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Latest News

Open CO Position USS Chimera

CO Position Infinite Fleet

The CO spot for the Chimera is opening up as Steve Johnson needs to step down due to real life commitments though he will be staying on until a new CO is appointed. Thank you, Steve for your commitment and hard work! You will be missed.

The Chimera is currently a Mythology Explorer and an average speed ship. She is a bit short on crew but has both an XO and GM.

I will be accepting applications until November 20th.

In your application please include:

1) 3 CO/XO/or GM references
2) Your command experience and/or command courses
3) Plans for revitalizing the Chimera

Send your applications to krysbrom at hotmail.com

Krys McLean
FComm Infinite Fleet

Submitted by Krystelle McLean to Fleets on Nov. 6, 2018, 5:46 p.m.

Do You NaNo?

It’s November and for many writers that means NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is underway!

If you’re not familiar with it, Russ has written a great primer on all the fun: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/ooc/notes/15350/

There are probably a few people in the club working on hitting their word counts, so please do post your successes and challenges In Ten Forward. It’s great place to post questions as well or get help. You can also post to our Facebook Group as well.

If you are interested in doing some group activities, email me or snag me in chat and we can talk about the possibilities. Volunteers for these events would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll keep posting writing prompts to give people something to focus on for a break or as inspiration if you’re hitting some writer’s block.

Whether you’re aiming for the full 50,000 (or more) or trying for a more modest goal, good luck to everyone participating!


Submitted by Lindsay Bayes to Marketing & Events on Nov. 2, 2018, 4:32 p.m.

Engineering Department Accepting New Submissions.

As I believe that we need to keep moving forward even while we look at possible changes to the formats in the future. I am herby announcing and notifying the club that the Engineering department will be accepting new submissions of Tech and ships of all types starting November 15th 2018.

Should any member have a grievance with this it should be posted by November 10th 2018 on the below thread.


Captain Philip Graham
Engineering Director

Submitted by Philip Graham to Engineering Department on Oct. 30, 2018, 1:08 a.m.

2018 Short Story Competition: Timeline Revised, Submissions Now Accepted!

Please note that the Short Story comp is open for business!! We’ve revised the timelines for various reasons, so please read over it carefully: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/ooc/notes/15120/

I’m accepted submissions until the end of the month and then they will be passed anonymously to our Panel.

The more the merrier, so please submit your stories! Our panel is excited to read them.


Submitted by Lindsay Bayes to Marketing & Events on Oct. 21, 2018, 2:22 p.m.

Academy CO Opening - USS Challenger

Ray Branch has unfortunately stepped down as the CO for the USS Challenger. That means we have an opening in the Academy for that position.

There is one primary requirement for the position, namely, you must have been a main fleet CO for a minimum of three months. It is also a very demanding position, Academy COs are one of the three evaluators (the other two being the XO and CNS) of cadets when they approach graduation. A high level of commitment is required.

If you meet that requirement, please send your application to acmdt@star-fleet.com with the following details:

  1. Your name and how you meet the requirements
  2. Why you want to be an Academy CO.
  3. Any other information you feel I should be aware of.

Please have your applications submitted to me no later than Monday, October 22nd. As the position is highly important in the Academy, it is important that it be filled quickly.

~Kat, Academy Commandant~

Submitted by Katherine Dedul to Starfleet Academy on Oct. 15, 2018, 8:03 p.m.

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