3rd Fleet - The Pioneer Fleet

FComm: Lindsay Bayes

Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet!

Here thar be Pioneers! Please hang out and check out the amazing ships and outpost we have to offer. If you'd like to join in the fun please see our fleet wide vacancies, pdept or contact the ships command team directly.

Reports are due by the third day of the month and any issues don't hesitate to contact myself or Dave. We have an open door policy and all are welcome.

Fleet wide Vacancies - For more information please seePDept or contact the Command team.

Level Ship Open Positions
Command None at this time All present and correct!
Department Heads USS Dresden Chief of Security- Secure yourself a fine DH spot. Hand to hand combat training provided.
Junior Officers USS Athena Engineering, Medical and Security wanted!- Spanners, stethoscopes and handcuffs supplied. BYOB (I mean boots!)
Junior Officers USS Atlantis Engineering and Security wanted – People to fix things and people to stop the other people from breaking them in the first place!
Junior Officers USS Dresden All Departments wanted! – Klingon coffee mug with every application.(coffee mugs with honour, do not use around tribbles, conditions apply)
Swing Roles USS Atlantis Marines wanted - Semper Fidelis
Swing Roles USS Dresden Any Swings wanted! – Roundabouts and climbing frames need not apply