Fleet Captain Julia K.

Commanding Officer

I'm honoured to serve as CO on this ship, after serving as XO for many years previously. This has always been a high quality posting ship and writers who enjoy in-depth long-term character development have found their home here (or should find it here). Even without Jen, the Genesis remains the Genesis!

Captain Luke Hung

Executive Officer

Congrats to Luke!


GameMasters Notes and Sim Info

Sim Status: Sim is about to start with a new GMT & GMM coming on board :-)


Department Heads (DH) & Bridge Officers (BO) - Click here for details / more info
Medical DH Engineering DH Science DH & BO

Dr. Sovak (acting)

Sherman Black (acting)

David Michaels

Take care of the babies & mothers

Pimp up my Yacht

Explore the unnamed nebula

Security (DH) Counseling & 2nd Officer (BO) Tactical (BO)


Riley Dekker

Alek F. I. Kant

Organize the Bridge efficiency drill

Learn the ropes of command

The tactical station on the bridge is yours!

Operations (BO) Helm (BO) Away Team




The Ops station on the bridge is yours.

Take the Helm & take care of the CO's Yacht


Other Information

19. February 2015 (last MOTD Update)


Genesis Website* (*currently undergoing a full update) ·  Crew Bios*  ·  IC/OOC Awards  ·  DH's & Bridge Officers (BO's)  ·  Player's Handbook

Ship Specs

USS Genesis, Victoria Class, NCC 85101-A  |  Captain's Yacht, Deck 1


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character. Not sure of your status? Check the Master Roster.

AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 3 days  |  DH's and Bridge Officers (COS, CSO, CMO, CE, CNS, Tactical, Ops, Helm) - 5 days
Junior Officers - 7 days


GM, COS  ·  JO's in Engineering, Medical  ·  swing

Applying for a position

Email the CO if you are interested in joining!  |  Please enclose your character's full profile (see Genesis Website for examples).  |  We only take on newer players on Ensign lvl and more experienced players at Lt.jg. lvl. Promotions are done IC.

CaptainJulien KingCOHuman6'2"287 lbsJulia K.
Lt. Cmdr.Calvin MariusXOHuman6'2'212Luke Hung
LieutenantRiley DekkerCNS/2OHuman/Betazoid5' 10"170Charles Gilmore
Lieut (j.g.)David Michaels Chief Science OfficerHuman6'1"160James Harrison
Lieut (j.g.)Sherman BlackaCEHuman5'8150David Hinkel
Lieut (j.g.)SovakaCMOVulcan6"5210lbsChris Perry
Lieut (j.g.)HadrianOperationsEl-Aurian1.778 m (5'10")89 kg (196 lbs)Adam Thornberry
Lieut (j.g.)ChanEngineer/HelmAndorian5'9120lbsNathan Derricutt
Lieut (j.g.)Alek F. I. KantTactical AssistantHuman5โ€™10โ€™โ€™160lbsFred Martin
Lieut (j.g.)Ky'LariaScientistKuras2.01 m (6'7")101 kg (222 lb)Anthony Martin
CivilianLa'kia Sata KosiiteScientistZaharan5'7"118 lbsLindsay Bayes
EnsignBen ParkSecurity OfficerHuman 5'11195 lbs.AJ Paulson
EnsignZelda SpellmanSecurity OfficerHuman (Albino)5' 3"115lbsZelda Spellman
Lieut (j.g.)Tom JarvisInternal SecurityHuman5'7"162lbsJud Bennett