Outpost 42
Five Time Emma Award Winner for Best Starbase/Outpost!
Outpost 42 is located in the Gamma Tiltium star system, orbiting the class M planet Gamma Tiltium IV. Near Romulan space, it was originally constructed as a defense base against this hostile power. In the years since the Dominion War, however, it had been the site of increased civilian traffic, the effect of the lasting cool, but peaceful relations between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire.

In 2387, disaster struck, far across the border. A supernova - somehow combined with unforeseen and unexplained subspace phenomena - destroyed Romulus and Remus, ripping the heart out of the Romulan Empire. The Romulans, the Federation, Outpost 42 itself - all were woefully unprepared for the sudden tragedy.

Now, lacking commerce and traffic from either side of the border, Outpost 42's civilian and mining facilities lay fallow - havens for the disillusioned, the downtrodden, and those who would prefer to stay in the dark.

Factions rise from the ashes of the Star Empire - some friendly, with an open hand extended to the Federation, seeking friendship and aid... others less so, acting only with closed fists, seeking to forge a new Empire, violently opposing the Federation's 'meddling.'

After Fleet Captain Alex McCormick retired for good and left the station, Starfleet Command has decided to hand over the Outpost to a newly promoted Captain to continue the renovation of the Outpost; strengthen the ties with those Romulans, who are seeking friendship and aid; do further research on the strange radiation that was rather suddenly detected on the Outpost and the space surrounding it. And of course to deal with all that the future would hold.

With the change in Command also came to a nearly complete change in the (senior) staff. How will this new crew work together? Who else will join them on their mission to rebuild and renovate the Outpost and to help stabilize the region? Will the crew succeed in this Herculean task? Can they transform an old, rickety Outpost into a hub for humanitarian and reconstruction aid to the Romulans; a stalwart defender of the Federation's territory and interests; and a vibrant new home for those who would make it there?

One other question looms: What part will you play?
CO: Mathias McGarrett
Welcome to Outpost 42! I'm Adam, the CO here. I must say we have a stellar group of writers here and a roleplaying quality well worth the "best ship" nomination that the outpost received in the last couple STF Awards. If you have an interest in joining our fantastic crew or have any questions about Outpost 42, please let us know. Don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form if there's anything you'd like to discuss. Also, I'm usually pretty easy to find on our chat service Discord where my user name is either AdamW or something chimpanzee related. I'm frequently online at various times of day, especially in the evenings in the US.

Played by: Adam W
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XO: Jessica Vaughn
Hello. I am so happy to be working with you here. Please feel free to contact me at any time by email or discord as Kate O'Neill

Played by: Kate O'Neill
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GM: David "Gnome" Eads
Sim Information
Voices In The Dark

Strange sensor readings and odd distress calls near the Klingon Border present a mysterious situation for the crew of the Outpost to explore. Something has happened, and it appears that Star Fleet's help isn't wanted...

Important Threads

Act One: Primary Thread

Act One: The Lancer leaves to investigate

Played by: David Eads
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CNS: Jaina Vaughn

Played by: Amanda Mercer
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CMO: Sair Songz

Played by: Lindsay Bayes
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CSO: Duncan Rhodes

Played by: David Shotton
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COO: Mitch Lawson

Played by: Russell Watt
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COS: Jack Elliott

Played by: Ty Napier
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SOO: Hunter 'Gunny' Hunter

Played by: Jeremy DeSpain
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CO/XO/GM - 5 days
DH's - 7 days
JO's - 10 days

CaptainMathias McGarrettCOHuman6' 3"210 lbsAdam W.
Lt. Cmdr.Jessica VaughnXOHuman5'4"125 lbsKate O'Neill
LieutenantJaina Elisabeth VaughnCounselorHumanAmanda Mercer
Lieut (j.g.)Mitch LawsonChief of Operations1/4 Human 1/4 Betazoid 1/2 Bajoran6'4"127lbRussell Watt
EnsignKarentaOperations, Notice Sent July 20thAndorianDavid Wonderly
LieutenantDuncan RhodesChief Science OfficerHuman6' 3" (1.92m)211lbs (96kg)David Shotton
EnsignToveka BrineScientistRomulan/Human5'10195 lbsMelissa Aragon
LieutenantJack ElliottChief of Security6' 3150lbsTy Napier
CivilianSair SongzChief Medical OfficerKobliad5'10152 lbsLindsay Bayes
Lt. Cmdr.Paige Renee StoneDoctorHuman5'2"115 lbs.Tyra Schroll
Sergeant MajorHunter 'Gunny' RansomStrategic Operations OfficerEl-Aurian5'7''185lbsJeremy DeSpain
Lt. ColonelDevri "Starbuck" HudsonCAGHuman5'9"155 lbs.Jerome Davis
CivilianAedan Teller CEO of O.M.A.P. Corp.Human6'3"185 lbsSteven Sigle
GamemasterGnomeGMT pLOA through July 28thDavid Eads
GamemasterMischief MakerGMMManaging mischiefsince2010Lindsay Bayes