USS Saracen

Pendragon Class Battlecruiser
Commissioned December 2008
Proudly serving The Meridian Fleet since April 2013

"Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment." - Zephram Cochrane
CO's Ready Room
Greetings fellow officers and crew. I want to take this time to thank you all for your hard work. We are in need of JO's so if you know of anyone looking for a JO position please feel free to point them our way. Remember my inbox is always open.
2O's Office
Welcome Levon Johnson to the Saracen!! He'll be training IC as a Second Officer!!
XO's Hot Tub
Please remember the Posting Speed: 3 Days: (CO,XO,GM) 5 Days: Department Heads 7 Days: Junior Officers IRC: Turtle or CaptRayBranch

GMT: Brady McGuinn
Hey Guys! Looking forward to traveling with you these next few months. Please feel free to be creative and think outside of the box on this one as I hope to provide you a story that's a little different than usual.
SIM Information
Sim Title: Ghost in the Machine
Sim Notes:More Info Coming Soon!
Alert Status

CO: Tas'Yel
Rendezvous with the disabled (?) Kolite cargo ship Husnock and bring back little Dozaria ASAP!
2O: Levon Johnson
Keep Calm and follow the XO's lead. This is not a test.
XO: Bryson Erin
Do what it is you do Number One!

Operations/2O: Levon Johnson
Maintain Helm
CoS: Am'Tra
Check up on that alert you got at your station

CTO: Remy Boudreaux
Keep alert!
CE: Jarred Alindor
Investigate the systems anomaly

CSO: Navi Bedems
You'll be called upon soon :)
CMO: Ivan Karosovich
Might be worth investigating this replicator goo. Enlist Science department help if needed.

CNS: Toras Levitt
Recommend you talk to Dozaria. She is sure to be traumatized.
Away Team
Location: N/A
Members: N/A
Orders: N/A

USS Saracen NCC-86285
Systems Display
Power Systems Main Power Auxiliary Power Backup Power Emergency Power
Warp Drive Current Speed: N/A Maximum Speed: 9.7 (12 hrs) Manuvering Thrusters
Impulse Engines Current Speed: All Stop Maximum Speed: Full
Shields: UP/50% Phasers: Standby
Torpedoes: Standby Photon: 500 / Quantum: 100
Sensor Systems Standard Tactical Astrometric Probes: 100
Support Systems Life Support Holo-Support Transporters Tractor Beam
Shuttle One Status: Docked Shuttle Two Status: Docked
Shuttle Three Status: Docked Shuttle Four Status: Docked
Shuttle Five Status: Docked Shuttle Six Status: Docked
Shuttle Seven Status: Docked Shuttle Eight Status: Docked
Shuttle Nine Status: Docked Shuttle Ten Status: Docked

Damage and Repair Display
*Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*

Casualty and Injury Display
*Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient*

No System/Patient No Damage/Injury Minor Damage/Injury Moderate Damage/Injury Severe Damage/Injury Offline/Surgery Destroyed/Deceased

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Last Edited By: Aaron Calhoun
Last Updated On: 7-20-14
CaptainTas’yelCOVulcanRobert Spicer
Lt. Cmdr.Bryson ErinXOHuman(Betazoid?)5' 11"160 lbsRay Branch
Lieut (j.g.)Levon JohnsonChief of Operations/2nd OfficerHuman190 cm78 kgLevon Johnson
LieutenantAm'tra Chief of SecurityHuman, with Thalaxian infusion7' 6"345 lbsElizabeth Rahuba
LieutenantJarred Alindor LOA til 10/20Chief EngineerHuman6'3"190 lbsSteven Sigle
LieutenantIvan Petrenkov KarosovichChief Medical OfficerEl Aurian Russian5'9"175 lbsTom Hillman
LieutenantSarah Martin DoctorHuman5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
Lieut (j.g.)Remy Boudreaux Chief Tactical OfficerHuman6' 3"200 lbs.Terry Sullivan
EnsignToras Levitt CounselorEl-Aurian5ft 8"130Robert Jones
EnsignNavi Bedems Chief Science OfficerTrill (unjoined)5"120Anna L
EnsignJim CullenSecurity OfficerHumanjim Cullen
EnsignRobert Piert IIISecurity OfficerHuman5'11"170 LbsRobert Piert III
Doc Gamemaster, GMTBrady McGuinn
Road Runner GMMKevin Sawyer