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Thank you for your interest in (STF)! Please fill out the information below to get started. A member of the Personnel Department will activate your account and respond to your application within 72 hours. If you don't receive an email from the Personnel Department within this time frame, please contact us using the contact form. Please note that this activation email will come from the personal email account of an STF Personnel Department member but it will have a subject line that includes our characteristic =/\= or =^= to distinguish it.

The majority of STF's roleplaying environments are ships or starbases in the Star Trek: The Next Generation timeline. New members are typically placed in these environments as they offer the strongest mentorship opportunities.

  • For those who are new to role-playing, we offer our Academy environment that is staffed by some of our most experienced members, providing additional guidance and support as you learn the ropes of STF.
  • For experienced role-players, STF does offer a hospital ship environment as well as an Abramsverse ship. If you are interested in one of these alternate environments, please let us know in the comments box below.

Once you are an established member, we also have several other unique alternate environments ranging from an Enterprise-era ship to a colony-based self-sim environment. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Personnel Department for more information about these second character only opportunities!

If you are already a member of STF (or you are not sure if you are already a member of STF) please do not apply again. If you have forgotten the password to your old account, please us the Forgot your password link. If you need assistance in joining a ship again or if you need other assistance with accessing your old account, contact the Personnel Department.

Note: All fields are required unless indicated as optional.

Usernames may contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (not spaces).

We require at minimum a first initial and a full last name, or a full first name and a last initial.

We require at minimum a first initial and a full last name, or a full first name and a last initial.

Your selected character name must be a believable name for a Federation species. Names of copyrighted characters or characters related to copyrighted characters will not be permitted.

We recommend starting with a Human character. If you are an experienced role-player, you may use any Federation member or allied species.

Most characters in STF hold positions in one of the four main departments: Medical, Science, Security or Engineering. We try to place new members in the position of their choice.

In the rare event of your first choice being unavailable, please provide us with your second choice department.

It is extremely rare to not be placed in either your first or second choice department, but just in case, tell us what your third choice is.

This will allow us to match you up with a ship with people who post about as often as you do.

Academy ships are role playing areas set aside specifically for new members to help them find their feet, providing guidance from senior club members who have dedicated their time to helping new members get acclimated. If you are on an Academy ship, you may not join another ship until after your first mission is completed (approximately three months).

A Mentor is a senior club member on the same ship you are placed. He or she will contact you via email or Discord and help you with getting started, including assistance with character creation, navigating the ship, and posting.

If selected, you will receive more information about the variety of environments STF has to offer beyond our traditional ST:TNG timelines in your welcome email from the Personnel Department.

If selected, you will receive our newsletter emailed to you about once a month. You may opt in or opt out at any time from your user profile page once your account is activated.

If you were referred by a friend, please let us know who!

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Please double-check your application for accuracy. Without a valid email address, we will be unable to contact you with your account information and other details.

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