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Message posted on Stardate 08011.1 at 1701 hours
Posted by Kendra Abbott.
And now it is time we say goodbye to effWeBB. We look forward to the future but must always remember the past, oh how far this club has come! From prodigy message boards to the internet and we have seen people come and go. Perhaps there have been legends told that have been lost over time. Influential people then become mere off handed references by long time memories. This makes me wonder, where will the club be in 10 years? Will our leaders now be remembered then? How long will we know the friends we make?

As a Newbie somewhat, my memories are not even comparable to most of you. Surely, Everyone must remember there first assignment, their first mentors and how they shaped your posting. Perhaps there was that one Sim that blew your mind away or maybe there was the one that left you shaking your head. The club has gone through good times, bad times and uneventful times, but adapted.

As I write this, I don't know if anyone will be reading it. It will probably be lost and it is not really that important. I know that, but I still wanted to say a proper goodbye to all the good times each of us have had on effWeBB and ring in the good times we can look forward to on WeBBSpace.

Well, thats all I really have to say!

Kendra Abbott

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