SS Bonaventure
Gamemaster: Robert Archer
Sim Title: Desperate Measures
Place In Sim: Middle
Sim Synopsis:The Earth/Romulan war is going very badly for Starfleet, now alone in the war Earth attempts to reach out to the Klingon Empire to join their side in the war to stem the tide of the seemingly unstoppable Romulan Star Empire

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Commanding Officer: Gabriel Ryan Singer
AWOL limits are once every 3 days (GM/CO/XO), 5 days (All DHs), and 7 days (All JOs)

Played by: Chris Taylor
Master Roster: Posting Tracker
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Executive Officer: Hayden Arroyo
Words of wisdom here!

Played by: Kevin Sawyer
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Chief Science Officer: Hayden Arroyo
Words of wisdom here!

Played by: Kevin Sawyer
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Chief Medical Officer: Percy Adande
Go to the computer core to meet with engineering to scan for DNA residue!

Played by: BJ Janzen
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Chief Armory Officer: Rob Jones
Make sure what weapons you got remain at the ready!

Played by: Robert Jones
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Chief Engineer: Elemmire Serinde
Figure out whats causing havoc with your systems!

Played by: Gene Gibbs
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Chief Communications Officer: Vacant!
Apply with the CO!

Played by: ==
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MACO Squad Leader: Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Keep the CO safe on Qu'nos!

Played by: Tyra Schroll
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CaptainGabriel Ryan Singer IICOHuman6' 1"195Chris Taylor
CommanderHayden ArroyoXO / Chief Science OfficerHuman6'4"196 Lbs. Kevin Sawyer
MajorMelissa Barber-TafoyaMACO COHuman 5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantElemmire SerindeChief EngineerHuman5'2"115Gene Gibbs
LieutenantPercy Adande Chief Medical OfficerHumanBJ Janzen
Lieut (j.g.) Kwizera Bayingana JacquelineCommunications ChiefHumanAnna L LOA 12/27/14
Lieut (j.g.)HJ Hornblower EngineerHuman 5'9" 115 lbsJames Farley
EnsignAlexei Polenin LOAArmory OfficerHuman5'11"248lbsRichard Shindle