Carrier Air Wing 14
  USS Brian A. Olinski  

The Olinski is a Brian Olinski Class Heavy Dreadnought. If you are interested in joining the Olinski, please contact the CO or the XO regarding ship's vacancies.

CO: Sidney Parker

The USS Olinski is the best ship in STF so come join us for some fun as a crew member. We are currently in the beginning of a new Sim which promises to be a lot of fun and action packed.

XO: Harley Cartee

I am extremely excited to be a part of the crew of this fine ship. Especially as her XO! The Olinski is very special to me. Brian was my first CO when I joined the club as a cadet on the Apollo. He taught me a great deal and was a mentor to me. I am honored to serve as the Executive Officer on his namesake ship. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of your characters. M'Pris used to be a bit harsh and hard to know but as a result of her service as XO on the Academy ship the USS Discovery, she has softened a bit. She is much more approachable than she used to be and I hope that you all feel free to do so. OOC I am always available to respond to your questions or concerns on the board or via email.

GM: Vacant

SIM Update:

Sim Status and Notes for Crew:

The real threat has passed. The timeline is restored. The Borg had unconnected themselves from the Collective by order of the Collective. It was a master plan to go undetected while trying to disrupt the timeline in a way that the Federation would not get more influence in the old Romulan Space Empire territories. Bentin was a Temporal Agent from somewhere and sometime. We still are not sure if he was Federation or not. He had an accomplice whose job was to disrupt the Borg Collective attempt to destroy ships and have Federation ships and other Conference attendees blame each other which would set off hostilities or even war in the area. Further weakening it to Borg invasion. That is why the space anomaly never produced a ship or other presence. The Borg used it to open a hole, attack ships in a way that looked like it was each ship attacking each other, and then close it while going undetected. It also allowed the unBorg team to do their thing on the planet. The Vulcan's job was to appear Vulcan but try and stop or minimize the attack. He was actually human with a holo and prosthetic implants to appear Vulcan. Bentin was going to kidnap the Ambassador from the timeline so that someone else would lead the Conference. Someone who was not on the verge of insanity and susceptible to Borg preplanted attempts to unnerve and unhinge him. While the Borg team had the opposite mission. Keep Bentin from doing that so the Ambassador would be unsuccessful and the Federation blow its chance to fill in the void in some of the old Romulan territories. So all we need to do now is clean up operations on damaged ships and Conference details. Here is the TO DO LIST: 1. Engineering- Keep doing what your doing. Repair badly damaged ships. 2. Medical- There is a lot of room to do some great rping of helping badly injured crew on some interesting species such as Tholian, Klingon and Vulcan. I suggest picking ship and getting over there. 3. Air Wing- Your looking good but some patrols to keep people from getting into fights would be nice. We were left to figure it all out which in IC has not been done quite yet so some folks might be a little ticked still. 4. Science- Well thats who has to figure a lot of this out. A nice little investigation would be nice to see. 5. Security- You guys have your hands full. There is a great need to control delegates and their security teams on the planet and help with the investigation of what happened. 6. Diplomat Core- Well someone needs to step in and lead the broken conference. Maybe a quick rp of getting the whole thing on track. Expect the CO to order the new diplomat to do just that. That should do it. Helm can do what they do best and TAC should be deploying their TAC Response team to hot spots. Sidney ..

  Ship Information  

Leaves of Absence / AWOLs


Please post on this ship if you are going on LOA. Also, contact the CO or XO via the contact links above.

AWOL Policy

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Important Notes

Alert Status

The Counsellor's Corner

The ships CNS does not always get all the press but its an important role. Im here to help out your overstressed character and even help out someone with OOC issues related to the ship. Don't forget your required to pay me a visit if your new to the ship.

Away Team Members

Cpt. Parker, Cmd. Thorne, COS Stargazer, CNS Michaels, CMO and various Red Shirts

  Department Orders  

CAG: Sarah "Fox" Cordere

Get the new guys flight ready while dealing with less resources to do it.

Security: Stargazer

Its time to get Security trained up.

Tactical:Maritza "Toro" Turcio

Get your SWAT like TAC team ready.

Helm: Miranda Lawerance

Keep the Olinski in position to stop any unintended conflicts around the planet where the conference is being held.

Counselor: Trevor Michaels

Assist medical in evaluated the health of the Ambassador. In particular his mental health and why he is seeing visions of a long dead resident of the castle.

Medical: Oliver Kingman

Need to evaluate the Ambassador to see if there are medical reasons for his visions

Science: Balfor Kolar

Keep an eye out for abnormal sensor readings around the space where the conference is being held.

Engineering: David Easton

Engineering needs some attention. Its time to really check out the engines and repair the battle damage from the last mission. Engineering really needs a CE up to the task.

  Carrier Air Wing  

Commander of the Air Group

Sarah "Fox" Cordere

Red Squadron (VFA-56)

Collar Name Callsign
Richard O'Shea Ricochet

Green Squadron (VFA-47)

Collar Name Callsign
  Crew Roster  
Collar Rank Name Position Species Player
Cpt. Sidney Parker CO Human Sidney Parker
Cmd. M'Pris XO Caitian Harley Cartee
Lt. Cmd Balfor Kolar CSO Bajoran Luke Hung
LT Maritza "Toro" Turcio TAC Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. Trevor Michaels CNS Human Ray Branch
Lt. j.g. Oliver Kingman CMO Human Jim Watkin
LT David Easton CE Human/Betazoid N Evans
Lt. Stargazer COS Premasha Scarlet Olivia
Lt. Miranda Lawerance Helm Human Tyra Schroll
Civilian Ezra Nathanial Drake Diplomat Human Chris Taylor
Lt. J.g. G.E. Watts Eng Team Ldr Human Richard Shindle
Ens Howie Johnson Eng Human James Farley
Ens Albia Eng Bolian Zelda Spellman
LT (jg) Richard "Ricochet" O'Shea Pilot Human Terry Sullivan
Lt. Sarah 'Fox' Cordere CAG Human Jacob Seime
CaptainSidney Parker CO5ft 8160lbsSidney Parker
CommanderM'PrisXOCaitian5'10"130 lbsHarley Cartee
LieutenantEzra Drake DiplomatHuman5' 6"130 lbsChris Taylor
EnsignAlbiaEngineerBolian5'04"117 lbsZelda Spellman
Lt. Cmdr.Balfor KolarChief Science OfficerBajoran6ft199lbsLuke Hung
LieutenantDavid EastonChief EngineerHuman/Betazoid6'01"155 lbsN Evans
CivilianEzra Nathaniel DrakeDiplomatHuman5'06"130 lbsChris Taylor
Lieut (j.g.)G.E. WattsEngineer, Team LeaderHuman5'10"150 lbsRichard Shindle
EnsignHowie JohnsonEngineerHumanJames Farley
LieutenantMaritza "Toro" TurcioChief Tactical OfficerHuman5'4"120lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantMiranda LaweranceHelm Human5'3125lbsTyra Schroll
Lieut (j.g.)Oliver KinghanChief Medical OfficerHuman1.81m86kgJim Watkin
Lieut (j.g.)Richard O'SheaPilotHuman5'11"180 lbsTerry Sullivan
LieutenantSarah 'Fox' CordereCAGHumanJacob Seime
LieutenantTrevor MichaelsCounselorHuman/Betazoid5'9155 lbsRay Branch
LieutenantStargazer Chief of SecurityPremasha6'0"160Scarlet Olivia