USS Challenger

Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain Ray Branch
Executive Officer
Rear Admiral Steve Johnson

Command Staff

Commanding Officer's Notes
Fleet Captain Ray Branch
Executive Officer's Notes
Rear Admiral Steve Johnson
Counselor's Notes
Lieutenant Commander James Sinclair

I'm your new CO! Make sure to visit the CNS, Sickbay, and check in with your Department Head.

You can find me in Discord as: FltCaptRayBranch, or using some form of 'Turtle' nickname :) Feel free to converse with other Cadets, and build a lasting experience.

Welcome to the Challenger! For the next few months we're going to help show you the ropes of role-playing in STF. We hope you have a great time while you're here. If you have any questions, let us know. You can email me or find me in our IRC channel under the nickname S_Johnson.
Have a quick question? Come onto STF's IRC channel at #star-fleet, and ask away. Members there are always willing to help. If you don't have an IRC client, use our free one here!

James, this box is yours :)

Mission Notes

Fleet Captain Geoff Joosten

Welcome to the Challenger! The Sim is underway so feel free to jump in when it is appropriate. If you have any questions feel free to contact me either through the contact form or on our Discord channel.

Chapter 1 has just wrapped up! The crate has been loaded onto the Challenger and you are all headed deep into space, delivering it to a spot along the Klingon, Romulan, and Federation boarders. If anyone needs any assistance getting involved let me know.

Department Orders

Department Department Head Orders
Engineering Chris Bennett Keep the Challenger in tip top shape!
Medical Avery Samuels Make sure sickbay is ready, one never knows what kinds of casualties you might see on a mission like this.
Science Mika Jackson It's always a good idea to examine the surrounding space for things like anomalies or the like!
Security Casen Jones Keep busy with patrolling the ship and breaking up any fights that might happen.
Away Team None at present.
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Samuel Weir Captain Betazoid/Human 5'11'' 175 lbs Ray Branch Late (3)
Commander Maxwell Harkness Executive Officer Human 6'5" 197 lbs Steve Johnson Late (3)
Lieutenant Commander Royal Sinclair Counselor Human 6'10" 284 lbs. James Sinclair OK (1)
Lieutenant John Gordon Chief Engineer Human 6' 200 Christopher Bennett OK (2)
Lieutenant Obiah Torrirs Chief Medical Officer Trill (Unjoined) 5’9 140lbs Trinity Fister OK (2)
Lieutenant Surra Almikaz Chief Science Officer Human 5'5" 139 lbs Mika Jackson OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Casen Chief of Security Human 6"8' 115lbs Casen Jones OK (2)
Cadet Alexander O'Hara Doctor Human Ken Clubbs AWOL (24)
Cadet Griffth Gloss Engineer Human 5'5 120 lBS. Griffth Gloss OK (0)
Cadet Bob Tramplorstein Security Officer Human 5’ 7” Rich Jackson
Gamemaster Wombat Gamemaster Wombat 100 cm 25kg Geoff Joosten Late (4)

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