5th Fleet - The Meridian Fleet

Fleet Commander Assistant Fleet Commander

Fleet Captain Steve 'Tadpole' Sigle

Captain Philip 'Puffin' Graham

FCOMM Notes Coming soon

It is my Honor to serve as the Assistant Fleet Commander of 5th Fleet, Our ship commanders are always looking for new and exciting officers to join our ranks. We readily welcome our freshly minted Ensigns after graduation from the academy. Exciting Changes are coming to our MOTD, so stay tuned to this page.

USS Odin
Fleet Flagship
USS Saracen
The USS. Odin is commanded by the Fleet Commander making the ship the Fleet Flagship. The USS. Odin is a Mythology class vessel allowing it to sustain a number of different roles within the fleet. The USS Odin allows for reasonable experimentation and creative freedom.
CO: Fleet Captain Steven "Tadpole" Sigle
XO: Commander Parisa "Chipmunk" Footohi
GM: Kenson Koh
Ship Class: Mythology Class

CO: Captain David Shotton
XO: Commander Russell Watt
GM: Jason Y. Lee
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

USS Brian A. Olinski USS Chernov
The USS. Brian A. Olinski is a unique ship within STO. The USS Brian A. Olinski provides the ability to role play several Alt type Charactars. The ship is a Carrier for fighters. Providing a very unique mission set and simming environment.
CO: Captain Sidney "Armadillo" Parker
XO: Commander R. Smith
GM: Kenson Koh
Ship Class: Brian A. Olinski Class

The USS. Chernov is a Alternate simming Environment unique to STF, The Chernov is set in JJ Abrahms alternate timeline based on the 2009 Star Trek Films. The USS. Chernov provides a unique and exciting sim that can bring out the imagination of any STF Member.
CO: Captain N. Evans
XO: Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Rahuba
GM: Tyra Schroll
Ship Class: Kurtzman Class

Fleet History

Fleet Five was launched on March 30, 1998 - the third WeBB Fleet. The original Fleet Commander was B.J. Phillips, who was an STF WeBB member from almost the very beginning. The fleet's original ships were the USS Olympic, the USS Alliance, and the USS Andorian. The USS Futura joined the fleet shortly after the fleet's launch.

Since then, the Fifth Fleet of STF has undergone a lot of changes. A handful of bad nicknames, and a myriad of ship shuffles, swaps, decommissionings, and commissionings. Not to mention the multitude of Fleet Commanders and Assistant Fleet Commanders.

Fleet Five was eventually named as The Meridian Fleet because of its location near the border between quadrants.

On May 23, 2010, the USS Entente, formerly the USS Kansas, was recommissioned the USS Brian A. Olinski in memory of Commodore Brian A. Olinski, who was actively involved in Fleet Five. This was done by Herr Edict #16

On February 26, 2014, pursuant to Bates Edict #9, the Fifth Fleet was officially renamed "The Meridian Fleet", it's long-recognized nickname.

Currently, Fleet Five has four ships, including the USS Brian A. Olinski which offers a unique carrier-style role-playing ship, and the USS Chernov which is STF's "Abramsverse" RPG area.

Important News Spotlights

June 03, 2017

Philip Graham, Appointed as Assistant Fleet Commander 5th Fleet.


Russell Watt appointed as Executive officer, USS Saracen


David Shotton appointed as Commanding Officer, USS Saracen.

December 12, 2016

Philip Graham appointed as CO of the USS Saracen.

July 10, 2016

Brady McGuinn appointed as AFComm 5.

June 30, 2016

N. Evans appointed as CO of the USS Chernov.

The Fleet Commander presents three awards per month, These awards are based on the recommendations from the CO, XO & GM of each ship.
Ship of the Month - Awarded for the ship who has the most post's with the least amount of AWOLs in that month
Writer of the Month - Awarded to the member who posted the best single post in a month
Most Valuable Player - Awarded to the member who provided the most substance to a ship (or ships) within the fleet.

Ship of the Month


Writer of the Month


Most Valuable Player

JUNE 2017 - To be Determined

New Faces Promotions and Appointments

Welcome to all of the new faces in The Meridian Fleet!

April 2017

USS Brian A. Olinski: Ensign Srothell Ch'zaolrirh, played by John Polizzi.

March 2015

Mathew Burch has joined the USS Brian A. Olinski in the science department.

February 2015

Eric Alston has joined the USS Chernov in the science department.
R Smith, a current member of Fleet Five, has joined the USS Saracen as the Counselor.
Dallas Daniels Jr. has joined the USS Chernov in the science department.

January 2015

Lindsay Bayes has joined the USS Saracen as the CMO.
Miha Kozlevcar has joined the USS Chernov in the security department.
Nathan Derricutt, a current member of Fleet Five, has joined the USS Chernov as the CE.
Alison Hanna has joined the USS Chernov in the engineering department.

Congratulations to all of the fleet members who have been promoted or appointed to a new position!

February 2015

Robert Jones's character on the USS Chernov has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Jo Mason has been promoted to Lieutenant.
Elizabeth Rahuba's character on the USS Chernov has been promoted to Lieutenant.
N Evans's character on the USS Brian A. Olinski has been promoted to Lieutenant.

December 2014

Luke Ronayne, XO of the USS Chernov and AFComm, has been promoted to Captain.
Jacob Seime's character on the USS Brian A. Olinski has been appointed as the CAG.

October 2014

Anna L.'s character on the USS Saracen has been appointed as CSO.

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