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This is the place where all the fun is going to happen, each week you will find something new and exciting to keep you entertained. Whether it be gaming information, a trivia quiz, or an interview with one of our infamous STF members, we are sure to keep you entertained. If you have something fun to input please click here and send us your ideas. Remember this is a members page, so it's up to you to help keep this area fun and exciting.

Gaming Zone External Events of Note

Star Trek Online- its now free to play and there are so many STFers on there I dont know what to do with them! Feel free to contact myself if you would like the details of the bloke to add you to the STF Fleet (I'll double check he doesnt mind me handing it out! hehe)

If you know of other events, put a note on the board and we'll make sure it gets on the list!

Interview Corner Member's News

Every month our roaming outerspace reporters, will bring you a new interview with another STF personality.

Wait and see who can be tied down and forced to answer the press! Click here to see the last interview that was done Click here

Check out our first ever Short Story Competition Results

2014 Short Story Competition Details

If you have any news, let us know so we can shout about it for you!

STF Short Story Hall of Fame STF Writers Series

Contest Round: May 2012

1st Place- Julia Konig: Revelation

2nd Place- Joe P: The Holographic Holocaust that Never Happened

3rd Place- Krys Bromilow: Reunion

Session 1: Character Creation

Session 2: Reviving Your Characters

Star-fleet Resources

Yes, we know this is an out of character area, but we still want to make sure that we get our resources to you as easily as possible.

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