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USS Memorial seeks a GM

The USS Memorial is seeking a new GM. A ship of exploration means nearly anything we can plow headfirst into is sufficient to grab our interest.

We are also a slow posting ship (5/7/10) so you, as a GM, won’t be as pressured.

Please send applications to the Captain that include past GM experience, and 2 to 3 ideas of Sim types you would propose. As well as why you want to come to the Memorial.

Applications currently being accepted until Aug 20th.

Captain Kirt…

Submitted by Melissa Aragon to Fleets on Aug. 12, 2021, 10:16 p.m.

The Meridian Fleet FComm team is now accepting applications for the CO of the USS Odin

With the passing of Steven, the club has lost a key member, friend to many, and long serving Captain. Jenn and I do not have adequate words to express ourselves during this time. Steven was such a huge part of this club, and he will be greatly missed. With the utmost delicacy we open up the application process for the USS Odin.

Applicants must have passed the CO Exam or currently hold the club rank of Captain. If you have not yet taken it then you must pass before being offered the position.

3 endorsements from other members of the club. These must be people that you have RPed with currently or previously. 1 CO/XO/GM of a ship you are/were currently or previously on. 1 DH that you served under, 1 JO that has served under you or that you have written side sims with. It is only required to provide their names so we may ask if their recommendation is valid. They may also provide a letter of recommendation, however this is between the applicant and the endorser.

The Odin has suffered a loss not often seen within the club. How will you handle the delicate nature of the loss and moving forward?

What is your style of command? Please provide examples from your time as an XO of how you have handled both OOC and IC situations.

How will you work with the current XO/GM and the FComm/AFComm to continue to make Odin an enjoyable and healthy environment for current and new crew?

What is your understanding of the USS Odin and its history? Where do you plan to take the ship moving forward?

Please send applications to If I don’t reply to you within 24 hours please contact Brian on discord or via his contact page.

Submitted by Brian Richards to Fleets on Aug. 4, 2021, 2:57 p.m.

Steven Sigle

It is with sad news that we announce that our fellow member, Steven Sigle, passed away:

More information will be announced on a later date about recognizing Steven’s contributions to STF and honouring his memory.

Daniel Lerner
STF President

Submitted by Daniel Lerner to Starfleet Command on July 31, 2021, 2:59 p.m.

CMM Vacancy and 30th Anniversary Volunteers

STF is still looking for a new Community and Marketing Manager. Please email if interested. Details of the position and expectations can be found in Command or you can email us if you have questions.

This is STF’s 30th Anniversary, and we are looking for volunteers to help organize events to celebrate it. If you have an idea that you want to take charge of, please email us at

Submitted by Daniel Lerner to Starfleet Command on July 31, 2021, 2:54 p.m.

Specification Review Period Open - Opossum Class Heavy Shuttle

Rob Archer has submitted a new ship specification for review. It can be found here:

The review period for first review is open and will end on 8/7/21. All members are encouraged to read the spec and ask questions or offer opinions.

Fleet Captain James Sinclair
Director, EDept

Submitted by James Sinclair to Fleets on July 28, 2021, 9:47 a.m.

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