5th Fleet - The Meridian Fleet

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Fleet Captain Daniel "Dolphin" Lerner

Commander Luke Ronayne

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Fifth Fleet, also known as the Meridian Fleet. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance. You can also find me on IRC under Singularity42.

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Fleet History

Fleet Five was launched on March 30, 1998 the third WeBB Fleet. The original Fleet Commander was B.J. Phillips, who was an STF WeBB member from almost the very beginning. The fleet's original ships were the USS Olympic, the USS Alliance, and the USS Andorian. The USS Futura joined the fleet shortly after the fleet's launch.

Since then, the Fifth Fleet of STF has undergone a lot of changes. A handful of bad nicknames, and a myriad of ship shuffles, swaps, decommissionings, and commissionings. Not too mention the multitude of Fleet Commanders and Assistant Fleet Commanders.

Fleet Five was eventually named as The Meridian Fleet because of its location near the border between quadrants.

On May 23, 2010, the USS USS Entente, formerly the USS Kansas, was recommissioned the USS Brian A. Olinski in memory of Commodore Brian A. Olinski, who was actively involved in Fleet Five. This was done by Herr Edict #16

On February 26, 2014, pursuant to Bates Edict #9, the Fifth Fleet was officially renamed "The Meridian Fleet", it's long-recognized nickname.

Currently, Fleet Five has five ships, including the USS Brian A. Olinski which offers a unique carrier-style role-playing ship, and the USS Chernov which is the club's "Abramsverse" RPG area.

Important News Spotlights

September 20, 2014

Marthese Bugeja promoted to Captain and appointed CO of the USS Crusader

August 20, 2014

Luke Ronayne appointed Assistant Fleet Commander of Fleet Five

August 12, 2014

Daniel Lerner appointed Fleet Commander of Fleet Five

August 12, 2014

TJ Morgan appointed CO of the USS Chernov

Check out our amazing members who received spotlights from their CO, XO, or GM! Read the month's repot for more details about each spotlight

August 2014 (Click here to read the report)

Marthese Bugeja for her work as XO (USS Crusader).
Emily England for her role-playing skills (USS Chernov).
D. Grisham for her work as aXO (USS Brian A. Olinski).
Luke Hung for his characterization (USS Brian A. Olinski).
Robert Jones for his OOC humour and 'fruit puns' (USS Chernov).
Matthew Kleinman for his work as GM (USS Crusader).
Brady McGuinn for his work as GMT (USS Saracen).
Ty Napier for her role-playing skills and characterization (USS Crusader).
Scarlet Oliva for her characterization and high quality of her posts (USS Brian A. Olinski).
Kevin Sawyer for stepping in as CE (USS Crusader).
Walker Sheldon for being a proactive and high quality poster (USS Chernov).

New Faces Promotions and Appointments

Welcome to all of the new faces in The Meridian Fleet!

September 2014

Kendra Kerr has joined the USS Odin in the Medical department.

August 2014

James Farley has joined the USS Chernov in the Security department.
Josh Ezell has joined the USS Chernov in the Medical department.
Marthese Bugeja, a current member of Fleet Five, has created a new character in USS Chernov's medical department.
Russell Watt, a current member of Fleet Five, has created a new character in USS Chernov's science department.
Christy Schuler has joined the USS Odin as the CMO.
Patrick Cook has joined the USS Chernov in the security department and the USS Crusader in the engineering department.
Kevin Sawyer has joined the USS Crusader as the CE.

Congratulations to all of the fleet members who have been promoted or appointed to a new position!

August 2014

Luke Ronayne has been promoted to Commander.
Emily England has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Walker Sheldon has been promoted to Lieutenant.
Robert Jones's character on the USS Chernov has been promoted to Lieutenant.
Russell Watt has been appointed as the USS Chernov's Gamemaster.

USS Chernov USS Saracen
CO: TJ "Possum" Morgan
XO: Luke Ronayne
GM: Russell "Tribble" Watt
Ship Class: Kurtzman Class

CO: Aaron "Marmot" Calhoun
XO: Ray "Turtle" Branch
GMT: Brady McGuinn
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

USS Brian A. Olinski USS Odin USS Crusader
CO: Sidney "Armadillo" Parker
XO: Travis Good
GM: Gene "Wookie" Gibbs
Ship Class: Brian A. Olinski Class

CO: Steven "Tadpole" Sigle
XO: Parisa "Chipmunk" Footohi
GM: Tyra "Mouse" Schroll
Ship Class: Viking Class

CO: Marthese Bugeja
XO: Vacant
GM: Matthew "Salmon" Kleinman
Ship Class: Pendragon Class

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