Fleet Captain

D. Grisham

We are (in) the Vanguard of Starfleet!

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a full roster again and are embarking on a wonderful mystery mission. Its what the original Enterprise was about, 'To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before'. I have no idea what Lindsay has in store for us, but I'm sure it will be good!!! Please keep to the posting/AWOL rules. Let's try and keep the Van in the green this month!! 
Last MOTD Update: 15.02.2013

Another month is behind us and, again, I'd like to take the opportunity to express my pride and appreciation to all of you for continuing to keep the Vanguard a healthy and fun ship to be on. Each one of you has made my job both in-character and out-of-character, a pleasure. So kudos to all of you, if for no other reason than that. Most of you know, with your own ships to administrate, that a ship is only as good as her crew, and I am of the opinion that we have one of the best right here. That being said, I want to especially thank both Charles Gilmore and Amber DeSadier for taking the initiative with their creative and interesting side sim posts that helped greatly in keeping us entertained when Real Life struck. If I had an award to give out, they'd be getting it. Thanks guys/gals!
First Officer

Brady McGuinn

Commodore Lindsay Bayes

Current Sim: The Myth of Hahnwana
Start Date: 15 Sept 2013

The Vanguard is one of six ships being sent out on a deep-space exploration mission outside of Federation space. Currently, the USS Ticonderoga (Concord-class) is the Vanguard's closest point of contact for the first two weeks.

Current Status:

After encountering astral eddies, the CO had a dream/vision revolving around a people who seem to believe the CO will have a huge impact on their society. Driven by the CO's unexplained urges to visit a planet in a nearby system, the Vanguard has met a new species called the Sorriian's. The Yalizi from the vision/dream, are in fact a real indigenous species on the planet. Meanwhile, mysterious objects are starting to appear on the ship, taking the place of previous objects. Where did they come from? And why?

Dramatis Personæ:

  • Vice-Admiral Randi Southard
  • Mysterious Yalizi woman from CO's Vision (?)
  • Commander Sardrey Vorb - CO of the Sorrian Guard vessel Terahltz
  • Dr. Gorlin Seddrel, Anthropologist
  • Brem Nadii Korentz, Defence Officer

    To be added

    Important Links:

    Important GM and Sim Notes

    Department Orders  

    Richard Shindle

    A lot coming up for your department. We are flying into new territory that is unknown to Starfleet. No doubt there will be a lot for the science department to record.  

    Amber DeSadier

    Make sure your department is ready for whatever we might come up against.  

    Elizabeth Rahuba

    Practice your tactics with this new scenario we are about to get in to.  

    Luke Ronayne

    Find your place within us.  

    Charles Gilmore

    We are starting out with a healthy crew. See if we can't keep that up.  

    Sidney Parker

    A lot is depending on you and your staff. Keep everything running.  
      Ship Notes
    Marcus D. Smith, DTI Agent (bio)
    Concord Class
    Runabouts: USS Sentinel, USS Guardian
    Ens. J. Carter "Jimmy" Mills - Engineer (bio)
    LtCmdr. Artie Hutton -Science Observer
    JOs in all Departments!

    JO 7 Days, DH 5 Days, COM 3 Days


    If you are interested in joining the Vanguard, please send the CO a mail.
    CaptainBahdria Sin COFynarian5'7"150 lbsD Grisham
    CommanderAaron Burke XOHuman6'1"205 lbsBrady McGuinn
    LieutenantAvery GrantCMOHuman5'11"170 lbsCharles Gilmore
    LieutenantZoi HavenCOSEl Aurian5'7"120 lbsAmber DeSadier LOA til 4/21
    Lieut (j.g.)Mary Biesecker CSOHuman/Betazoid6'1"120 lbsRichard Shindle
    Lieut (j.g.)Mikel Petrov LOA till 4-17-14CEHuman5'11"165 lbsSidney Parker
    EnsignAmelia NolanEngHuman5'6''130 lbsJoana Ribeiro
    EnsignArlan ReedTOEl Aurian/Thalaxian6'6"275 lbsElizabeth Rahuba (Partial...
    EnsignTangSecKlingon6'5"180 lbsNathan Derricutt
    GamemasterMischief MakerGMVeiling TruthinMysteryLindsay Bayes