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Commanding Officer

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~Linds, 2018

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  • 3 days - CO/XO/GMs
  • 5 days - Department Heads
  • 7 days - Junior Officers
Fl Capt Fleet Captain Jeremy DeSpain
Executive Officer

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GREEN GREEN GREEN Way to go ALL! Master Roster will be checked on a 3 day basis, expect friendly reminders if you are not on schedule. Posting limits are 3/5/7 days as expected, by general standard we move much faster than that, while it is not a requirement to post faster than that, we hope you want to post so often that it is almost real time. :)

Congrats on her recent Promotion, Rear Admiral Bayes.

As Always if anyone needs help with a side sim, or character development, my door is always open, come see the XO in his office, or just shoot me an email. My #1 goal is to make sure everyone has places to post and is enjoying doing so. Also for side simming purposes there are a few hidden unrostered Characters that will be making appearances soon.

Fleet Captain Jeremy "Ox" DeSpain

April, 6th, 2017

GM's PipsCaptain Ian Kerby
Gamemaster Trainee

On the Edge of Forever
Mission Start Date: 6 Jan 2018
Place In Mission: Beginning
Mission End Date: ---

Time travel... as the song goes "It's too late to apologise". The Department of Temporal Investigations is coming to do what they do... investigate! However, they are not the only force perched on the "Edge of Forever". What happens next could destroy the very fabric of reality...

Important Threads/Posts:
  • Prologue:
  • The Starbase 157 Briefing:

  • Side Sims

    Return To Heel
    [Updated summary]

    The Game of Things
    Time for a game in the lounge run by Tony. Who thinks they know the others the best? We shall soon find out. Read the rules.


  • 6 Jan: Our very own Ian Kerby begins his Gamemaster Training sim on the Athena. Brace yourselves!

  • CIO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Stark Nightstalker
    Chief Intelligence Officer

    The Truth is out There. (Cue creepy Music)

    CTO's PipsLt. Cmdr R'han
    Chief Tactical Officer

    It's quiet. Too quiet? Be ready for anything. Is that music in the CIO's Office?

    COS' pipsLt. Konral Vander
    Chief of Security

    The Conclave rescued Price at the expense of the Athena and its crew. What more is there to learn here?

    CSO's PipsLt. Liam Madison
    Chief Science Officer

    Well aren't you in an interesting situation? The experimenter becomes the experiment.

    CMO's pipsLt. S'Raal Moonshadow
    Chief of Medicine

    A CSO that is an experiment, a Jr. Counsellor still recovering and hopefully new crew. Lots of work for you!

    CE's PipsLt. Orvos Legen
    Chief Engineer

    Get to know your new ship.....There are things scurrying around the Jefferies Tubes.

    CNS' pipsLt. Laraan Baillie

    The crew is weary after a rather dramatic deep space assignment. But no doubt the bonding has started. However, there are those in need of your services. Better make sure your calendar is free.

    CDO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Kaylee Baxter
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    Assess what you've learned about the Consortium. It may be important for the future.

    Unrostered Crew/Civilians

  • Lt. (j.g) Janna Kingston, Assistant Counsellor
  • T'Pon, Groundskeeper
  • Akeela Zaidu, CO's Mother
  • Nico the Treecat, CO's mischievous companion

  • MOTD designed by Lindsay Bayes

    Fleet CaptainGhubari KoraiaCOHuman/Napean5'11139 lbsLindsay Bayes
    CommanderAdam ChrystXOAndroid6'6 / 2 Meters210 lbs / 462 kgsJeremy DeSpain
    Lt. Cmdr.Kaylee BaxterChief Diplomatic OfficerHuman/El-Aurian5'9"120lbsJames Harrison
    Lt. Cmdr.R'han- LOA till 21 JanChief Tactical OfficerRomulan 5'11"181lbLuke Hung
    Lt. Cmdr.Stark NightstalkerChief Intelligence OfficerCaitian171cm65kgIan Kerby
    LieutenantLaraan BaillieCounselorHuman/Heleen5'4"119 lbsJulia Hager
    LieutenantLiam MadisonChief Science OfficerHuman5'7180 lbsJanice B
    Lieut (j.g.)Dan JonesScientistHuman (male)5' 7"145 poundsDan Snell
    LieutenantKonral VanderChief of SecurityBetazoid6'2"170 lbsSteven Sigle
    Lieut (j.g.)Isabel DelaneySecurity OfficerHuman5'6"130Amber DeSadier
    LieutenantS’Raal Cran MoonshadowChief Medical Officer, OutgoingCaitian1.8 Metres75kgIan Kerby
    EnsignMarc Burke- LOADoctorHumanBrady McGuinn
    LieutenantOrvos LegenChief EngineerEl Aurian5'11"190 lbsAnthony Findora
    EnsignJayden BennettEngineerHuman6'2"200 lbsChristopher Bennett
    CivilianElliath BairdLounge HostHuman6'5"197 lbsKevin Sawyer
    GamemasterConspiracy TheoristGMTIan Kerby
    GamemasterMischief MakerGMMLindsay Bayes