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Posted Jan. 27, 2020, 9:28 p.m. by Cadet Anders Taurean (Scientist) (Nicholas Tardive)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Garth (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office - Cadet Taurean Reporting for Duty

Posted by Cadet Anders Taurean (Scientist) in CSO’s Office - Cadet Taurean Reporting for Duty
Something about the name Challenger felt performative. When humans last launched a ship named Challenger, they posited all the signs of a race destined to drive itself into the dirt. Instead, a new Challenger stood as a testament to all the apocalyptic vices humankind had shrugged from its shoulders. It seemed Starfleet was intending to say: “We will not succumb to the hubris of our ancestors. We were made to know the stars.” Now newly christened a Cadet, Anders Taurean wasn’t sure if he was buying into it or not. He had to admit, however, that in his excitement to be assigned to a starship, Anders remained unprepared for the assignment to begin.

Walking with wide strides toward the Chief Science Officer’s office, the Cadet suddenly found himself forgetting the man’s name. As he drew near, he passed another Cadet in the hallway; another Cadet who definitely heard him muttering to himself with a lack of confidence, “…Brad?”

There wasn’t any more time to lose steam. Anders believed it’d come to him in the moment, as most things tended to. His teachers always expressed disdain for his ability to conjure an impressive result from an unsteady and sometimes bumbling attempt. Don’t think about school don’t think about school! he scolded himself, reaching a hand to press the door chime. Rushing with his index finger, Anders jammed the metal just above the chime. The Cadet let out a low breath of displeasure and, upon gathering himself, hit the button successfully.
(Cadet Anders Taurean)

The doors to the Challenger’s main science lab hissed open automatically as Cadet Taurean pressed the chime, apparently requiring no permission to enter.

Although it was located on deck one, the flagship science lab was starkly different from the other areas of the ship’s premiere deck. Whereas the bridge, observation lounge, and captain’s ready room were kept neat and tidy, Garth’s workspace was a scrapyard of miscellaneous metal parts, half-constructed analysis equipment, and seemingly unattended bubbling test tubes and beakers. Walking through the space would require some careful maneuvering as to not knock anything from their precarious perches at the edges of the long, low tables that lined the room.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Garth was hunched over a small contraption in the corner of the congested room. As Cadet Taurean entered, Garth snapped his head around to look over his shoulder, revealing the furrowed brow of an aging tellarite man. Garth’s eyes were obscured by thick black goggles that pushed into the wide bridge of his swine-like snout.

“Grab that particle stabilizer and bring it here, quickly!” Garth barked as he turned back to his work, leaving no indication of where the tool he was referring to was located among the mess.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

OOC: Welcome aboard Nicholas! So happy to have you with us! Great first post, and it looks like you’re picking things up quickly with your thread title and use of a character signature! I’m looking forward to writing with you!

One note: If you go to the “Profile” tab, you will be able to add a background for your character. This is a great place to put in a detailed physical description, general personality traits, and medical/psychological information for the CMO and CNS (head doctor and ship’s councilor) to draw from in your threads with them. These pages can help someone get a feel for your character. Cadets also sometimes includes things such as “got great grades at the Academy” (or the opposite) to give their DH some background into the cadet’s resume, if you will. Here is an example of my background page for Garth: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/character/987/

The instant the door swooshed open and Taurean stepped inside, he found himself being verbally accosted by a frantic Tellarite. Before he could bring himself to react to the Lieutenant’s order, Anders froze, and the name Garth popped inside his head. Snapping to in an instant after that, the Cadet took in as much of the science lab into his overstimulated brain as possible.

Seeing the disarray the lab lie in, Anders felt relief. He was not the neatest of people– least of all when he was deep in the throes of an important project or a passion piece. So, the Cadet again scanned the room and compartmentalizing what he could make out in the cluttered laboratory. He needed a particle stabilizer. That meant the CSO needed a tool designed for precise micromolecular repair. So, Anders scanned the room with his eyes looking for such other equipment, moving gracefully through aisles of unattended tests and indiscernible metal pieces. When he was younger, Anders always managed to amaze his friends on the basketball court with nimble, clean footwork and steady, fast-moving hands. Such skills could prove invaluable in environments where cautious-but-sure movement had meaning.

Wading over to the complete opposite end of the room from Lt. Garth, Anders spotted a neutron infuser sitting under the view-piece of a well-worn atomic microscope. With a few deliberate steps showing off his long stride, Cadet Taurean tore through the contents of the desk until the particle stabilizer rest in his hand. His foot caught on a box of more random metal pieces, but the young cadet caught his balance and returned to the Tellarite officer as quickly as he could. No doubt, though, the Lieutenant would find some gripe about how long it took. It seemed a rite of passage for the inexperienced officers. Fire under pressure and all that, Anders understood.

“Here you are, Lieutenant; my apologies for the delay.” After handing off the stabilizer, Anders forced himself to stand at attention and announce, “Cadet Taurean reporting for duty, Lieutenant…Garth.”

(Cadet Anders Taurean, Science)

OOC: Thank you for the useful tip! As I said in Discord, I’d have never discovered that on my own and it would be pretty nice for other people to know at least what Anders looks like!

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