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Welcome to the Academy Campus! Here is where we hold any active discussions that are relevant to the Academy as well as host our two main mentoring programs. We offer mentoring for both new members and for members who would like some coaching as they move up to Department Head, First Officer and Captain. We are still very much in the process of updating this MOTD, so please do be patient and we would appreciate any feedback you have for us!

Academy Discussions

Academy Courses

We currently offer courses in the six major roleplaying areas: Counseling, Engineering, Medical, Science, Security and Command (in the form of a DH, XO and a CO course). Each course is self-paced, so you can take as long as you want to finish it. Completing the course will allow you to gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to add dimension to your roleplaying.

A GM course is also available; all GM hopefuls must pass this course before they proceed to one of the GM training programs run by the Gamemaster Department. This course provides the basics of good story development and helps students build the foundations of a successful sim.

We also offer an administrative menu course, which takes you through all the cool functions of the admin menu (which you gain access to typically once you make XO in the club). There is no exam and tutor for the course, but if you have questions with its content, please contact Academy Commandant.

NOTE: No course is required for graduation from the academy. All are optional unless you wish to become a GM, in which case you will be required to complete the GM course and exam.

To take a course, take a look at the Academy Courses.

Each course tutor is responsible for their respective course content and for the marking. IF a course tutor position is vacant, the exams will be graded by the Academy Staff. If you have any questions or comments about a course, please contact the respective course tutor. Course submissions should be marked within 14 days. If they have not been marked within that time, please email the Academy Commandant.

Command Courses

This is some stuff about the command course.

Command Courses Tutors:

Gamemaster Course

This is some stuff about the GM course.

GM Course Tutor: Lindsay B.

Counselling Course

This is some stuff about the counselling course.

Counselling Course Tutor: Tyra Schroll

Engineering Course

This is some stuff about the engineering course.

Engineering Course Tutor: Robert Archer

Medical Course

This is some stuff about the medical course.

Medical Course Tutor: Steve Johnson

Science Course

This is some stuff about the science course.

Science Course Tutor: Mika Jackson

Security Course

This is some stuff about the security course.

Security Course Tutor: James Sinclair

Mentorship Program

Command Mentorship Program

To enter the Command Mentorship Program please do the following:

  1. Select a role DH, XO, or CO that you wish to be mentored in. This could either be a role you already have or a role that you don't have, but wish to learn to do.
  2. Select one of the mentors below and contact them through their contact form. If they are available they will begin mentoring you for your desired role. The mentor will then contact the Academy Commandant and inform them that the mentorship relationship has begun.
  3. If the mentor contacted is unavailable, repeat step 2.
  4. If you are unsatisfied with your mentor for any reason, please contact the Academy
  5. The mentorship relationship continues until either party wished to end it or the mentee reaches the next level. If both parties wish the same mentor can continue mentoring at the next level. When a mentorship relationship discontinues, please contact the Academy Commandant to inform them.

E-mail Academy Commandant if you require any assistance and the Academy staff will help you out.

List of Command Mentors

Academy and Fleet Mentorship Program

Info on the fleet mentorship program to go here.

List of Fleet Mentors

Fleet Ship Mentor(s)
Foremost Fleet USS Ark Angel Rob Archer
USS Asimov Sage Pennington
USS Manhattan Lindsay Bayes
USS Memorial
USS Sojourner
Pioneer Fleet USS Athena Hjortur Ingi, Lindsay Bayes
USS Atlantis Kate O'Neill, Melissa Aragon
USS Chimera Kat Dedul
USS Leviathan Mika Jackson
USS Ogawa Lindsay Bayes, Sage Pennington
Meridian Fleet
USS Chernov Hjortur Ingi, Travis Good
IRW Rovarran
USS Saracen David Shotton, Kate O'Neill
USS Sentinel
Black Fleet USS Genesis Hjortur Ingi
USS Merrimack
USS Wolverine David Shotton

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