5th Fleet - The Meridian Fleet

Fleet Commander Assistant Fleet Commander

Captain Jeremy "The Ox" DeSpain

Fleet Captain Steven "Tadpole" Sigle


Okay everyone the Ox has joined Fleet Command! I'm very excited to be given this opportunity to really help out around the club and I promise not to let you down. If you have any questions or concerns within the Fleet please do not hesitate to contact me. Lets keep the simming fun, the tensions low, and my door is open for anything you might need to talk to be about. Lets make Fleet 5 the Emma award winning Fleet she can be. Also Fleet Reports can be found Here


Jeremy DeSpain
CO USS Crusader


Okay, back in Fleet Command of Fleet 5, glad to be helping out this wonderful fleet after a year hiatus from Command as Jeremy's Assitant. If you need me for anything don't feel bad to just email me, or find me in IRC.


Steven Sigle

Fleet History

Fleet Beginnings: Fleet 5 was launched on Stardate 98030.0 as the third WeBB Fleet, the Fifth Fleet of STF has undergone a lot of changes since it's inception. A handful of bad nicknames, and a myriad of ship shuffles, swaps, decommissionings, and commissionings. Not too mention the multitude of Fleet Commanders and Assistant Fleet Commanders.

Fifth Fleet's original Fleet Commander (FComm), B.J. Phillips, had been a STF WeBB member from almost the very beginning. The first ships of Fleet 5 were the USS Olympic, the USS Alliance, and the USS Andorian. Shortly after the launch the USS Futura, an experimental trans-warp vessel. Fleet 5 was named as The Meridian Fleet because of its location near the border between quadrants.

On stardate 10052.3, the USS USS Entente, formerly the USS Kansas, was recommissioned the USS Brian A. Olinski in memory of Commodore Brian A. Olinski. This was done by Herr Edict #16

Important News Fleet Five Awards

Stardate 13070.9

Naithan Deyarmin named as Asst. Fleet Commander 5

Stardate 13071.0

Aaron Calhoun named as CO of the USS Saracen

Other Fleet 5 News:

The fleet has undergone some pretty significant Command changes in recent weeks. FComm is working diligently to get the fleet on track and appreciate any and all co-operation and ideas you may have. New Fleet policies are in place and posted on the fleet 5 policies page. Stay tuned to this and Star Base 257 for further Fleet updates.

Congratulations to all the Emma Award Nominees and Winners. View the trophy list HERE

USS Draco USS Chernov USS Saracen
CO: Bryant Pappas
XO: Steve "Gorilla" Johnson
GM: Matthew "Salmon" Kleinman
Ship Class: Maverick Class

CO: Parisa "Chipmunk" Footohi
XO: Luke Ronayne
GM: Julia "Kanga" K
Ship Class: Kurtzman Class

CO: Aaron Calhoun
XO: Ray Branch
GM: Tyra "Mouse" Schroll
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

USS Brian A. Olinski USS Odin USS Crusader
CO: Sidney "Armadillo" Parker
XO: Travis Good
GM: Gene "Wookie" Gibbs
Ship Class: Brian A. Olinski Class

CO: Steven "Tadpole" Sigle
XO: Parisa "Chipmunk" Footohi
GM: Tyra "Mouse" Schroll
Ship Class: Viking Class

CO: Jeremy "The Ox" DeSpain
XO: Naithan Deyarmin
GM: Tyra "Mouse" Schroll
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

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