Commanding Officer's Notes

Captain Johann Dvorak

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Executive Officer's Notes


Available as Fallen or Fallenreaper within the IRC.

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Sim Update

Captain T.Morgan

Sim Name: The United Federation of Somewhere Else

Start of sim:

After a series of failed attempts to use probes to take samples from the uncharted Oleiri Comet, a rare comet situated in the Gemini Nebula that features large concentrations of periodic element #99 - Einsteinium, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Europa to enter the Gemini Nebula and physically take samples from the Oleiri Comet.

As the USS Europa made its way to the Gemini Nebula, Starfleet Command sent each department a communication message to aide them with their mission, as outlined below:

• Medical Message - located at:
• Science Message - located at:
• Engineering Message - located at:

Shortly after the messages arrived, the night NE Watch Officer ordered the USS Europa’s helmsman to increase to decrease the arrival time to the Gemini Nebula. However, as the helmsman did so the ship suddenly dropped out of warp and started spinning out of control in an unpredictable manner.

After the helmsman got the ship under control and managed to shut down the engines, which resulted in severe damage to an aft-nacelle rendering it inoperable, the ship stopped abruptly inside a ominous field of ship debris that showed a heavily damaged ship in front of the USS Europa and the Oleiri Comet passing by in the distance.

After assessing the situation, Captain Dvorak ordered two Away Teams to be prepared; one to examine the heavily damaged ship and the other to use a drill to take Einsteinium samples from the Oleiri Comet.

The first Away Team arrived on the heavily damaged ship without incident and quickly discovered blood and other organic materials smeared over the walls as if a massive fight had taken place. As the team explored further they identified that the ship was the AES Antares belonging to the Elordens before being attacked by an unknown alien race, which had humanoid features except for having three nostrils and bony heads. After a short firefight, the Away Team were taken captive and were placed in a small room somewhere on the Antares along with another prison, an Elorden, called Eacliq of House Gallohal - who had blue skin and looked like the unknown alien species that had attacked the Away Team but who claimed to have been tortured by his captors. The Away Team must now try to find out what has happened, who their captors are and try to escape back to the Europa before they are tortured and or killed.

The second Away Team, rushing against time as they had only seven hours to before sunup, left the Europa without incident but then shortly thereafter crash-landed on the Oleiri Comet. The Away Team, despite suffering some minor injuries, now must try to complete their mission and escape the Oleiri Comet before the comet rotates into the sun and thus causes temperatures on the surface to rise to in excess of over 1,000 °C.

Meanwhile, aboard the USS Europa, Captain Dvorak received a strange transmission from Starfleet Intelligence enquiring about why the team were looking up the Elordens. The transmission seemed cryptic but suddenly cut out and the Europa was attacked by a large, unknown, black vessel – that also jammed its communications. After a short, one sided, battle, the Europa sustained heavy damage – causing multiple casualties and wounded crewmembers on Decks 10 and 11 – and damage to the Shield Generators. While the Europa managed to maneuver away from the unknown vessel, it then tried to repair itself and treat the wounded before the vessel reacquired it and the assault began again, despite the Chief Engineer finding possible evidence that the Europa was sabotaged from within.

A short time later, the second Away Team returned from the comet’s surface after retrieving a staff covered in tribal markings that occasionally pulsated light. Examination of the staff revealed the light pulsated in a binary pattern that, when analysed, translated to: ‘Relgian Offline. Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge Offline.’ Examination of wormholes in the area then revealed: Starfleet Stellar Imaging Division have spotted unusual spacial anomalies detected on and near the Oleiri Comet as it passes through the Gemini Nebula and believe this might be the presence of a wormhole. Attempts to discover more via probes have failed.

The first Away Team barely escaped from the Antares, as the ships self-destruct mechanism was trigged. As the team escaped, Eacliq (their Elorden friend) was killed but not before he gave the XO a data disc.

Aboard the Europa, the CE has found a similar disc in the Shield Generator Room and the Bridge has been contacted by the Captain of the Black Ship, Kinlaw of the Elorden Special Services, who spoke in a cryptic tone and asked for the Relgian Staff and Eacliq to be handed over before he calls upon the Relgian to take it by force.

Current Orders
Department Heads and their Orders
Medical Engineering Science

Zeke Drake

"Matty" Sullivan

Steven Leon Marsh

Stand by to mitigate radiation exposure, if needed.

Please repair our broken warp nacelle.

Conduct the comet mining operation.

Security Counseling Away Team

Jerricho Range



Defend the Away Team on the Alien Ship

Please apply if interested, directly to the CO.

Team 1: Avik, Range, Kuno, Emerson, Zorell, and Prex

Team 2: Marsh, Doohan, Abrams

Other Information
AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 2 days
Department Heads (COS, CSO, CMO, CNS, CE) - 3 days
Junior Officers - 4 days


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character.

Non Rostered Characters

Ensign Kayla Lazarus, Doctor -- Mike Montemayor

Ship Class

The USS Europa, NCC-87125 is a Discovery-Class Medium Observer

CaptainJohann DvorakCOHuman5'8174Joe P
Lt. Cmdr.AvikXOVulcan5'6154Janice B
LieutenantSteven Leon MarshChief Science OfficerHuman6'1182Luke Hung
Lieut (j.g.)Vora ZorellScientistTenraith6'0148 lbsLindsay Bayes
LieutenantZeke Drake Chief Medical OfficerHuman5'10"160 lbsMike Montemayor
EnsignTomas KunoDoctorHalf Deltan/Human 5' 9" (1.75m)180lbs (82kg)David Shotton (pLOA to 27...
EnsignKatrina SaundersDoctorHuman5'3"127 lbsJessica B
Lt. Cmdr.Jerricho RangeChief of SecurityBetazoid6'5"225 lbsJeremy DeSpain
EnsignVoler PrexSecurity OfficerTrill5'11160Miriam W [LOA till June 27]
EnsignCassidy AbramsSecurity OfficerHuman5'10146 lbsLindsay Bayes
Lt. Cmdr.Madison "Matty" SullivanChief EngineerBajoran5'3"125#Tyra Schroll
EnsignAthriel MikolaEngineerHuman5'2"136 lbsEmma Burruss
GamemasterAresGMTT. Morgan
GamemasterWookieGMMGene Gibbs