Jack Linwood

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Early Life & Career

Jack was born in San Antonio, Texas to Nick and Annette Linwood. Like his cousin, Jack is an only child. When he decided to go to Starfleet Academy, his parents and the rest of his family were excited. One year later, he revealed that he wanted to break away from the medical line and decided to become an engineer. This is when his parents and the most of his family started to look down upon him, for he broke the family tradition of going into the medical field. Logan was really the only one who would still talk to him so they were always hanging out with each other. Upon graduation, Jack was assigned to the USS Dresden as an engineer. Upon the resignation of the current Chief Engineer, Lt. j.g. Blaina Tressi, Jack was promoted to Lieutenant j.g. and became the new CE.


His new role was tested during the battle with the faerie to rescue T'sal and Shane. After that, he worked to ensure that the ship didn't suffer the same fate as the USS Illustrious when a mysterious race came and shut down most of the Dresden vital systems using a Verteron Pulse. Due to his hard work on this mission, Captain Brough promoted him to full Lieutenant.

The Dresden was later assigned to assist with repairs to DS13 following an attack by some pirate ships. Jack's mission was to help repair the Codis Nu VI mining facility, which was also attacked by the same pirates. By the time he and his team got to the engineering section, the facility was in such bad condition that they had to be evacuated by the USS Galileo. After reuniting with his team, they returned to the Dresden where things were in bad shape. Commander Edwards was killed during an attack and Captain Brough was MIA, leaving few bridge officers left to take command.

As he was about to step up to the plate, a new Captain by the name of Michael Halloway entered the bridge, followed shortly by Lt. Leontius Zhou (the new Counselor) and Lt. Jen Albright (the new Chief Tactical Officer). Captain Halloway made Jack the acting Executive Officer since he was the highest ranking officer on the bridge who knew the crew well. Under the new change in command, they were able to drive the pirates back where they came from. After nearly 2 years of serving as an engineer, Jack finally felt what it was like to be the one giving orders to everyone else along with the CO. Only time would tell what the future of his current position would be...


As his first act as the new XO, Jack had to find a replacement for Chief Engineer. He decided to go with Paul Bartram, a young ensign who just recently came on to the ship. It was his mark as a leader that made Jack choose him for the job. Now Jack has to get used to not getting dirty anymore in engineering.

Physical description: black hair, brown eyes, average physique.

Medical History: Nothing major really happened to him other than common illnesses.

Current Assignmnent: Executive Officer, USS Dresden (Lt. Commander)
Previous Assignment:
Chief Engineer, USS Dresden (Lieutenant)
Engineer, USS Dresden (Ensign)

150 lbs
5' 8"