SS Bonaventure

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Sim Notes

The Fall of New Rome


The ship has been ordered to rendezvous with the SS Hawkeye for unknown reasons. All communications are restricted.

Captain's Notes

Yellow Captain's Collar
Mark Wiseman

Congrats to all nominees and good luck during awards voting season! Please see all Main Sim postings. Please give a warm welcome to James Sinclair, our new CAO!

Posting Limits are 3 Days For Command Staff, 5 Days For Department Heads, and 7 Days For Junior Officers.

Executive Officer's Notes

Red Commander's Collar
Anya O'Keefe

Hey guys! As your XO, I hope we can continue to work well together to keep the Bonnie at peak operating condition. Welcome to our new GM, Phillip Graham! It sounds like he has quite a sim planned. Should be great fun!

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Philip Graham

The sim has just ended and a new GM is here! Our new sim will start here shortly, so grab your keyboards and get ready to go.

Chief Engineer

Red Lt
Kenneth "Kenny" Fleet
Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Chief Medical Officer

Teal Lt
Alison Harding
Prepare sickbay for possible injured.

Chief Armory Officer

Red Lt
Herr Wulf Baumann
Be prepared for Anything.

Chief Science Officer

Teal Lt
Arialla Bovar
Be prepared for Anything.


Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Be prepared for anything!

Communications Officer

Teal Lt
Watch and learn people

Away Team




1 Assistant CE in addition to at least 1 Engineering JO.

1 Science JO

1 Armory Officer

2 Medical JO's


and a Comm Officer.

STF Award Winners

The Bonaventure won Best Alt Ship in the first awards this year. Unfortunately the Owie took that honor in the second awards. At least we got Love Boat! Congratulations to James Sinclair and Tyra the Mouse, who earned most promising newcomer and best Swing DH, respectively!

Thank you to all of you for your hard work in making the Bonnie the Fleet One Ship of the Month on 3 occasions this term! You guys have really made me proud!

Ship-wide awards (Descriptions can be found here):

Player of the month:James Sinclair for his excellent role-playing and dedication to keeping well within awol limits.

Post of the week: TBD

CaptainMark WisemanCOHuman6'7" (2.007 m)210 Lbs (Mass: 95.254 kg)Matthew Wiseman
CommanderAnya O'KeeffeChief EngineerHuman5' 9145 lbs (Mass: 65.8 kg)Amanda Mercer
Lt. ColonelMelissa Barber-Tafoya MACO COHuman 5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll LOA 12-9-17
MajorOwen SmithMACOHuman6'4"160lbs (Mass: 72.6 kg)Owen Morgan
LieutenantAlison HardingChief Medical OfficerHuman160 cm138.9 lbs (Mass: 63 kg)Ash Gambrell
Lieutenant Herr Wulf BaumannChief Armory OfficerHuman6'8"258 lbs (Mass: 117 kg)James Sinclair
EnsignTyrra Zh'overiqArmory OfficerAndorianDebbie Schnackenbeck
EnsignMax WoodsArmory OfficerHuman5'10180AJ Paulson
LieutenantArialla BovarChief Science OfficerHuman5'8"198 lbsMelissa Aragon
Lieut (j.g.)Naomi Dai LockeScientistHuman 5’ 7” (1.70 m) 168 lbs (76.2 kg)Janice B
Lieut (j.g.)John AltschulerEngineerHuman5' 10"190 lbs (Mass: 86.2 kg)Harry Adams
GamemasterNewtons Law GamemasterCauseandEffectPhilip Graham