CSO's Office - Cadet Taurean Reporting for Duty

Posted Jan. 27, 2020, 8:26 p.m. by Cadet Anders Taurean (Scientist) (Nicholas Tardive)

Something about the name Challenger felt performative. When humans last launched a ship named Challenger, they posited all the signs of a race destined to drive itself into the dirt. Instead, a new Challenger stood as a testament to all the apocalyptic vices humankind had shrugged from its shoulders. It seemed Starfleet was intending to say: “We will not succumb to the hubris of our ancestors. We were made to know the stars.” Now newly christened a Cadet, Anders Taurean wasn’t sure if he was buying into it or not. He had to admit, however, that in his excitement to be assigned to a starship, Anders remained unprepared for the assignment to begin.

Walking with wide strides toward the Chief Science Officer’s office, the Cadet suddenly found himself forgetting the man’s name. As he drew near, he passed another Cadet in the hallway; another Cadet who definitely heard him muttering to himself with a lack of confidence, “…Brad?”

There wasn’t any more time to lose steam. Anders believed it’d come to him in the moment, as most things tended to. His teachers always expressed disdain for his ability to conjure an impressive result from an unsteady and sometimes bumbling attempt. Don’t think about school don’t think about school! he scolded himself, reaching a hand to press the door chime. Rushing with his index finger, Anders jammed the metal just above the chime. The Cadet let out a low breath of displeasure and, upon gathering himself, hit the button successfully.
(Cadet Anders Taurean)

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