SS Bonaventure
Gamemaster: CockRoach
Sim Title: Decision At Midnight
Sim Synopsis: A fellow Earth ship has gone missing and the crew of the newly relaunched Bonaventure are called upon to investigate!

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Commanding Officer: Gabriel Ryan Singer
AWOL limits are once every 3 days (GM/CO/XO), 5 days (All DHs), and 7 days (All JOs)

Played by: Chris Taylor
Master Roster: Posting Tracker
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Executive Officer/Helm: Fira Stark
I am happy to be aboard this ship as it's new XO, feel free to contact me if you have any concerns. We have vacancies! If you're interested, please email me! It's great to be here, let's have fun.

Played by: Emily England
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Chief Science Officer: Shathrissia zh'Cheen
Welcome Shathrissia back to the Bonaventure under the Coalition Officer Exchange Program! Remember, pink skins bruise easily and you are on a ship full of them. Do your science thing so that we can solve whatever problems we need to solve in the near future.

Played by: Krys McLean
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Chief Medical Officer: Percy Adande
We have new crew and new crew means boarding physicals. Track them down and force them into the chair. Remember, Andorians have a different DNA to humans.

Played by: BJ Janzen
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Chief Armory Officer: Jacob Medici
Lets get tactical and devise some new security protocols in the process.

Played by: TJ Morgan
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Chief Engineer: James Martin
Make sure the ship doesn't blow up, keep her running smooth please.

Played by: Rob Jones
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Chief Communications Officer: Alan Roland
Keep those channels open! We need to hear and be heard as clear as possible. Let's not have any miscommunications to start a war.

Played by: Elizabeth Rahuba
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MACO Squad Leader: Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Keep us all safe, you're some of the best humanity has to offer! Let's show any enemy that we shouldn't be toyed with.

Played by: Tyra Schroll
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CaptainGabriel Ryan Singer IICOHuman6' 1"195Chris Taylor
Lt. Cmdr.Fira Stark LOAXOHuman/El-Aurian5'1115Emily England
MajorMelissa Barber-TafoyaMACO COHuman 5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantPercy Adande Chief Medical OfficerHumanBJ Janzen
LieutenantShathrissia zh'Cheen Chief Science OfficerAenar LOA 0310155'9"105 lbsKrys McLean
LieutenantJames Martin First notice sentChief EngineerHuman6 ft160Rob Jones - LOA
LieutenantAlan RolandChief Comms OfficerHuman6' 4"235 lbsElizabeth Rahuba
EnsignEthan NorthDoctorHuman6'0"185Chris Taylor
SergeantRiver Styxx MACO MedicHuman6'2"120lbsNathan Derricutt
CrewmanHeinrich L. KaneCoB(Chief Of Boat)Human5'11"193 lbsManuel Lucero
Lieut (j.g.)HJ Hornblower EngineerHuman 5'9" 115 lbsJames Farley
EnsignAlexei PoleninArmory OfficerHuman5'11"248lbsRichard Shindle
EnsignJames Mcdaniel ScientistHuman6ft 1195 lbsDallas Daniels Jr
Lieutenant Harry MillerHelmHuman6'2155 lbsN Evans
CommodoreCockRoachGamemasterAmerican RoachRobert Archer