SS Bonaventure

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Sim Notes

Coming soon!

Captain's Notes

Yellow Captain's Collar
Alexander Stewart

We're currently between sims and on leave until Rob is ready with his new crossover sim. Should be exciting folks!

Posting Limits are 3 Days Command Staff, 5 Days DH's, and 7 Days JO's.

Executive Officer's Notes

Red Commander's Collar
Erik Rodel

Hey Guys, for the moment I'll be staying as my MACO character until we can get the shuttle back aboard, then we'll IC the change in XO out. I'm looking forward to ruli...I mean RP'ing with you all. As usual any one want a spot on the Bonnie feel free to email me or the Captain.

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Krys McLean

Currently between sims. Crew is on Leave. Rob Archer is preparing a great crossover sim with the AA. Coming soon!

Chief Engineer

Yellow Lt.jg
Mark Wiseman
Keep the ship running, we're going to get hit hard. So let's not go adrift in space, alright?

Chief Medical Officer

Curtis Hart
Teal Lt
Keep us from dying will ya? The Sickbay needs to be open and ready to receive any of the injured!

Chief Armory Officer

Red Lt
Toni Bianchi
Work with the MACO squad and assist with repairs and injuries! Have fun!

Chief Science Officer

Teal Lt
Daniel Scarborough
So, you need to keep scanning the area and find out where we are! We need a planet!

MACO Commanding Officer

Maj. Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Gather your squad, and keep us less experienced alive. We owe you a drink.

Away Team



JO's of the Medical, Scientific and Security variety

CaptainAlexander StewartCOHuman6'1"210lbKrys McLean
Commander Qara Vachim XOHumanMatt Bernardin
MajorMelissa Barber-Tafoya MACO COHuman 5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
CorporalRyan Tanner (LOA 27/06)MACOHuman6'1"165Joseph Bradley
LieutenantCurtis HartChief Medical OfficerHuman6'1160 lbsBrady McGuinn
EnsignMartin LutherDoctorHumanTravis Good
LieutenantMark WisemanChief EngineerHuman6'7" (2.007 m)210 Lbs (Mass: 95.254 kg)Matthew Wiseman
EnsignRidian GreevesEngineerHuman5'9.5" (176.5 cm)160 lbs (72.6 kg)Mark Allen Jr
LieutenantDaniel ScarboroughChief Science OfficerHuman6'0"195Nicholas Villarreal
LieutenantToni Bianchi Chief Armory Officer Human1.7m70kgTylyn Anson
EnsignDavid SavageSecurity OfficerHuman6'2225 lbsAJ Paulson
EnsignMike KnightArmory OfficerHumanJames Gray
LieutenantAlan RolandChief Comms Officer(Partial LOA)Human6' 4"235 lbsElizabeth Rahuba
Nosferatu (LOA between sims)GamemasterTo Take YouInto TheDark PlacesKrys McLean