Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the Academy! As the saying goes: Knowledge is power. Our goal here at Starfleet Academy is to give you the tools to empower your roleplaying experience. The Academy is hone to our training fleet, where you can learn the ways of posting here at STF and get some help developing your character. Check out our training ship: the USS Challenger.

Or are you looking to improve your roleplaying in a particular department? Check out our campus board for our Academy Courses. Do you have the urge to tell the story? Why not become a gamemaster? The Academy's GM course is your first step toward that goal. Or do you want to be a DH, an XO or a CO then the command courses and mentorship program are for you! We've got whatever you're looking for; check out our campus board for more details.

Academy Staff
Academy Commandant:
Captain Mika Jackson
Vice Commandant:
Commodore David Shotton
Mentors Coordinator:

Graduation and Academy News
  • June 2024: No New Announcements
  • December 2023: Mika Jackson has been appointed as the new Academy Commandant.

Academy Fleet

For the new STF member, we offer hands-on roleplaying on our training ship: the USS Challenger. Here new players join as a Cadet and get to roleplay in a protective atmosphere, learn the ropes and develop their characters with the support of some of the best DH's, XO's and CO's in the club, and where the only stupid question is the one not asked.

Academy Ship - USS Challenger

CO: Steve Johnson
XO: Mika Jackson
GM: Lindsay Bayes
Sim Start: 23 Apr 2022
Pace: Average: 3/5/7

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