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Welcome to the Star Fleet Academy Syllabus. This page was written to clarify the learning objectives for a Cadet completing a tour in the Academy. Our goal is to make the leaning process as clear and easy as possible for everyone involved. If you are a Cadet with any questions about this page, contact your Department Head, Executive Officer, or Commanding Officer. If you are an Academy staff member with any questions, feel free to contact the Academy Commandant.

In order to graduate, a Cadet should be able to successfully demonstrate the following core concepts:

1. Understanding of AWOL limits, ability to stay within them, and knowledge of how to declare proper leaves of absence.

2. Understanding of our writing style: correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing in the past tense.

3. Understanding of post presentation, consisting of five main areas:

4. Understanding of how to interact in a sim with the Game Master, including the ability to actively seek participation in a sim, whether it be in the main sim or a side sim.

5. Understanding of a "team player" concept and the ability to interact positively with other crew members.

6. Understanding of multiple timelines and the ability to be in more than one at once.

7. Understanding of reasonable limitations to a character (i.e. A full-blooded Vulcan showing emotions without any explanation as to why in the character's history, no 'god-moding').

8. Understanding of the chain of command IC and OOC.

Your ability to demonstrate these core concepts will be continually monitored by the Academy staff on your ship. Once you are able to demonstrate them successfully, you will be eligible for graduation. See Graduation 101 for more information on the graduation process.

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