3rd Fleet - The Pioneer Fleet

FComm: Cale "Panda" Reilly

Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet!

Here thar be Pioneers! Please hang out and check out the amazing ships and outpost we have to offer. If you'd like to join in the fun please see our fleet wide vacancies,pdept or contact the ships command team directly.

Reports are due by the third day of the month and any issues don't hesitate to contact myself or Luke. We have an open door policy and all are welcome.

AFComm: Luke "Elk" R

Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet! If you ever need anything, email me or catch me in Discord as CaptElk!

Fleet Wide Vacancies

Command: None at this time

DH: OP 42 - CMO, CNS

JOs: OP 42 - All Departments

USS Athena - Eng,Med,Sec

USS Atlantis - Eng, Sec

USS Dresden -All Departments

Swings:OP 42 - Civilians, Establishment owners etc.
USS Atlantis -Marines

USS Dresden - Any Swings
Contact the relevant ship command team listed below to apply.

Golden Gleeman

Writer of the month



The Boat That Rocks

Ship of the month



Starship Trooper

Player of the Month



Fleet News

Fleet July 2016 Cale Reilly Appointed FComm
USS Atlantis July 29th, 2016 Marcelo Paschoalin Named Commanding Officer USS Atlantis

Outpost 42


USS Athena


USS Atlantis


USS Dresden