Outpost 42
Five Time Emma Award Winner for Best Starbase/Outpost!
Outpost 42 is located in the Gamma Tiltium star system, orbiting the class M planet Gamma Tiltium IV. Near Romulan space, it was originally constructed as a defense base against this hostile power. In the years since the Dominion War, however, it had been the site of increased civilian traffic, the effect of the lasting cool, but peaceful relations between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire.

In 2387, disaster struck, far across the border. A supernova - somehow combined with unforseen and unexplained subspace phenomena - destroyed Romulus and Remus, ripping the heart out of the Romulan Empire. The Romulans, the Federation, Outpost 42 itself - all were woefully unprepared for the sudden tragedy.

Now, lacking commerce and traffic from either side of the border, Outpost 42's civilian and mining facilities lay fallow - havens for the disillusioned, the downtrodden, and those who would prefer to stay in the dark.

Factions rise from the ashes of the Star Empire - some friendly, with an open hand extended to the Federation, seeking friendship and aid... others less so, acting only with closed fists, seeking to forge a new Empire, violently opposing the Federation's 'meddling.'

Starfleet has recalled one of the Outpost's former Captains to duty - and with an old Captain, comes a new mission, to revive, renovate, and practically rebuild the huge but underutilized station, to fill a new set of needs, for a tumultuous new era in this region of space. Will the crew succeed in this Herculean task? Can they transform an old, rickety Outpost into a hub for humanitarian and reconstruction aid to the Romulans; a stalwart defender of the Federation's territory and interests; and a vibrant new home for those who would make it there?

One other question looms: What part will you play?
CO: Alex McCormick
Welcome to Outpost 42 - the only place in the Federation where your box of bed linens might actually be a photon torpedo.

The seemingly never-ending stream of Romulan visitors continues, with an old Bird-of-Prey just now decloaking, and seemingly wanting to talk. We'll soon find out what about!

Meanwhile, in the background of everyone's day-to-day lives and work, renovations continue on the Outpost, so keep your hard hats handy, and mind the loose ODN cabling. Also, please do come see me if you know of any of Starfleet's finest who might be looking to join our ranks.

Played by: Anthony Martin
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XO: Mathias McGarrett
Welcome to Outpost 42! I'm Adam, your still fairly new XO. We've got a fine collection of roleplayers here and we've only added more in the short time I've been here. And, in rather exciting news, we're in the process of bringing in an excellent brand new CO, Silke Fahl. Things are continuing to look up on the outpost. Let me know if you have an interest in joining! It's a great time to do so while we are in between sims.

Played by: Adam W
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GM: Tyra Schroll
Played by: Tyra Schroll
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The Maze - Currently being re-designed by new Owner after Sham left for Oed V
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CSO: Marina Jusaro
Played by: Lindsay Bayes
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Posting Limits
CO/XO/GM - 3 days
DH's - 5 days
JO's - 7 days

Fleet CaptainAlex McCormickCOHuman5'11"191 lbs.Anthony Martin
Lt. Cmdr.Mathias McGarrettXOHuman6' 3"210 lbsAdam W
LieutenantMarina Jusaro Chief Science OfficerHuman/Zaldan5'9"130 lbsLindsay Bayes
EnsignJackson RichardsaCOSHuman6'2175lbsTy Napier
Lt. Cmdr.Paige Renee StoneaCMOHuman5'2"115 lbs.Tyra Schroll
Lieut (j.g.)Ciara McGarrettDoctorHumanAnna L
EnsignCadhla Noírín O'LearyScientistHuman5'1" (1,55m)104 lbs (47kg)Silke Fahl (LOA till 30th...
EnsignSamok ScientistVulcan6' 1"190 lbs.Rob Perdew
EnsignLouis HarvattSecurity OfficerHuman6'0"134 lbs.Louis Harvatt
CivilianNarilik (Notice Sent July 18)Proprietor, "Plueron Coffers Security"Suliban5'11"215Jeremy DeSpain
GamemasterTribble MouseGamemasterMouse?Tyra Schroll