Rear Admiral Jen Herr

Commanding Officer

I'm proud of the work you all are doing both in the main sim and in the side sim. Keep up the excellent writing!

Fleet Captain Julia K.

Executive Officer

I'm honoured to serve as XO on this ship, where the world is still ok and ST canon is still upheld. This has always been a high quality posting ship and everybody who enjoys in-depth long-term character development has found a home here (or should find it here). I'm enjoying writing with you so much, it is legen.... wait for it.... dary!

Commodore Robert Archer

GameMasters Notes and Sim Info

Sim Name: Building Bridges

Place In Sim: We Didnt Start Yet!!

Sim Notes: Alliances take time to be built, but when an old enemy shows up afraid of the progress of peace things get dicey....

Current Orders
Medical Engineering Science

Kai Sharif

Sherman Black

David Michaels

Medical Orders

Engineering Orders

Science orders

Security Counseling Away Team

Calvin Marius



Security Orders

Counseling orders


Other Information
AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 3 days
Department Heads (COS, CSO, CMO, CNS, CE) - 5 days
Junior Officers - 7 days


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character.

Ship Class

USS Genesis, Victoria Class, NCC 85101-A


JO Engineering, Medical, Security
Email the CO if you are interested in joining!

Fleet CaptainPatricia LewisCOHuman5'8"140 lbsJen Herr
Lt. Cmdr.Julien KingXOHuman6'2"287 lbsJulia K.
LieutenantCalvin MariusChief of SecurityHuman6'2'212Luke Hung
LieutenantKai Sharif (LOA-21.4.)Chief Medical OfficerHuman5'8136Tyra Schroll LOA until 4...
Lieut (j.g.)David MichaelsChief Science OfficerHuman6'1"160James Harrison - LOA
Lieut (j.g.)Riley DekkerCounselorHuman/Betazoid5' 10"170Charles Gilmore
EnsignSherman BlackaCEHuman5'8150David Hinkel
EnsignChanEngineerAndorian5'9120lbsNathan Derricutt
EnsignFrancis MortimerDoctorHuman5'-10"143Travis Good
EnsignKy'LariaScientistKuras6'7"222 lbs.Anthony Martin
CivilianLa'kia Sata KosiiteScientistZaharan5'7"118 lbsLindsay Bayes
GamemasterMogwaiGMTHarry Shires
GamemasterQ'ueenyGMMof theQContinuumJulia K.