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NOTE: Do not fill out a new application if you are an existing member or if you have already applied. Contact the Personnel Department directly if you have questions about how to start a second character.

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Applications are generally reviewed within 72 hours. If you have not received an email from the STF staff by that time, contact the Personnel Department.

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A majority of our ships are set in "The Next Generation" era, after Star Trek: Nemesis. However, there are other ships in the club to suit the wide variety of taste in our membership. These include an "Abramsverse" ship, set in the same time as the Star Trek 2009, 2013 and 2016 films, which follows events after the destruction of the planet Vulcan. Please do not select "Yes" to joining Academy if you only wish to join the "Abramverse" ship.

How often do you expect to log in to post? This will allow us to match you up with a ship with people who post about as often as you do.

Academy ships are role playing areas set aside specifically for new members to help them find their feet. An Academy ship consists of newer members looking for extra hand-holding as well as senior members who have volunteered to help new members get acclimated. Note that if you are on an Academy ship, you may not join another ship until after your first mission is completed.

If you select "Yes", a Mentor from the ship you are placed on will contact you by email and help you with getting started with your character. Such help usually includes assistance with character creation, navigating the ship, and how to post. If you choose not to request a mentor at this time, you may request one at a later date from the Academy.

Most characters in STF hold positions in one of the four main departments. Where possible, we try to place new members in the position of their choice.

If your first choice is not available, specify your second choice for a position.

If your first and second choices are not available, we will try to place you in your third choice for a position, really!

If you were referred by a friend, please tell us who referred you.

Your selected character name must be a believable name for a Federation species. Names of copyrighted characters or characters related to copyrighted characters, will not be permitted.

You have the option of telling us what species you want your character to be. You may leave this field blank if you just want to play a human character. Generally, only Federation member or allied species are accepted for a first character. If requesting the Academy, a believable explanation is required if playing an allied species. Inexperienced role-players are strongly encouraged to play a human character for their first role-playing character.

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