Carrier Air Wing 14
  USS Brian A. Olinski  

The Olinski is a Brian Olinski Class Heavy Dreadnought. If you are interested in joining the Olinski, please contact the CO or the XO regarding ship's vacancies.

CO: Sidney Parker

The USS Olinski is the best ship in STF so come join us for some fun as a crew member. We are currently in the beginning of a new Sim which promises to be a lot of fun and action packed.

XO: Jason Harn

"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man, and let history decide for itself." Zephram Cochrane.

GM: Kenson Koh

SIM Update: Title - MX2000

Tired and exhausted from weeks of strenuous activity, the crew of the USS Brian A. Olinski were just looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation – unfortunately, fate had other ideas.

Contacted by the Intergalactic Integration and Colonisation Division and ordered to pick up Admiral Jacob White and escort him to Horus, a former Federation Experimental Colony that is facing an imminent famine crisis, little did the Olinski’s crew that this one call was going to change everything.

As the crew set off for Starbase 13, they were surprised by an unknown vessel de-cloaking off their aft side. While the ship did not act in a hostile manner, its sudden appearance coupled with its unknown origins is extremely concerning – with the success of their mission and the fate of Horus hanging in the balance the Olinski’s crew must quickly decide how to react, before its too late.

Sim Status and Notes for Crew:

Prologue post -

Chapter 1 post -

  Ship Information  

Leaves of Absence / AWOLs


Please post on this ship if you are going on LOA. Also, contact the CO or XO via the contact links above.

AWOL Policy

CO, XO, GM: 3 Days
Department Heads: 5 Days
Junior Officers: 7 Days

Important Notes

Alert Status

The Counsellor's Corner

The ships CNS does not always get all the press but its an important role. Im here to help out your overstressed character and even help out someone with OOC issues related to the ship. Don't forget your required to pay me a visit if your new to the ship.

Away Team Members

None so far but its sure to change eventually.>

  Department Orders  


Have all flight crews and craft ready for immediate deployment as we approach Horus.

Security: See Tac

Its time to get Security trained up and protect the ship against possible intruders.

Tactical:Maritza "Toro" Turcio

Get your TAC team ready to protect the ship while the Admiral's aboard.

Helm: Miranda Lawerance

Fly her to pieces if thats what it takes to avoid being captured by the Borg.

Counselor: Trevor Michaels

Be ready to assist in the negotiations on Horus.

Medical: Gillian Hesdul

Be on call in case of emergencies.

Science: Balfor Kolar

Find a way to track the mysterious ship if it returns.

Engineering: Howie Johnson

Engineering needs some attention. Its time to really check out the engines and repair the battle damage from the last mission. Engineering really needs a CE up to the task.

  Carrier Air Wing  

Commander of the Air Group


Red Squadron (VFA-56)

Collar Name Callsign
Farren Adama Gypsy

Green Squadron (VFA-47)

Collar Name Callsign
  Crew Roster  
Collar Rank Name Position Species Player
Cpt. Sidney Parker CO Human Sidney Parker
Lt.Cmd . Jason Harn XO Human R. Smith
Cmdr tba CAG Human
Lt. Cmd Balfor Kolar CSO Bajoran Luke Hung
LT Maritza "Toro" Turcio TAC/COS Human Tyra Schroll
Lt. Trevor Michaels CNS Human Ray Branch
Lt. j.g. Gillian Hesdul aCMO Antosian Triston Gunn
LT j.g. Howie "HoJo" Johnson aCE Human James Farley
Lt. Miranda Lawerance Helm Human Tyra Schroll
Ens Edison Dowe Science Human Glenn S
Ensign Gr Sqd Ldr
Lt. j.g Farren "Gypsy" Adama Rd Sqd Ldr Samantha Haynes
Com Kenson Koh GM Kenson Koh
CaptainSidney Parker CO5ft 8160lbsSidney Parker
Lt. Cmdr.Jason HarnXOHuman6'3"235R Smith
Lt. Cmdr.Balfor KolarChief Science OfficerBajoran6ft199lbsLuke Hung
EnsignEdison Dowe ScientistHuman5'10'190 lbGlenn S
Lieut (j.g.)Farren "Gypsy" AdamaRed Squadron COBajoran168cm (5' 6")65kg (140lb)Sam Haynes
Lieut (j.g.)Howie JohnsonChief EngineerHumanJames Farley
CommodoreKenson KohGamemasterKenson Koh
LieutenantMaritza "Toro" TurcioChief Tactical Officer, COS/TACHuman5'4"120lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantMiranda LaweranceHelm Human5'3125lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantTrevor MichaelsCounselorHuman5'11170 lbsRay Branch (LOA:5/19/16)
Lieut (j.g.)Gillian HesdulChief Medical OfficerAntosian5'03"97kgTriston Gunn