USS Saracen

Pendragon Class Battlecruiser
Commissioned December 2008
Proudly serving The Meridian Fleet since April 2013

"Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment." - Zephram Cochrane
CO's Ready Room
Greetings fellow officers and crew. I want to take this time to thank you all for your hard work. We are in need of JO's so if you know of anyone looking for a JO position please feel free to point them our way. Remember my inbox is always open.
2O's Office
Welcome Levon Johnson to the Saracen!! He'll be training IC as a Second Officer!!
XO's Hot Tub
Please remember the Posting Speed: 3 Days: (CO,XO,GM) 5 Days: Department Heads 7 Days: Junior Officers IRC: Turtle or CaptRayBranch

GMT: Brady McGuinn
Hey Guys! Looking forward to traveling with you these next few months. Please feel free to be creative and think outside of the box on this one as I hope to provide you a story that's a little different than usual.
SIM Information
Sim Title: Ghost in the Machine
Sim Notes:More Info Coming Soon!
Alert Status

CO: Tas'Yel
Rendezvous with the disabled (?) Kolite cargo ship Husnock and bring back little Dozaria ASAP!
2O: Levon Johnson
Keep Calm and follow the XO's lead. This is not a test.
XO: Bryson Erin
Do what it is you do Number One!

Operations/2O: Levon Johnson
Maintain Helm
CoS: Am'Tra
Check up on that alert you got at your station

CTO: Remy Boudreaux
Keep alert!
CE: Jarred Alindor
Investigate the systems anomaly

CSO: Navi Bedems
You'll be called upon soon :)
CMO: Ivan Karosovich
Might be worth investigating this replicator goo. Enlist Science department help if needed.

CNS: Toras Levitt
Recommend you talk to Dozaria. She is sure to be traumatized.
Away Team
Location: N/A
Members: N/A
Orders: N/A

USS Saracen NCC-86285
Systems Display
Power Systems Main Power Auxiliary Power Backup Power Emergency Power
Warp Drive Current Speed: N/A Maximum Speed: 9.7 (12 hrs) Manuvering Thrusters
Impulse Engines Current Speed: All Stop Maximum Speed: Full
Shields: UP/50% Phasers: Standby
Torpedoes: Standby Photon: 500 / Quantum: 100
Sensor Systems Standard Tactical Astrometric Probes: 100
Support Systems Life Support Holo-Support Transporters Tractor Beam
Shuttle One Status: Docked Shuttle Two Status: Docked
Shuttle Three Status: Docked Shuttle Four Status: Docked
Shuttle Five Status: Docked Shuttle Six Status: Docked
Shuttle Seven Status: Docked Shuttle Eight Status: Docked
Shuttle Nine Status: Docked Shuttle Ten Status: Docked

Damage and Repair Display
*Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System* *Damaged System*

Casualty and Injury Display
*Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient* *Sickbay Patient*

No System/Patient No Damage/Injury Minor Damage/Injury Moderate Damage/Injury Severe Damage/Injury Offline/Surgery Destroyed/Deceased

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Last Edited By: Aaron Calhoun
Last Updated On: 7-20-14
CaptainTas’yelCOVulcanRobert Spicer
Lt. Cmdr.Bryson ErinXOHuman(Betazoid?)5' 11"160 lbsRay Branch
Lieut (j.g.)Levon JohnsonChief of Operations/2nd OfficerHuman190 cm78 kgLevon Johnson
LieutenantAm'tra Chief of SecurityHuman, with Thalaxian infusion7' 6"345 lbsElizabeth Rahuba
LieutenantJarred Alindor LOA til 10/20Chief EngineerHuman6'3"190 lbsSteven Sigle
LieutenantIvan Petrenkov KarosovichChief Medical OfficerEl Aurian Russian5'9"175 lbsTom Hillman
LieutenantSarah Martin DoctorHuman5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll LOA until 1...
Lieut (j.g.)Remy Boudreaux Chief Tactical OfficerHuman6' 3"200 lbs.Terry Sullivan
EnsignToras Levitt CounselorEl-Aurian5ft 8"130Robert Jones
EnsignNavi Bedems Chief Science OfficerTrill (unjoined)5"120Anna L
EnsignRobert Piert IIISecurity OfficerHuman5'11"170 LbsRobert Piert III
Doc Gamemaster, GMTBrady McGuinn
Road Runner GMMKevin Sawyer