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CO SB Magellan

With Amber’s resignation, applications for CO of the Starbase Magellan are now open until June 12th.

Given that this is a Starbase posting, we are encouraging anyone who would like to apply, but have several requirements and will interview the applicant pool accordingly. We urge everyone who applies to bear in mind that Starbases are much more difficult to Command than starships. See Command post for more details:

Krys McLean
FComm Infinite Fleet

Submitted by Krystelle McLean to Fleets on May 22, 2019, 8:50 p.m.

STF Award Season

STF Awards

Alright everyone, it’s your favorite dynamic duo here, Tadpole and Border Collie. We know things have been a wee bit delayed, but your wishes are soon to be upon you. Award seasons are going to be starting soon, with the nominations form to be found bellow.

Once we have all the nominations in, we are going to be informing all nominees of RP categories to please give us excerpts we may use to show off your skills. Like last year the idea behind the excerpts are simple, we want to show your skills off and give you a chance to give us something to let people read just how amazing you are.

For excerpts, they should be no longer than 3-5 sentences, consider this a hook if you will, and then a link as will to the fully post. This is not mandatory, and if you are nominated and do not wish to do this, you do not have to and will still be on the ballot.

New Features:

Some new things to bring to light, when it comes to nominations if you are up for a same position for two separate characters, we will allow you to choose which one you want to use. We offer this in case you wish to avoid splitting your votes between yourself so that your best character you feel has a chance to win. If you do not wish to do this, you are allowed to keep both nominations in.

Speaking of nominations, as a reminder you need at the very least 2 nominations to be included, and you are allowed to nominate yourself. This isn’t so much new, but just wanted to give a heads up that this is how we weed out if there is loads of people.

Last but not least, for all RP categories please give us both the name of their character as well as the person who plays them. For sections involving best GM sim give us the name of the sim and the GM who runs it.

STF Awards Timeline:

Nominations Open - 5/10/2019 - 5/18/2019
Nomination Prep Time - 5/19 - 5/23/2019
Award Voting - 5/24/2019 - 5/30/2019
Ceremony TBD - 5/31/2019 - 6/2/2019

More details will be giving out the closer we get to each event, for now, please use the link bellow and fill give us the nominations. As a reminder, any category you wish you may also give the why for your choice if you wish to show your support for that nomination.

As always, if you have questions you may reach out to either myself or Kate O’Neill in either our contact forms or find us in discord.

Nomination Form

Awards FAQ

~ Commodore Steven “Tadpole” Sigle and Captain Kate “Border Collie” O’Neill, Award Coordinators

Submitted by Steven Sigle to Marketing & Events on May 11, 2019, 12:28 a.m.

Academy Staff Vacancies

Hey All,

I have two vacancies to report for the Academy this term.

Mentor’s Coordinator:

-Responsible for assigning new members to mentors (this includes main fleet postings as well as the Academy).
-Responsible for administering the Command Mentorship Programme.
-Assisting Academy staff in executing Policy #19 (https://www.star-fleet.com/acad/mandates/#m19).

Generally no experience is required, however, I do want someone who can demonstrate a keen interest and understanding of just how vital mentorship is in the club.

Academy Fleet Liason Officer (AFLO):

-Assisting the Commandant and Vice Commandant with monitoring AWOLs within the Academy Ships.
-Providing assistance to Academy Staff in maintaining MOTDS and Graduation Lists.
-Assisting the Mentor’s Coordinator when needed to liaise with mentors both within the Academy and in the main fleets.

No general experience is required again, but I do need someone who is interested in the Academy and can demonstrate a willingness to help out.

If you would like to apply for one or both positions, please academy@star-fleet.com with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. A brief list of your experience in the club (ships held, were you a mentor, other government positions held)
  3. Past experience with the Academy (if any)
  4. Any suggestions for the department?

These positions will be held open as long as it takes to find the right person for the role.

Academy Commandant

Submitted by Katherine Dedul to Starfleet Academy on May 10, 2019, 12:42 p.m.

Book Club: New Book started ‘Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve'!

We are starting the second book in our series. I am willing to take more then a month for reading per book to allow people with rl schedules to be able to enjoy reading too. So go ahead and read folks and feel free to add comments to our book thread here: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/ooc/notes/37950/.

Krys McLean

Submitted by Krystelle McLean to Marketing & Events on May 1, 2019, 6:32 p.m.

GMMs Needed

Licensed GMs

We are in desperate need of more GMMs. Have you ever considered being one? Do you want to give back to the department?
If so please review the requirements in Mandate #18: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/gmd/notes/29143/

Have your recommendations sent to the GMDept for filing.

For those of you who are currently GMMs and are looking for a GMT to mentor, please reach out to me. We have a couple of openings.


Submitted by Geoff Joosten to Gamemaster Department on April 29, 2019, 6:43 p.m.

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