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Welcome to and the USS Challenger! We hope that you'll learn a lot about role-playing in your club during your time here! We have a lot of fun while creating awesome characters, stories, and interactions with other people.

Our Ship is part of the Star Trek Prime Timeline and we are set in the year 2398.

Not sure what to post? You can report for duty, check in for your medical evaluation, or check in for your psychological evaluation and we'll help you take it from there. Here are some sample posts to give you an idea of our style: Psych Eval, Reporting for Duty, Medical Eval.

Curious about the Academy? This post gives you all of the information you need to know about your time here.

USS Challenger Staff
Commanding Officer:
Vice Admiral Steve Johnson (Discord: Gorilla)
Executive Officer:
Commander Mika Jackson (Discord: Gecko)
Captain Travis Good (Discord: CaptainFalcon)
Rear Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Discord: BusyBeaver)

Posting Requirement (AWOL Policy)

What does it mean to be "AWOL"? On the Challenger, we ask that cadets post at least once a week (once every seven days), department heads post at least once every five days, and command staff (which are the CO, XO, CNS, and GM) post once every three days. Being able to know when we can expect a response from a fellow role-player makes STF a lot more fun! If you know you aren't going to be able to meet the posting requirement (or even if you just know you're going to be away from your computer for a few days), make sure that you declare a LOA to communicate that to your fellow players. If you aren't sure how to declare one, talk to your DH!

The Gamemaster's Lair

Sim Name: Destructive Truths

Sim Start Date: 09 Aug 2022

Sim Notes:

We've started Chapter 2 of the Truth Chronicles and the Challenger is docked at Jupiter Station for repairs and educational purposes. If you're new to the ship, I highly recommend you check out the recap for the previous chapter.

Cast of Characters:

  • Captain Francine Alshoi, Jupiter Station CO
  • Lieutenant Cameron Russo, Jupiter Station Chief of Operations
  • Commander Rebecca Rice, Jupiter Station's Executive Officer
  • (Dr.) Commander Reynold Greene, Researcher

  • Important Threads:

  • Chapter 1 Recap:
  • Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Captain Aaron Foley Commanding Officer Human 47 6'2" 200 lbs Steve Johnson OK (1)
    Commander Pilar Halcyone Executive Officer Risian/Argelian 32 5'7" 129lbs Mika Jackson OK (0)
    Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar Counselor Trill 43 6'-0" 189 lbs Travis Good OK (1)
    Lieutenant Henry Rodier Chief of Security Human 23 6'1" 149 lbs Gavin Burkhardt OK (2)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta Chief Medical Officer Bajoran 58 5'7 220 lbs Shaun Tee OK (1)
    Cadet Kylie Brecker Engineer Human 25 175.26cm/5'9" 56.69kg/125lbs D Inman OK (0)
    Cadet James black Security Human 41 5’ 9” 213lbs Jeremy Snyder OK (0)
    Gamemaster Mischief Maker Gamemaster Multidimensional Variable Variable Lindsay B AWOL (4)

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