Overview & History

Outpost 45, the only base of her class, is situated in near equatorial orbit over Planet Pilton, an independent human colony under de facto Federation protection. The Outpost is the furthest Star-fleet installation in this sector of space, enforcing an uneasy peace between the Federation and the nearby Flarn, a reclusive and powerful militaristic people. Click Here to see Fleet Two's Position in Space.


CO: John CatucciCO's Collar


Welcome to Outpost 45. The command staff is looking to create a dynamic simming experience for all. If you're interested in joining; contact myself or Tom.
Current Open Positions:Any JO positions and civilians.

Breaking News
Outpost 45 win best Outpost Award
Thank You crew for your hard work. You deserve this.


XO: Commander ShranXO's Collar

It's great to be a part of such a great Outpost! Everyone's doing brilliantly so keep up the good work people! Also feel free to contact BJ with any complaints ;)

Game Master - Tyra Schroll - "All In a Days Work"GM's Domain


Hello...I'm pleased to be here to entertain you all. I hope you enjoy what I have planned. If you have any concerns please let me know.

With the Flarn, Letheans and Borg taken care of for the moment. Life falls back to somewhat normal for the crew and civilians on OP 45. A new prison facility has been constructed on Pilton and is ready to receive prisoners. But are the staff of the new facility really ready for what's coming. And things just keep ticking along on the OP, daily comings and goings, and of course the obligatory brass visiting. Has OP 45 become a curiosity for the higher ups of Star Fleet. It's just a normal day on OP 45...Or is it?


Department Orders

Medical Security Science Operations 2O
Ethan Pachuki Thomas Weir Skylar Trinneer Mia Salazar Ethan Pachuki
Prepare for casualties at the triage areas!
Assist with evacuating the Civilians to the Cargo Bays!
Find out what the Borg are trying to do and counter it!
Fix whatever the Borg break!
Prepare to take over incase the XO or CO become incapacitate!

L.O.A. - A.W.O.L. Policies

The XO will be responsible for tracking L.O.A.s and A.W.O.L.s aboard OP45, that being said please be sure you contact the CO or XO for any L.O.A. The Master Roster will be used to track posting for our A.W.O.L. policy.

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Please post on this ship if you are going on an L.O.A. Also, you may contact the CO or XO via the contact links above. In accordance with policy, individuals who become A.W.O.L. will be removed from the roster, and their position may not be guaranteed upon return.


Non-Rostered Characters & Vital Sim Characters

Non-Rostered Characters:
Gary Jumpy - Medical Ensign - Tyra Schroll
Maritha - Young Civilian Girl - Tyra Schroll
Vital Sim Characters :

Ethan Pinscott-Head Warden at the Gamma Epsilon IV Secure Facility
Col. Malcolm Cavenaugh- Commander of Marine Operations in the Pilton Sector
Capt Brian Elmwood-Commander of Intelligence in Pilton Sector
Agent 46- Section 31 Agent that has come to visit
Commander Albert Feinstein- Star Fleet Command Science and Linguistics Commander
Commander Brit Harvey- Star Fleet Corp of Engineers
Commander Gilbert Reyes- Star Fleet Command Head of Security
Lt. Commander Elizabeth Langston- Star Fleet Command Chief of Medicine
1st Lt Greg Abrams-Commander Co C, 7th Brigade of Red Rangers
Brenton Buckley-Prisoner


The Social Sector & News


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Alert Status


The Counsellor's Corner

Hey People, I am the resident friendly Counsellor. Your all very welcome to drop by and see me, any new people on the roster please do. If you have any questions or need help feel free to ask me.

Each Month I Will place two Crew here that I'd like to visit me in my Office:

Lieutenant Avra She - Linguistics Officer - Cat Bennett
Ensign Kay H. Luscombe - Sci JO - K.L. Harvey

Lieutenant Liz Rahuba

33rd Marine Core HQ

Hello I am your new Marine CO. Do your eval’s Pre-Sim and join us in the Sim. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either Jeremy DeSpain or myself.

Can all Marines please post complete Bio's for their character including experience, expertise and qualifications.

Marine Captain Nathan Derricutt
CaptainJohn CatucciCOBJ Janzen
CommanderShran XOAndorian5'11"175lbsTom Hillman
CommanderBryan JohnsonStrategic Operations OfficerHuman5'10"180lbsSteve Johnson
Mar. CaptainLexus 'Ghost' RoseMarine Detachment CommanderHuman5'9"140lbsNathan Derricutt
LieutenantAvra SheLinguistics OfficerBetazoid5'9''130lbsCatt Bennett
LieutenantJarrod 'Jar-Jar' PritzkerCNSHuman6'6"285lbsElizabeth Rahuba
LieutenantOkasyn NatanaeCIOMaerynian6'2"180lbsKatherine Dedul
LieutenantMia SalazarChief of OperationsHuman5'3''115lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantThomas WeirChief of SecurityBetazoid/Human5' 10"185 lbsAaron Calhoun
Lieut (j.g.)Skylar TrinneerChief Science OfficerHuman5'6''120lbsVivienne Stubbs
EnsignBrady McGuinnDoctorHuman5'11180lbsBrady McGuinn
EnsignNirit NaphtaliSecurity officerHuman-Trill5'7" (171cm)147lb (67kg)Cornelia T. Yeys
EnsignJohn MillerSecurity officerhumanJonna Healey
Nicholas Ray Murphy RestaurantureHumanJerome Davis
EnsignNoah LastOperationsVulcan - Trill (Joined)6'0''185lbsRichard Shindle
EnsignRobert McKenseyOperationsHuman5'9''144lbsJames Farley
Lieut (j.g.)Alenna GairdenDoctorHuman5'4125 lbsTyra Schroll
Lieut (j.g.)Alex CooperChief Medical OfficerHuman6ft 2"190lbsRobert Jones
EnsignNailaSecurity officerAenar5'5"130lbsTyra Schroll
Staff SergeantMalcolm 'Mac' TownsendMarineHuman5'7''180lbsGeoff Joosten
CivilianAlec KenobiPilton LiaisonHuman5' 10"185 lbsAaron Calhoun
GamemasterEvil MouseGamemasterDo You Really Want To Know...?--Tyra Schroll