The USS Genesis, commissioned on May 5th 1998, is first and foremost a ship with a very long tradition in high quality writing and roleplaying, upheld for 11 years since 2005 by former Star-Fleet President Jen Herr. Her former 6 year long XO, Julia took over command in 2015. This is the only ship in STF with it's own extensive website with a full history, continuous sim archive of past missions, extended crew biographies and much more. Because for us it is about the magic of an interactive story well written that grips your heart an imagination, rather than rank or titles. If you want your character gain a life of his own and see your imagination become a kind of reality, join the Genesis.

Commodore Julia Hager

Commanding Officer

I'm honoured to serve as CO on this ship, after serving as XO for many years previously. This has always been a high quality posting ship and writers who enjoy in-depth long-term character development have found their home here (or should find it here). Even without Jen, the Genesis remains the Genesis!

Captain Luke Hung

Executive Officer

I've been on this ship for nine years and I've always been impressed by what every player contributes to the tapestry that is this ship. The whole has always been greater than the sum. I'm happy to be this ship's XO.

Kenson Koh

GameMasters Notes and Sim Info

  Current SIM Status: New SIM has started 24 June 2017 | Name: "A Cait Beginning"
  Current SIM update can be found in the CO's log. ~ For a full SIM Archive & History since 2003 click here

  Department Heads & Bridge Officers: Please see roster below. ~ Science Sub-Departments:

Science DH: Lt. Michaels Robotics & Cybernetics: Lt.jg. Chan Computer Sciences: Open

Head of all Science Sub-Departments

shared sub-dept. Science & Eng.

shared sub-dept. Science & Eng.

Xeno-Botany: open Xeno-Biology: open Arboretum Groundskeeper

Hydroponics, Botany, Agronomy, Agrobiology

Biology, Zoology, Animal Anatomy & Physiology


Cosmology: vacant Planetary Sciences: open Chemistry & Physics: open

Astrophysics, Astronomy, Stellar Cartography, Astrometrics

Geology, Hydrology, Volcanology, Meteorology

Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Temporal Sciences

Other Information

19th of May 18 (last MOTD Update)

Secondary Characters:

Ens. Niniane Fahr, Scientist (bio) by Julia | Shalahn, Nurse (bio) by: Julia  | Adrien Fleet - Arboretum Groundskeeper (bio) by: Miriam

Ship Specs

USS Genesis NCC 85101-B Manhattan Class Large Science Explorer Vessel | Auxiliary Spacecrafts on board | The Normandy  | Visual of Bridge Layout |


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character. Not sure of your status? Check the Master Roster.

AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 3 days  |  DH's and Bridge Officers (COS, CSO, CMO, CE, CNS, Tactical, Ops, Helm) - 5 days
Junior Officers - 7 days


BO Ops, JO's in Science to fill Sub-DH spots, Security  ·  SWINGS: Captain's Aide

Applying for a position

Email the CO if you are interested in joining!  |  Please enclose your character's full profile (see Genesis Website for examples).  |  We only take on newer players on Ensign lvl and more experienced players at Lt.jg. lvl. Promotions are done IC.

CaptainJulien KingCOHuman6'2"287 lbsJulia Hager
Lt. Cmdr.Calvin MariusXOHuman6'2'212Luke Hung
LieutenantRiley DekkerCNS/2OHuman/Betazoid5' 10"170Charles Gilmore
LieutenantDavid Michaels Chief Science OfficerHuman6'1"160James Harrison
LieutenantSage Brennan Chief Medical OfficerHuman5'7"135D Grisham
LieutenantDagen ThorChief EngineerTrill (joined)5โ€™10โ€180 lbsGene Gibbs
LieutenantThomas McGregorChief of SecurityHuman6'5"100kgBrandon Irvine
LieutenantChanSub-DH RoboticsAndorian5'9120lbsNathan Derricutt
Lieut (j.g.)MarishkaChief Intelligence OfficerKlingon/Orion1,78 mCatt Bennett
EnsignBen Park Security Officer, BO TacticalHuman5'11200 lbsAJ Paulson
EnsignJesrix AevinEngineer, BO HelmTrill (joined)5โ€™9"Sam Pennington
EnsignValleeaDoctorKriosian5' 7"139 lbsLindsay Bayes
EnsignTigress (LOA)ScientistCaitian5 feet 5115Christina Crafford
LieutenantTom JarvisInternal SecurityHuman5'7"162lbsJud Bennett
GamemasterKensonGamemasterKenson Koh