Welcome to the USS Challenger!

Welcome to and the USS Challenger! I'll be your CO during your stint here at the Academy and I hope that you'll learn a lot about role-playing in your club during your time here! We have a lot of fun while creating awesome characters, stories, and interactions with other people.

Our Ship is part of the Star Trek Prime Timeline and we are set in the year 2395.

Not sure what to post? You can report for duty, check in for your medical evaluation, or check in for your psychological evaluation and we'll help you take it from there. Here are some sample posts to give you an idea of our style: Psych Eval, Reporting for Duty, Medical Eval.

Curious about the Academy? This post gives you all of the information you need to know about your time here.

USS Challenger Staff
Commanding Officer:
Vice Admiral Sarah M (Discord: eagle15)
Executive Officer:
Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Discord: DolphinBartender)
Captain Nathan Miller (Discord: tkdnate)
Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Discord: MattE)

Ship News
  • May 2021: Congratulations to Abigail G and Dan Kuehnert on their graduation from the USS Challenger!
  • May 3, 2021: The next sim has started. Check it out! Remember, all players are expected to read any threads that have "main sim" in the title. We recommend reading all threads so that you can enjoy the amazing role-play going on, but be double sure to carefully read those "main sim" ones because you never know when you're going to get dragged into the action.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Emmeline Davis Commanding Officer Human 40 5'3" 110 lbs Sarah M AWOL (6)
Commander Eric Holmman Executive Officer Human - Californian 37 5' 9" 180 lbs Daniel Lerner AWOL (13)
Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Lofton Counselor Human 30 5' 6" 145lbs Nathan Miller LOA 2021-07-12 (3)
Lieutenant Ari O’Connell Chief Medical Officer Human 32 5’5” 133lbs Calé Reilly OK (3)
Lieutenant Alison Barr Chief Science Officer Human 31 5'2" 115 lbs Steve Johnson OK (1*)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dael Stadi Chief Engineer Betazoid 27 5' 11" 204 lb Griffin Day AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Henry Rodier Chief of Security Human 22 6'1" 160 lbs Gavin Burkhardt OK (1)
Cadet Ven Miya Doctor Bajoran 23 5'3" 115lbs Claire M OK (3)
Cadet Aaron Williams Doctor Human 22 1,80 m - 6'00" 70 Kg - 154 lb Adrien Jouve OK (5)
Cadet Tom Little Scientist Human 26 5'6" 140 lbs Tom L OK (1)
Cadet Jordy Kleine Security Officer Human Netherlands 16 1.84 m Jordy Kleine OK (1)
Cadet Zachary Hunt Security Officer Human 21 5' 3" 115 lbs. K Mckeown OK (6)
Gamemaster Foreboding Madness Gamemaster Ancient One Matt Evans OK (2*)

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