4th Fleet


Welcome to Fleet Four!

Captain Ty Napier, Fleet Commander
Hello! I'm quite excited to be the new Fleet Commander for Fleet Four. I'm always ready to read your e-mails, so if you have any problems or comments let me know. Welcome to Fleet Four!

Fleet History
Fleet Four officially went active on the 17th October 1997, under the command of Commodore Jeff Field. It was a major milestone for Star-Fleet, and helped to demonstrate how successful the WeBB had become.

It's original purpose was to combat the Crag. This race that were cute fluffy teddy bears that resembled Ewoks were rampaging their way across the Romulan Empire and on into Federation territory. Of course eventually at the end of the Crag War (read Cpt. Bligh's Speech for more information), they joined the Federation and became part of the culture of Fleet 4.
Assistant Fleet Commander Commodore Joe Fahey

Starbase 202
CO: Captain Elizabeth Rahuba
XO: Lt. Commander Fred Martin
GM: Commodore Krys McLean

USS Montgomery
CO: Fleet Captain Thomas Bates
XO: Fleet Captain Amber Hagan
GM: Commodore Lindsay Bayes

USS Thor
CO: Fleet Captain Jody Romero
XO: Lt. Cmdr. Jared Kurz
GM: Commodore Joe Fahey

USS Viking
CO: Fleet Captain Amber Hagan
XO: Lt. Commander Rob Perdew
GMT: Lt. Commander Luke Ronayne