Elections Spring 2015 - Primary Poll

Welcome to the primary elections for the Spring 2015 Elections. Please select the person you would most like to be the next president of Star-Fleet.com. The two tickets with the most votes will move on to the final elections for President of Star-Fleet.com.

The polls will close at 19:00 Eastern Time on March 26, 2015.

All active members (as defined by MOO) who have been active for the last 30 days are eligible to vote. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility please contact the Election Coordinator.

Good luck and may the best candidate win!
Steve Johnson
Election Coordinator

Note: Tickets are alphabetical by Presidential candidates last name.

Please select one ticket for the next President/Vice President of Star-Fleet.com:

Kat Dedul / Daniel Lerner
51% (39 votes)
TJ Morgan / Sidney Parker
45% (35 votes)
Amber Hagan / Levon Johnson
4% (3 votes)
Total voters: 77