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Executive Office Command Course Graduates List

This class is currently taught by David Shotton. If you have any questions about the Executive Office Command Course, you can reach David Shotton at: .

If you have any questions about the Graduates List, please contact the Commandant, Admiral Katherine Dedul, at: .

Please note: All graduates are listed in alphabetical order by surname, not by the date of their graduation.

Student NameDate of Graduation
Abbott, Kendra07 January 2008
Babock, Jesse28 January 2007
Beach, Josh02 January 2012
Bennett, Christopher11 August 2018
Bird, Robin17 October 2008
Blair, Brian23 April 2007
Bradley, Joseph28 August 2006
Brown, Matthew06 August 2010
Calhoun, Aaron24 February 2013
Carter, Mandy18 March 2007
Cline, Nicole21 February 2021
Cooper, Elliott19 October 2011
Darrah, Katy03 August 2018
Deyarmin, Naithan06 June 2013
Eads, David06 June 2013
Eastman, Melissa07 July 2008
Fowler, Joey12 February 2009
Frogue, Timothy08 January 2020
Gibbs, Gene15 July 2007
Gruby, Richard25 September 2007
Harrison, James03 December 2007
Harvatt, Louis03 August 2018
Hughes, Emily16 February 2012
Ingi, Hjortur23 March 2019
Jackson, Mika27 February 2017
Kappler, William24 June 2007
Student NameDate of Graduation
Kerby, Ian22 November 2007
L, Anna10 February 2015
Lerner, Daniel31 August 2006
Lorien, Alex30 April 2007
Luistro, Jay13 June 2020
Martin, Anthony12 September 2006
McGarvey, Peter10 December 2011
Morgan, TJ04 June 2007
Paulson, AJ03 August 2018
Pennington, Sam08 January 2020
Posey, Joshua16 August 2007
Qasim, Wail01 March 2008
Richards, Brian31 May 2010
Ridgley, Jake27 July 2020
S., Glenn03 August 2018
Samson, Sam12 December 2007
Sigle, Steven18 January 2008
Simons, Ben08 January 2020
Sinclair, James11 January 2019
Spicer, Robert05 November 2006
Stonness, Phillip03 May 2007
Taylor, Chris30 January 2012
Thompson, Robert03 September 2007
Vandament, Doyle28 February 2011
Wiseman, Matt13 November 2016

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