Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia
Commodore Lindsay Bayes
Commanding Officer

As the three time STF Award winning 'Best Ship, we're continuing the tradition of excellent on our brand new ship.

As always, my inbox is always open for your questions, concerns and suggestions!
~Linds, 7 Apr 2015

Posting Limits

  • 3 days - CO/XO/GMs
  • 5 days - Department Heads
  • 7 days - Junior Officers
Commander Antin A'ustere
Fleet Captain Jeremy DeSpain
Executive Officer

Let's Win some more Awards

Hmmmm Newly married, will he now become chubby, happy and relaxed.....Nah. GREAT JOB everyone, enjoy the new Spec, the new side sims, and the best Pair of......GMs a Ship can ask for. And as always Remember to stay within posting limits. All limits will be checked against the Master Roster

GM's Pips
Commodores Lindsay Bayes and Kevin Sawyer
"Paradise Lost-Part One"
Mission Start Date: 29 Jan 2015
Place In Mission: Ending
Mission End Date: Jan 2016

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson
The Athena is leading the Exploratory Fleet back to the newly dubbed Harkness-Reese Nebula.
Important Links:

  • Elsewhere- The Adventure Begins
  • Exploratory Fleet Crew Bios
    The Vesna Chronicles
    In an ongoing holoadventure, the crew take on roles as the crew of a civilian freighter, taking whatever jobs they can. Most are legit, but not always, but it's whatever pays!
    Current Story: The Prize
    Description: The Vesna crew is tasked with tracking down a woman (Bridget Shade) who has gone undercover to retrieve a special possession belonging to a wealthy and influential business man by the name of Luis Sanchez. Shade has seemingly gone missing and potentially along with The Prize! Can the Vesna crew track her and Sanchez's prize and return them safely? Time will tell...
    Important Links/Threads:
  • Sim Start/Crew
  • The Mission Revealed...
  • Side Sims
    Lt. Cmdr. Stark Nightstalker
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Into the great unknown we go, with three other crews. I'm sure there will find a way to be in 'the know'.
    CTO's Pips
    Lt. Cmdr. R'han
    Chief Tactical Officer
    It's a big and powerful ship. Hopefully we won't need our fire power, but have it all in tip top shape just in case.
    Lt. Konral Vander
    Chief of Security
    Have your team ready and drilled.
    Lt. (j.g) Alexa Collus
    Chief Science Officer
    We've got a huge nebula ahead to explore. Have those sensors ready!
    Lt. S'Raal Moonshadow
    Chief Medical Officer
    Who knows what strange things we might encounter. Be at the ready!
    Lt. Sito Lyra
    Chief Engineer
    It's a much bigger ship, so more that can go wrong. Keep on top of those shiny new systems.
    Lt. Laraan Baillie
    You and your team have your work cut out for you with such a large ship!
    CTO's Pips
    Lt. Cmdr. Kaylee Baxter
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    We're heading into the unknown with any number of opportunities to meet new species. Be ready for anything and to help the Captain avoid diplomatic nightmares.
    Fleet CaptainGhubari KoraiaCO/co-GMHuman/Napean5'11139 lbsLindsay Bayes
    CommanderAntin A'ustereXOHuman6ft 4215Jeremy DeSpain
    Lt. Cmdr.Kaylee BaxterChief Diplomatic OfficerHuman/El-Aurian5'9"120lbsJames Harrison
    Lt. Cmdr.R'hanChief Tactical OfficerRomulan 5'11"181lbLuke Hung
    Lt. Cmdr.Stark NightstalkerChief Intelligence OfficerCaitian171cm65kgIan Kerby
    LieutenantLaraan BaillieCounselorHuman/Heleen5'4"119 lbsJulia Hager
    Lieut (j.g.)Alexa Collus- LOAChief Science OfficerHuman5'7135Emily England
    EnsignJack ArmstrongScience/HelmHuman6'00"177 lbs.Rob Perdew
    LieutenantKonral VanderChief of SecurityBetazoid6'2"165 lbsSteven Sigle
    EnsignTylyn AnsonSecurity OfficerHuman5'655 kgTylyn Anson
    LieutenantS’Raal Cran MoonshadowChief Medical OfficerCaitian1.8 Metres75kgIan Kerby
    Lieut (j.g.)Sajola AzelNurseTrill (Joined)5'8" (1,77m)134lbs (61kg)Silke Fahl
    EnsignLiam Iver LocksleyDoctorHuman/Betazoid6' 2"225 lbsTerry Sullivan
    LieutenantLyra A'ustereChief EngineerBajoran5'3"105Amber DeSadier