Carrier Air Wing 14
  USS Brian A. Olinski  

The Olinski is a Brian Olinski Class Heavy Dreadnought. If you are interested in joining the Olinski, please contact the CO or the XO regarding ship's vacancies.

CO: Sidney Parker

The USS Olinski is the best ship in STF so come join us for some fun as a crew member. We are currently in the beginning of a new Sim which promises to be a lot of fun and action packed.

XO: Jason Harn

"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man, and let history decide for itself." Zephram Cochrane.


SIM Update: Title - Freedom/Opression

Ok lets do an update so we are all on the same page. On the Olinski: Engineering- Hojo shoud be helping science with trying to get more information out of the scans. With his part being more intepretating the info that comes in. The CE should be trying to help the CMO by manipulating the Borg implant tech to keep the Axum female alive. Medical- The CMO is on lead on the Axum refugee operation with Hedsul assisting. THe CE is handling the Borg implants at the same time. Tac/Sec- At this point Toro is in the center chair following the Captains orders to get more info on the other ship. Science- Using the scanners to pin point information on the other ship. Right now there is new data indicating the Borg might be building a recharge distribution system on the other ship. Send that data to Engineering to work with them to figure more out. Fighter Wings- Waiting to be sent back out which is about to happen. Helm- Doing what the Helm does best. Keep the ship close enough to the other ship to get good scans but far enough to be safe. On the Planet: Kolar- In a secret meeting with dissidents on Churveil who have just told him that things are not what they seem and a group of Axums called the Elite have basically taken over the government with the aid of Churveilian politicians. They are using advanced tech from the Axums to advance the Churvelians into the Federation. They are hinting at human rights type violations going on and more. Harn- Just got the slip from the Security/Interior Minister at a dance club who is most likely heading for the mines which are currently being checked out by Ensign Michealides. He might be tailed by security forces and needs to make the slip himslef now and do some investigating or hook up with Kolar. Michealides- Inside the automated mines but has discovered things are not quite as they seem. Might be about to discover what is behind door number one in the "Unauthorized Area" of the mines. Which is said to be automated as wel but toxic to life. As for the Captain he has just arrived in Medical to find out if the Axum is alive and able to give information. There we have it. Now lets cover a few tips on general direction. Olinski- Needs to get information quickly to act because something is happening on that ship. Look for fighters doing recon and may..maybe a boarding party. Landig Party- Things are happening fast. Could be time for the parties to meet up at the place that seems to be the focal point of everything. THE MINES of CHURVEIL.

Sim Status and Notes for Crew:

Prologue post -

  Ship Information  

Leaves of Absence / AWOLs


Please post on this ship if you are going on LOA. Also, contact the CO or XO via the contact links above.

AWOL Policy

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Important Notes

Alert Status

The Counsellor's Corner

The ships CNS does not always get all the press but its an important role. Im here to help out your overstressed character and even help out someone with OOC issues related to the ship. Don't forget your required to pay me a visit if your new to the ship.

Away Team Members

XO, Lt. Cmd. Kolar,Ensign Michaelides Lt. j.g. Watts,

  Department Orders  

CAG: Everett "Stallion" Black

Get the new guys flight ready while dealing with less resources to do it, ohh and blow the heck out of any Borg cubes, spheres, rectangles etc..

Security: See Tac

Its time to get Security trained up and protect the ship against possible Borg intruders.

Tactical:Maritza "Toro" Turcio

Get your SWAT like TAC team ready to stop Borg intruders because that never ends well.

Helm: Miranda Lawerance

Fly her to pieces if thats what it takes to avoid being captured by the Borg.

Counselor: Trevor Michaels

Be ready to assist the CO if they engage the Borg. Its your job to get into their collective minds and not them in ours.

Medical: Biassa

Heal the sick

Science: Balfor Kolar

Lead the Science Team on the planet.

Engineering: David Easton

Engineering needs some attention. Its time to really check out the engines and repair the battle damage from the last mission. Engineering really needs a CE up to the task.

  Carrier Air Wing  

Commander of the Air Group

Everett "Stallion" Black

Red Squadron (VFA-56)

Collar Name Callsign

Green Squadron (VFA-47)

Collar Name Callsign
  Crew Roster  
Collar Rank Name Position Species Player
Cpt. Sidney Parker CO Human Sidney Parker
Lt.Cmd . Jason Harn XO Human R. Smith
Lt. Cmd Balfor Kolar CSO Bajoran Luke Hung
LT Maritza "Toro" Turcio TAC/COS Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. Trevor Michaels CNS Human Ray Branch
Lt. j.g. Biassa CMO Choruugian D Grisham
LT David Easton CE Human/Betazoid N Evans
Lt. Miranda Lawerance Helm Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. J.g. G.E. Watts Eng Team Ldr Human Richard Shindle
Ens Howie Johnson Eng Human James Farley
Ens Paul Michaelides Science Human Paul Cook
Ens Edison Dowe Science Human Glenn S
Ensign Gillian Hesdul Dr. Antosian Triston Gunn
Lt. Everett"Stallion"Black CAG Human Travis Good
Lt. j.g Gr Sqd Ldr
Lt. j.g Rd Sqd Ldr
CaptainSidney Parker CO5ft 8160lbsSidney Parker
Lt. Cmdr.Jason HarnXOHuman6'3"235R Smith
Lt. Cmdr.Balfor KolarChief Science OfficerBajoran6ft199lbsLuke Hung
LieutenantDavid Easton Chief EngineerHuman/Betazoid6'01"155 lbsN Evans
EnsignEdison Dowe ScientistHuman5'10'190 lbGlenn S
LieutenantEverett "Stalion" BlackCAGHumanTravis Good
Lieut (j.g.)G.E. Watts (LOA until 10/5/15)Engineer, Team LeaderHuman5'10"150 lbsRichard Shindle
EnsignHowie JohnsonEngineerHumanJames Farley
LieutenantMaritza "Toro" TurcioChief Tactical Officer, COS/TACHuman5'4"120lbsTyra Schroll (LOA TIL 10...
LieutenantMiranda LaweranceHelm Human5'3125lbsTyra Schroll (LOA TIL 10...
EnsignPaul MichaelidesScientistHuman6'2213Paul Cook
LieutenantTrevor MichaelsCounselorHuman/Betazoid5'10165 lbsRay Branch
Lieut (j.g.)BiassaChief Medical OfficerChoruugian 5'08"150 lbsD Grisham
EnsignGillian HesdulDoctorAntosian5'03"97kgTriston Gunn