12041.7

We've managed to limp our way back to starbase 157. The Dresden has taken a lot of damage since our last mission. Our two bottom decks were completely destroyed and our computer was fried by an unknown species. She managed to get away, however the crew has witnessed her abilities and who she is. At the very least, reports will be given as they our brought forth.

25 Aug 2011

Captain's Log
Stardate 11082.5

We've been ordered to explore unexplored space for the first time in quite some time for the Federation. We've been given permission to do as we see fit, so long as we make progress. At the moment however, our shields failed us at a moment's need. All of our crew who had any trace of non-human DNA appears to have gone missing. With no warp drive we're stuck until we have the opportunity to pursue them. We're hoping to get systems back online and recover our lost crew. It is, at this moment, of utmost importance.

-Captain Michael Halloway, CO

05 Jul 2010

Captain's Log-Supplemental

My senior staff are currently down below on the planet testing Atavus. Unfortunately, starfleet has recalled my Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Security, and Chief Science Officer. We now have a new COS and CSO, however we're still lacking in a CMO. Despite this, medical officers from the ship and on the planet are still working toward figuring out more about the alien spieces.

I've met with my two new DH's. I definitely see promise in them. I only hope now that our findings will be sufficient for Starfleet.

05 Apr 2010

Stardate: 10040.5

We've arrived at Liiris XI, where we will be testing out a project called Atavus and further looking over the body of the unknown alien we.

While en route, sickbay experienced a mysterious explosion. Further investigation of it is underway, however it has taken a toll on my Chief Medical Officer from what I can tell. Dealing with the loss of subordinates under one's own command is not an easy thing to deal with.

05 Dec 2009

OOC: I have been given command of the Dresden after both the CO and XO seem to have disappered. The ship's has been less then stellar, to say the least. After doing some looking around I have managed to find a few people to join, and it appears that aXO Matthew Kleinman managed to keep Dresden going before my arrival. Much thanks to him and Anthony Martin for sticking with it and keeping this ship alive.

We seem to now have a healthy ship. With Kevin's sim coming to a close soon I think, we will be having some side-sims.

IC: Captain's log. Startdate 09120.5/

08 Apr 2009

The Dresden is in dire straights. Not IC, we're about to go to the aid of a federation mining colony under attack. The problem is that over half the crew have had to leave the Dresden for various personal reasons. I have lost to Sec officers, leaving me with one, all my Med officers though I have regained a CMO in the form of Amber Hagan, and I am down to a DH in each department with the exception of a single Ensign in science whom I must congratulate, both on staying with the Dresden and in posting magnificently.

03 Mar 2009

Stability! That's what sums up the Dresden the last few weeks. We've had our ups and downs before now but finally she is settling down to what would be considered normality. We have tied up all the loose threads thus far and have all but begun the new Sim which our magnificent new GM will be guiding us through. I have high hopes for the next little while and could retail you with the happenings of late but would rather take this opportunity to say that the Dresden's future is a lot less clouded than maybe it once was.

30 Jan 2009

The Dresden, after much searching, finally happened upon a GM for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping that Phil will become at home here on the Dresden when he finally starts the Dresden's first real Sim for quite some time. I'm glad to see that despite our obvious lack of GM or direction for that matter, that the crew of the Dresden has continued to contribute the detailed and thorough posts that I have come to expect from them.

31 Dec 2008

With the Dresden heading back to Earth for some mush needed repairs and a refit of the damaged components, we've run into a bit of a snag which we intend to solve before our arrival. It seems the Lt Adir and Lt j.g. Kelly, during a freak transporter accident, have switched bodies. This is most unfortunate for both parties concerned and as such I am devoting all resources to its solution. I hope that between us and Star-Fleet medical we can resolve this quickly with minimal fuss.

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