Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain

Daniel Lerner

We are (in) the Vanguard of Starfleet!

I am the Vanguard's Commanding Officer, and I play the ship's acting CO, Commander Thomas Lorien. We're in the middle of a great sim at the moment. I'm encouraging everyone to use multiple threads to solve the different problems our GM has presented us, rather than everyone tying to interact in one single thread.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some help or advice. You can contact me on my contact page, or you can find me on the IRC channel (under the nickname "Singularity42").

The ship is currently at red alert!
Last MOTD Update: January 15, 2015

First Officer
Lieutenant Commander

Cassia Jackson

Yup, y'all get to put up with me as your new first officer! I'm really looking forwards to getting involved in what looks like a fantastic sim on a wonderful ship. This is going to be awesome.
If you ever want to chat, you can use my contact page or quite often find me in IRC.
Captain James Harrison

Current Sim: The Music of the Night
Start Date: October 5, 2014

Coming Soon...

Department Orders  

Miles Hooper

What is the energy cloud surrounding the ship? Is it causing the music some of the crew are hearing, and the visions of people?  

Zoi Haven

The ship may be under attack, and crew members are starting to pass out from the effects of the music. Assist where you can.  

Arlan Reed

The is being swallowed up by an energy cloud, and the crew is becoming incapacitated! Find out how to defend the Vanguard.  


Find out what is causing the crew's visions.  

Avery Grant

The crew is starting to become incapacitated by the music in their heads. Keep the crew conscious, and find out how to counter the effects.  

Mikel Petrov

The warp field has collapsed and the Vanguard cannot flee. Get the engines back online.  
  Ship Notes

Concord Class
Runabouts: USS Sentinel, USS Guardian
Ensign J. Carter "Jimmy" Mills, Engineering (Richard Shindle)
JO 7 Days, DH 5 Days, COM 3 Days

If you are interested in joining the Vanguard, please send the CO a mail.
CommanderThomas LorienaCOHuman5'10180 lbsDaniel Lerner
Lt. Cmdr.Rose AshworthXOHuman163cm57kgCassia Jackson
Lt. Cmdr.T'Pris CounselorVulcan5'8"145 lbsKrys McLean
LieutenantAvery GrantChief Medical OfficerHuman5'11"170 lbsCharles Gilmore
LieutenantMiles HooperChief Science OfficerBrady McGuinn
LieutenantZoi Haven (LOA)Chief of SecurityEl Aurian5'7"120 lbsAmber DeSadier
Lieut (j.g.)Mikel Petrov Chief EngineerHuman5'11"165 lbsSidney Parker
Lieut (j.g.)Mary BieseckerScientistHuman/Betazoid6'1"120 lbsRichard Shindle
EnsignAmelia NolanEngineerHuman5'6''130 lbsJoana Ribeiro (LOA until ...
EnsignJason ForresterEngineerHuman5.11 140 lbs N Evans
EnsignLilySecurity OfficerUnknown humanoid5 feet 5 inches115Christina Crafford
EnsignTaw YeldarbSecurity OfficerBajoran5'8"139lbRussell Watt
EnsignArlan ReedTactical OfficerEl Aurian/Thalaxian6'6"275 lbsElizabeth Rahuba
GamemasterSemajGamemasterEno YzarcWouldn't youLike To KnowJames Harrison