3rd Fleet - The Pioneer Fleet

FComm: Anthony "Cerberus" Martin

Within STF, Fleet 3 is my home. If you're new here, I welcome you. If you've been here a while, I hope you've enjoyed it. If you've never been part of Fleet 3, why not come give our ships (or station) a try? We'd love to have you.

AFComm: Lindsay "Beaver" Bayes

This space also for rent, at a discounted rate! <--- I'm not sure if you got a bargain or not but it's really great to be back working in Fleet 3! Watch this page for news of things to come, but for now know that our inboxes are open should you need help or want to brainstorm. Have ideas? Send them our way!


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Fleet News

Fleet 3 December 31st, 2013 Lindsay Bayes appointed as AFComm.
Fleet 3 December 9th, 2013 Anthony Martin appointed as FComm.
Outpost 42 November 24th, 2013 Cassia Jackson appointed as Executive Officer.
USS Athena September 30th, 2013 Athena changes to Mythology class. To happen IC at end of sim.
Outpost 42 September 30th, 2013 Anthony Martin appointed as Commanding Officer.
USS Dresden September 16th, 2013 James Harrison appointed as Commanding Officer.

Outpost 42


USS Athena


USS Atlantis


USS Dresden


USS Vacant

CO: A Ghost
XO: Another Ghost
GM: Gremlin
Ship Class: Imaginary