USS Saracen

Pendragon Class Battlecruiser
Commissioned December 2008
Proudly serving The Meridian Fleet since April 2013

"Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment." - Zephram Cochrane
CO's Ready Room
Greetings fellow officers and crew. I want to take this time to thank you all for your hard work. We are in need of JO's so if you know of anyone looking for a JO position please feel free to point them our way. Got some changes possibly coming to the Saracen in the near future which will be exciting. Remember my inbox is always open.
2O's Office
Second Officers's words here.
XO's Hot Tub
Please remember the Posting Speed: 3 Days: (CO,XO,GM) 5 Days: Department Heads 7 Days: Junior Officers IRC: BoxerTurtle

GM: Tyra Schroll
Monkey See Monkey Do- What happens when things are not as they appear and one must rely on one's own resourcefulness. A test of will or mind games from an unseen observer. How will the crew react to the various situations they suddenly find themselves in. Will it be too much for some of them?
SIM Information
Sim Title: Monkey See Monkey Do
Sim Notes: Sim Start Date 8/20/13
Alert Status

CO: Andrew Jackson
Tyra, feel free to put the mission orders from Star-Fleet Command here.
Order's to 2O go here.
XO: Bryson Erin
Do what it is you do Number One!

CoS: Am'Tra
Guard our prisoners and help secure our visitors in the Cargo Bays
CTO: Remy Boudreaux
Keep our weapons and shields at the ready in case the Talosian's have anything else up their sleeves

CE: Jarred Alindor
I'll get back to you with orders...
CSO: Rana Ketchum
I'll get back to you with orders too...

CMO: Ivan Karosovich
Tend to those in need of medical attention
CNS: Ayla Sharise
Do what it is you do Counselor!

Away Team Alpha
Location: N/A
Members: N/A
Orders: N/A
Away Team Bravo
Location: N/A
Members: N/A
Orders: N/A

MOTD Created By Aaron "Marmot" Calhoun
Last Edited By: Aaron Calhoun
Last Updated On: 04-06-14
CaptainAndrew Jackson (LOA)COBetazoid/Human5' 10"185 lbsAaron Calhoun
Lt. Cmdr.Bryson ErinXOHuman5' 11"160 lbsRay Branch
LieutenantCorinne DaltonShip's Avatar Responsive Autonomous HologramSentient Human Hologram5'8Lindsay Bayes
LieutenantAm'tra Chief of SecurityHuman, with Thalaxian infusion7' 6"345 lbsElizabeth Rahuba (Partial...
LieutenantJarred Alindor Chief EngineerHuman6'3"190 lbsSteven Sigle LOA
Lieut (j.g.)Tax MalvChief Science OfficerEdosian7'160 lbs.Erin Green
LieutenantIvan Petrenkov KarosovichChief Medical OfficerEl Aurian Russian5'9"175 lbsTom Hillman
Lieut (j.g.)Marcus TylerSecurity OfficerHuman6'0"187 LbsPreston Bowers
LieutenantSarah Martin DoctorHuman5'3"120 lbsTyra Schroll
LieutenantAyla ShariseCounselorNapean5'10140 lbsLindsay Bayes
Lieut (j.g.)Remy Boudreaux Chief Tactical OfficerHuman6' 3"200 lbs.Terry Sullivan
Lieut (j.g.)RiskHelmsman1/2 Andorian, 1/2 Vulcan165cm61kgCassia Jackson
GamemasterMouse of NevermoreGamemasterNever trust the trail of cheese!Tyra Schroll