1st Fleet - The Foremost Fleet

Fleet 1
Fleet Commander
 Cale Reilly
Assistant Fleet Commander
 Joseph Bradley

Welcome to Fleet 1 - The Foremost Fleet
Welcome to the Fleet 1, STF's First and Foremost Fleet. Historically, though, it was not the first STF fleet (that paradoxical title goes to rival Fleet 2). Fleet 1 currently has four ships, the Ark Angel; the Bonaventure; the Aztec and the Asimov.
Fleet News
4 April 16 - Joseph Bradley accepted Bribe to become AFComm

20 Dec 15 - Harry Shires appointed as XO - Uss Asimov

12 Dec 15 - Command Mentoring discussion started on Starbase 243

08 Dec 15 - Emily England appointed as Assistant Fleet Commander

03 Oct 15 - Michael Hacking appointed as XO - Uss Ark Angel

Monthly Fleet Award Winners
Ship of the Month:

Ark Angel

The Golden Pen:

Robert Archer for the fantastic posting frenzy

Player of the Month:

Kirt Gartner as Borg Drone 3 of 3 alpha collectivied Tralla Zoarhi

USS Ark Angel
CO: Robert Archer
XO: Kirt Gartner
GM: Robert Archer

Speed: Average

The USS Ark Angel is a Mythology Class Deep Space Explorer. Its missions entail exploration, first contact, and scientific survey work with a healthy mix of combat, mystery and intrigue.
USS Asimov
CO: Sam Bibb
XO: Harry Shires
GM: Jason Y. Lee

Speed: Slow

The Asimov is a Discovery class ship boasting a relaxed (5/7/10) posting speed. It focuses on detailed sims, while supporting STFers who may not have the time to post on frequent posting ships.

USS Aztec
CO: Kenson Koh
XO: Nathan Derricutt
GM: Kenson Koh
Speed: Average

The Aztec is a Victoria Class ship. Its missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature.
SS Bonaventure
CO: Krys McLean
XO: Emily England
GM: Krys McLean

Speed: Average

The Bonaventure (Bonny / Bonnie) is the STF's only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era ship. Its missions place a great emphasis on character building and involve exploration and adventure elements.