SS Bonaventure
Gamemaster: Vacant
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Commanding Officer: Gabriel Ryan Singer
AWOL limits are once every 3 days (GM/CO/XO), 5 days (All DHs), and 7 days (All JOs)

Played by: Chris Taylor
Master Roster: Posting Tracker
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Executive Officer/Helm: Ragde Kiwa
Words of wisdom? Me? We've had a rough few months on board and the ship needs extra crew. Chris and I are actively looking for them. Please if you know of anyone who would like to join us, let us know and we'll talk to them. We are actively keeping an eye on Posting Levels so please make sure you are within limits or Chris is unleashing the rabid and dark Tribble on you.

Played by: Russell 'Tribble' Watt
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Chief Science Officer: Shathrissia zh'Cheen
Welcome Shathrissia back to the Bonaventure under the Federation Officer Exchange Program! Remember, pink skins bruise easily and you are on a ship full of them. Do your science thing so that we can solve whatever problems we need to solve in the near future.

Played by: Krys McLean
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Chief Medical Officer: Percy Adande
We have new crew and new crew means boarding physicals. Track them down and force them into the chair. Remember, Andorians have a different DNA to humans.

Played by: BJ Janzen
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Chief Armory Officer: Vacant
We have an Armory Ensign who needs some direction in his life. Are you the person to do so? If so, contact the CO or XO!

Played by: Vacant
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Chief Engineer: Vacant
A Chief Engineer is needed to ensure that the Bonaventure doesn't go 'boom' when we reach Warp 5. Contact the CO or XO if you see yourself in that role and want to give direction to our lonely Engineering JO.

Played by: Vacant
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Chief Communications Officer: Vacant
Hailing frequencies closed, but we need them opened, and if you would like to reopen them on the Bonaventure, contact the CO or XO

Played by: Vacant
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MACO Squad Leader: Melissa Barber-Tafoya
We are welcoming a new Andorian CSO to the Bonaventure get to know her and show her that not ALL pink skins are frail!

Played by: Tyra Schroll
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CaptainGabriel Ryan Singer IICOHuman6' 1"195Chris Taylor
Lt. Cmdr.Ragde KiwaXO, HelmHuman182cm90kgRussell Watt
MajorMelissa Barber-TafoyaMACO COHuman 5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantPercy Adande Chief Medical OfficerHumanBJ Janzen
1st LieutenantShathrissia zh'Cheen Chief Science OfficerAenar5'9"105 lbsKrys McLean
Lieut (j.g.)HJ Hornblower EngineerHuman 5'9" 115 lbsJames Farley
EnsignAlexei PoleninArmory OfficerHuman5'11"248lbsRichard Shindle