Commodore Commodore Lindsay Bayes
Commanding Officer

The sim is over with a dramatic twist as the Hopkins' XO accidentally (so he claims) killed Lt. Kallen Reese! The fallout is sure to be interesting, so stay tuned and get involved. The crew on the Heimdallr is now transferring over and they will be doing their check-ins.

As always, my inbox is always open for your questions, concerns and suggestions!

~Linds, 24 Aug 2016

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  • 3 days - CO/XO/GMs
  • 5 days - Department Heads
  • 7 days - Junior Officers
Cmdr Fleet Captain Jeremy DeSpain
Executive Officer

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Sim has reached its end and we are side siming as the next act gets prepared to get underway. As many have noticed there has been a change of character not player in the Executive Officers position. Come by and meet Commander Adam Chryst if you are looking for something to do

As Always if anyone needs help with a side sim, or character development, my door is always open, come see the XO in his office, or just shoot me an email. My #1 goal is to make sure everyone has places to post and is enjoying doing so.

Fleet Captain Jeremy "Ox" DeSpain

September, 7th, 2016

GM's PipsCommodore Lindsay Bayes
Advanced Gamemaster

Paradise Lost-Part Two
Mission Start Date: 17 Feb 2016
Place In Mission: Beginning
Mission End Date: 22 Aug 2016
“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” ~William James

Within the Harkness-Reese Nebula, the fleet has discovered an inhabited world. Upon investigation, the athena and Hopkins are introduced to Eleos, home of the Letoens. After earning the trust of the Letoens by saving their planet from the solar radiation flares, they set about helping the society rebuild without Omega. But there are forces at work that don't want them to succeed. Will Koraia and the Athena crew triumph? And if they do, what cost will they be asked to pay?

Important Links:

  • Elsewhere- The Adventure Begins
  • Exploratory Fleet Crew Bios
  • Government Complex description
  • Part One Sim Summary
  • Part One Scan Data
  • Work Teams & Orders
  • Sim Update
  • Science Team data

  • Important Characters:

  • Exploratory Fleet crews (see link above)
  • Eloa- Colony AI
  • Si'Korsh- Speaker (leader) of the colony
  • Kem'Pol- Deputy Speaker
  • Tan'Ree- Head of Medical Centre
  • Zil'Lann- Head of Infrastructure
  • Tree’Doss- Chief Peacekeeper
  • Kan'Neen- Infrastructure Deputy and engineer

  • Away Teams/Work Groups:

  • Team A- Counselling/Diplomatic: Laraan, Kaylee, Shanara, Kallen
  • Team B- Medical: S'Raal, Commander Flores, Liam, Sajola, Lt. Orlyon, Tan'Ree, Jai'Trel
  • Team C- Engineering: Lyra, Antin, Danial, Ziran, Kan'Neen, NEs
  • Team D- Science: Commander Price, Jack, Dan
  • Team E- Security: Konral, R'han, Stark, Tylyn, Moonwatcher, Tree'Doss, Ran'Kora
  • Side Sims

    The Vesna Chronicles
    In an ongoing holoadventure, the crew take on roles as the crew of a civilian freighter, taking whatever jobs they can. Most are legit, but not always, but whatever pays, goes!
    Current Story: The Prize
    Description: The Vesna crew is tasked with tracking down a woman (Bridget Shade) who has gone undercover to retrieve a special possession belonging to a wealthy and influential business man by the name of Luis Sanchez. Shade has seemingly gone missing and potentially along with The Prize! Can the Vesna crew track her and Sanchez's prize and return them safely? Time will tell...
    Important Links/Threads:

  • Sim Start/Crew
  • The Mission Revealed...

  • The Depths of Time
    Ian's long running background story meets the present (and past!) as it drags in many of the crew in the ultimate battle against an overwhelming foe.

    The Heleen
    Tying into Ian's sim, Julia's custom species, the Heleen, met with the Athena to engage in diplomatic talks. As a danger was revealed, the crew are now bound to help seek out a threat. And, after a long battle with personal demons, Fleet Captain Koraia is offered the chance of a lifetime to regain what she once lost. Will she take it? Will having Laraan's 'betrothed' on board scuttle the romance between her and Stark? Stay tuned to find out!


  • STF's Short Story competition is upon us. Submissions begin on April 23rd. More details HERE.
  • There is a discussion in Command about X-Fleet. If it's important to you, join in and have your say!

  • CIO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Stark Nightstalker
    Chief Intelligence Officer

    The Letoens need a barrier for the dokas and ways to encourage the predatory mammals from attacking the settlements. Also, danger is afoot. Keep your eyes open for anything unusual and coordinate with Lampad where needed.

    CTO's PipsLt. Cmdr R'han
    Chief Tactical Officer

    The Letoens need a barrier for the dokas and ways to encourage the predatory mammals from attacking the settlements.

    COS' pipsLt. Konral Vander
    Chief of Security

    The Letoens need a barrier for the dokas and ways to encourage the predatory mammals from attacking the settlements.

    CSO's PipsLt. Liam Madison
    Chief Science Officer

    You and the Hopkins' scientists are in charge of securing clean water sources and food options for the Letoens.

    CMO's pipsLt. S'Raal Moonshadow
    Chief of Medicine

    Surgery and medicines- you're in charge of teaching the Letoens how to manage without a major power supply. Time to save lives!

    CE's PipsLt. A'ustere Lyra
    Chief Engineer

    You're in charge of power: solar array and geothermal power station. Get to it!

    CNS' pipsLt. Laraan Baillie

    Work with Diplomatic and the Hopkins' CNS to create a cultural profile. The more we know about the Letoens, the better!

    CDO's PipsLt. Cmdr. Kaylee Baxter
    Chief Diplomatic Officer

    Work with the counsellors to create a cultural profile. The more we know about the Letoens, the better!

    Unrostered Crew/Civilians

  • Lt. Kallen Reese, Assistant Counsellor
  • T'Pon, Groundskeeper
  • Akeela Zaidu, CO's Mother
  • Nico the Treecat, CO's mischievous companion
  • RankCharacterPositionSpeciesHeightWeightUser
    Fleet CaptainGhubari KoraiaCO, GamemasterHuman/Napean5'11139 lbsLindsay Bayes
    CommanderAdam ChrystXOAndroid6'6 / 2 Meters210 lbs / 462 kgsJeremy DeSpain
    Lt. Cmdr.Kaylee BaxterChief Diplomatic OfficerHuman/El-Aurian5'9"120lbsJames Harrison
    Lt. Cmdr.R'hanChief Tactical OfficerRomulan 5'11"181lbLuke Hung
    Lt. Cmdr.Stark NightstalkerChief Intelligence OfficerCaitian171cm65kgIan Kerby
    LieutenantLaraan BaillieCounselorHuman/Heleen5'4"119 lbsJulia Hager
    LieutenantLiam MadisonChief Science OfficerHuman5'7180 lbsJanice B
    Lieut (j.g.)Dan JonesScientistHuman (male)5' 7"145 poundsDan Snell
    EnsignL'sschaScientistVulcan/Klingon6'2165 lbsSteve Sims
    LieutenantKonral VanderChief of SecurityBetazoid6'2"165 lbsSteven Sigle (LOA)
    LieutenantS’Raal Cran MoonshadowChief Medical OfficerCaitian1.8 Metres75kgIan Kerby
    Lieut (j.g.)Sajola AzelNurseTrill (Joined)5'8" (1,77m)134lbs (61kg)Silke Fahl (pLOA)
    LieutenantOrvos LegenChief EngineerEl Aurian5'11"190 lbsAnthony Findora
    Lieut (j.g.)Brenda CurstaidhEngineerHuman (Irish)5'7"89 lbs.Marcelo Paschoalin