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As the saying goes: Knowledge is power. Our goal here at Star-Fleet Academy is to give you the tools to empower your roleplaying experience. Looking to improve your roleplaying? Check out our Academy Courses. Have the urge to be a gamemaster? The Academy's GM course is your first step toward that goal. Want to get your feet wet before getting in over your head? Check out our training ships; the USS Challenger, USS Columbia and USS Discovery. Looking for answers to your question? Post your questions in the STF Question & Answer ship. We've got whatever you're looking for; from courses to training to answers to most questions.

Academy Courses

We currently offer courses in the six major roleplaying areas: Counseling, Engineering, Medical, Science, Security and Command (in the form of a DH, XO and a CO course). Each course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you want to finish it. Completing the course will allow you to gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to add dimension to your roleplaying.

A GM course is also available; all GM hopefuls must pass this course before they proceed to one of the GM training programs run by the Gamemaster Department. This course provides the basics of good story development and helps students build the foundations of a successful sim.

To take a course, take a look at the Academy Courses.

Graduate List

Here is the list of those members who have taken an Academy course and passed. If your name is not on the list, and you believe it should be, please contact the Academy Commandant at .

Follow this link to get to the Graduates Lists.

Training Ships

For the brand new STF member, we offer hands-on roleplaying areas: The USS Challenger, USS Columbia and USS Discovery. Here new players get to roleplay in a protective atmosphere, with the best DH's, XO's and CO's in the club, and where the only stupid question is the one not asked.

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