1st Fleet - The Foremost Fleet

Fleet 1
Fleet Commander
 TJ 'Possum' Morgan
Assistant Fleet Commander
 Rob 'Squirrel' Jones

Welcome to Fleet 1 - The Foremost Fleet
Welcome to the Fleet 1, STF's First and Foremost Fleet. Historically, though, it was not the first STF fleet (that paradoxical title goes to rival Fleet 2). Fleet 1 currently has four ships, the Ark Angel; the Bonaventure; the Aztec and the Asimov.
Fleet News
21 July 15 - Krys McLean appointed as CO - SS Bonaventure

05 July 15 - Two Fleet Discussions Started by FComm in Starbase

08 Jun 15 - Sam Bibb appointed as XO - USS Asimov

19 Apr 15 - Luke Ronayne appointed as GM - Uss Aztec

18 Apr 15 - New Fleet Awards introduced
Fleet Award Winners - June 15
Ship of the Month:

Uss Ark Angel

The Golden Pen:

Uss Aztec

Player of the Month:

Kirt Gartner of the AA

USS Ark Angel
CO: Robert Archer
XO: Walker Sheldon
GM: Robert Archer

Speed: Average

The USS Ark Angel is a Mythology Class Deep Space Explorer. Our missions entail exploration, first contact, and scientific survey work with a healthy mix of combat, mystery and intrigue. We take our ship beyond the borders of Federation space for many of our missions, being out of contact with Starfleet Command as a result and 'boldly going where no one has gone before'.
USS Asimov
CO: Travis Good
XO: Sam Bibb
GM: Luke Ronayne

Speed: Average

The Asimov is a Discovery class ship boasting a small but dedicated crew, running a Mirror Universe sim. The USS Asimov has been investigating anomalous communications traffic going through the Bajoran wormhole. The runabout which went to investigate ran into technical difficulties, and ended up transiting the wormhole. Apply now to see what lies in store for the rest of the ship.

USS Aztec
CO: Kenson Koh
XO: Robert Jones
GM: Luke Ronayne

Speed: Average

The Aztec is a Victoria Class ship. Our missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature. We have a full compliment of crew and are always looking to take on new members/swing positions. Posting rates are 3 days for Command Staff, 5 for Department Heads and 7 Days for Junior Officers.
SS Bonaventure
CO: Krys McLean
XO: Emily England
GM: Robert Archer

Speed: Average

The Bonaventure (Bonny / Bonnie) is the STF's only Enterprise Era ship. We have a newly refitted ship, a crew of true adventurers and explorers. We place an emphasis on character building and interesting and intriguing sims. We recently stole a Warp 7 ship and helped to bring about an Earth-Romulan war.