Fleet 2

Fleet Commander & Assistant Fleet Commander

Well folks, it's a new term. Welcome to The Great White Fleet, also known as Fleet 2. At present my trusty AFComm-2 and I would love to hear from you about any ideas you have for the fleet. You can send those via email to me or BJ and we'll see what we can do!

Please check out Starbase 93, we are currently holding a culture chat, have your say in the next chapter for The Great White Fleet!!


Fleet-wide Vacancies
Last Updated: March 2, 2014

CMO - Outpost 45 - BJ Janzen(CO)

CE - USS Constellation - Kat Dedul(CO)

CE - USS Samurai - Tyra Schroll(CO)

All ships are actively recruiting for JO positions - Contact each individual CO to apply for those positions

***Email the F-Comm to update.***

March 2, 2014
Fleet Culture Chat

We are currently discussing what "The Great White Fleet" means to us, so head on over to Starbase 93 and contribute.

Help us write the next chapter of the Great White Fleet!!

- Kat Dedul

USS Polaris
USS Lexington
USS Samurai (Flagship of Fleet)
CO: Tom Hillman
XO: Katherine Dedul
GM: James Harrison
Ship Class: Viking-Class
CO: Matthew Kleinman
XO: BJ Janzen
GM: TBA (Contact CO to Apply)
Ship Class: Trafalgar-Class
CO: Tyra Schroll
XO: Hjortur Ingi
GM: Kenson Koh
Ship Class: Pendragon-Class
Outpost 45
USS Constellation
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CO: BJ Janzen
XO: Tom Hillman
GM: Tyra Schroll
Ship Class: Outpost
CO: Katherine Dedul
XO: Vivienne Stubbs
GM: Tom Hillman
Ship Class: Trafalgar-Class

Ship Reports
COs, XOs, and GMs are required to submit these each month.

STF Library
Helpful resources for everyone, includes major legal documents and edicts.

Suggestion Box
Got a brilliant idea for the club, submit it here!