FComm: Fleet Captain D 'Koala' Grisham

Welcome to the Pioneer Fleet!

The final frontier is waiting and ready for you to explore. Check out the amazing ships and outpost we have to offer. If you'd like to join in the fun please contact the ships' command teams.

Reports are due by the third day of the month. If you have any issues or have questions don't hesitate to contact myself or Louis.

Fleet wide Vacancies - For more information please seePersonel Department or contact the Command teamD Grisham or Louis Harvatt.We will endeavour to have the below vacancy table updated weekly if not before.

Level Ship Open Positions
Junior Officers USS Ogawa Security!
Junior Officers USS Ogawa Engineering
Department Head Outpost 42 Councillor
Junior Officers Outpost 42 All Departments
Position TBA Ship TBA Department TBA
Position TBA Ship TBA Department TBA
Position TBA Ship TBA Department TBA
CaptainD GrishamFleet Commander - XO, USS OgawaKoalaD Grisham
Lt. Cmdr.Louis HarvattAssistant Fleet Commander Louis Harvatt
CaptainAdam W.CO, Outpost 42Adam W.
Lt. Cmdr.Kate O'NeillXO, Outpost 42/ CO - USS AtlantisKate O'Neill
CaptainJeremy DeSpainXO, USS AthenaOxJeremy DeSpain
Fleet CaptainCale ReillyCO, USS OgawaPandaCale Reilly
Rear AdmiralLindsay BayesCO/GM,USS Athena - XO,USS Atlantis BeaverLindsay Bayes