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Commanding Office Command Course Graduates List

This class is currently taught by Katherine Dedul. If you have any questions about the Commanding Office Command Course, you can reach Katherine Dedul at: .

If you have any questions about the Graduates List, please contact the Commandant, Admiral Katherine Dedul, at: .

Please note: All graduates are listed in alphabetical order by surname, not by the date of their graduation.

Student NameDate of Graduation
Aragon, Melissa30 January 2018
Cline, Nicole16 June 2022
Gartner, Kirt20 February 2018
Gruby, Richard03 January 2008
Higdon, Michelle27 September 2010
Hillman, Tom27 September 2010
Hosick, Jim04 April 2007
Kerr, Kendra15 June 2008
Kleinman, Matthew13 December 2010
Student NameDate of Graduation
Kowalewski, Jared08 May 2007
Lorien, Alex13 November 2007
Morgan, TJ07 September 2008
Pennington, Sam22 December 2020
Reilly, Cale23 August 2006
Ridgley, Jake16 February 2021
Sigle, Steven30 October 2009
Spicer, Robert08 July 2007
Stonness, Phillip25 June 2007

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