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Commodore Lindsay "Beaver" Bayes

CO's Pips

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Athena, and the success of their mission to destroy the Omega molecule, the crew has taken refuge on Outpost 42 while they await word on what will happen next. Will they stay together, be split up? Will Koraia remain CO? Time will tell...

Official Casualty List

I'm super proud of this amazing crew! Congrats to all the winners at the July 2014 STF Awards and three cheers for the Athena, winner of Best Ship and Love Boat!

Our new spec is approved and set in Edict! The Athena-C will be coming soon!

The accompanying Longevity-class shuttles are found here.

As always, my inbox is always open for your questions, concerns and suggestions!

~Linds, 23 Oct 2014

Contact Information:

  • IRC: BusyBeaver
Captain Jeremy 'Ox' DeSpain

XO's Pips

Alrighty folks! Let's see about getting this ship 'shipshape'! Let's continue the great RPing as I get into the swing of things again. :)

Remember to stay within posting limits. All limits will be checked against the Master Roster

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Commodores Lindsay "Beaver" Bayes and Kevin Sawyer

GM's Pips

The new sim has started! Be prepared for anything.

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  • IRC: BusyBeaver
Sim Update

Paradise Lost

Start date: 29 Jan 2015

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

The Athena is leading the Exploratory Fleet back to the newly dubbed Harkness-Reese Nebula.

Important Links:

Exploratory Fleet Crew Bios

Department Orders

CMO's Pips
Lt. (j.g) S'Raal Moonshadow

Monitor the recovery of the injured crew being treated on the Outpost. And get some rest!


CNS's Pips
Lt. Laraan Baillie

You're probably at your busiest right now! Your skills are very much needed in this transitional time.


CSO's Pips
Lt. (j.g) Alexa Collus

No orders except for some R&R.


CE's Pips
Lt. (j.g) Sito Lyra

No orders except for some R&R.


COS's Pips
Lt. Konral Vander


No orders except for some R&R.


CIO's Pips
Lt. Cmdr Stark Nightstalker


No orders except for some R&R.


CTO's Pips
Lt. Cmdr R'han


No orders except for some R&R.

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Vacancies LOAs AWOLs
Contact the CO or XO

We need a Medical Technician

  • If you have been placed on this list, please contact Lindsay or Jeremy to be re-instated if your position has not already been filled:
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  • AWOL Policy
    Command Staff - 3 Days
    Department Heads (DH) - 5 Days
    Junior Officers - 7 Days
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    Crew Roster
    Fleet CaptainGhubari KoraiaCO/co-GMHuman/Napean5'11139 lbsLindsay Bayes
    CommanderAntin A'ustereXOHuman6ft 4215Jeremy DeSpain
    Lt. Cmdr.Kaylee BaxterChief Diplomatic OfficerHuman/El-Aurian5'9"120lbsJames Harrison
    Lt. Cmdr.R'hanChief Tactical OfficerRomulan 5'11"181lbLuke Hung
    Lt. Cmdr.Stark NightstalkerChief Intelligence OfficerCaitian171cm65kgIan Kerby
    LieutenantLaraan BaillieCounselorHuman/Heleen5'4"119 lbsJulia K.
    Lieut (j.g.)Alexa CollusChief Science OfficerHuman5'7135Emily England
    Lieut (j.g.)Lumi HeikkinenScientistHuman5'3''117lbsJoana Ribeiro
    EnsignDorian SartorScientistHuman6'1"154 lbsKevin Sawyer
    EnsignJack ArmstrongScience/HelmHuman6'00"177 lbs.Rob Perdew
    LieutenantKonral VanderChief of SecurityBetazoid6'2"165 lbsSteven Sigle LOA - 3/23
    EnsignNightrunnerSecurity OfficerCantian (Can-tee-in)6ft 5in190lbsScarlet Olivia
    EnsignTylyn AnsonSecurity OfficerHuman5'655 kgTylyn Anson
    LieutenantS’Raal Cran MoonshadowChief Medical OfficerCaitian1.8 Metres75kgIan Kerby
    Lieut (j.g.)Sajola AzelNurseTrill (Joined)5'8"134lbsSilke Fahl
    EnsignLiam Iver LocksleyDoctorHuman/Betazoid6' 2"225 lbsTerry Sullivan
    LieutenantSito LyraChief EngineerBajoran5'3"105Amber DeSadier
    EnsignTyler PenalunaEngineerHuman5"10'161Zelda Spellman
    GamemasterHazard ArtisanCo-GMSuchStrangeSkiesKevin Sawyer