Final Draft for Review - Mentor's Policy

Posted March 9, 2019, 8:53 p.m. by Katherine Dedul

This is much, much later than I planned. I welcome any comments until March 22nd. Just to remind everyone of this. :)


Academy Mandate (Number to be assigned on submission, but most likely #19)

The following policy provides guidance and general operating guidelines for the Mentorship program that is now under the purview of the Academy Department.

  1. Per Lerner Bill #2, mentors generally must be members of the club for a minimum of three months. Exceptions must be approved by the Academy Commandant and will be determined under the following criteria:

a) Posting Effort, this includes both the frequency and quality of the posts (General guidelines are located in the syllabus: Generally mentors must be able to maintain a consistent presence on the ship they have agreed to mentor on.

b) In the opinion of the CO of the ship they have requested to mentor on, they would be appropriate to be assigned as such.

c) In the case of the Academy, the ship’s CO, XO and CNS have requested this individual be graduated from the Academy to Department Head and such a request is approved by the Academy Commandant upon review of the cadet’s graduation evaluation.

  1. The Academy shall ideally seek to identify mentors for each ship in the main fleet that accepts new members. It is noted that Department Heads on Academy ships are automatically mentors for cadets assigned to their department. When agreeing to stand as a mentor in the main fleets, the Academy and the mentor shall decide which of their main fleet assignments they wish to mentor on. A mentor is not required to serve as a mentor on every ship they are a member of.

  2. Mentors must commit to contacting new members assigned to them within 72 hours of them being assigned. If they are on LOA and it is unmarked, the Academy reserves the right to re-assign that new member to another member who is not currently on LOA. The recommended welcome email is available on the resources page (to be created). Mentors must also copy the Academy when doing so.

  3. Mentors must also periodically check in with their mentored members, if only to touch base and make sure there are no issues to address. Some example emails are found in the resources section.

  4. Generally, there are three ways a mentor may leave the program:

a) Requesting to be removed.
b) AWOL.
c) Removal by the Academy Commandant for breach of the above-noted items in this policy.

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