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Emmy stood in the center of the Nine Forward Lounge and observed the brightly colored decorations to celebrate the end of the Challenger’s mission and the impending graduation of the cadets. She gave a curt nod of approval and then reached for the comm badge pinned to her red-trimmed uniform top.

=/\= Davis to Challenger Crew. Report to Nine Forward. =/\=

With that, she collected a small glass of Malbec and found somewhere conspicuous to stand, straightening her shoulders and taking a deep breath to prepare for the social onslaught of greeting the various members of her crew. The small skeleton crew that would continue to operate the Challenger was in place, but otherwise, all crew would be expected to be in attendance.

Davis, CO

Max made his way into Nine Forward, it was always a good day when they got to graduate their next class of cadets. Picking up a pint of synthale, he made his way over to one of the tables to wait for everyone else to show up for the ceremony.

Cmdr. Harkness - XO

Adinah wasn’t really sure if she wanted to be in a crowded room of officers drinking alcohol and socializing, mostly because she’d feel bad if anyone knew who and she couldn’t remember their names. It was an annoying issue to have with social gatherings, but one that was an odd stickler for her. Either way, Adinah reported to Nine Forward and determined to just think of it as she was acting on orders. Of course, she also immediately grabbed a Corpse Reviver and took a sip. She may be acting like she was purely on orders, but no one said those orders had to be without a little alcohol.

Drink in hand, Adinah finally took a proper look of the room and almost immediately panicked at the sight if the Captain and XO. Right, she totally didn’t have to speak to anyone. Instead, of course, Adinah just stood in place, mentally flailing just a bit.

Cadet Gartenberg (Medical)

Emmy wasn’t particularly skilled at reading other’s cues, but the cadet who caught her eye clearly looked like she had seen a ghost. She tilted her head to the side briefly as she watched the cadet for a few moments in her discomfort. Well, perhaps the cadet just wasn’t a fan of gatherings like this. It was something she could empathize with. She knew that she should probably go over to greet the young woman, but instead offered a brief nod of acknowledgement.

Davis, CO

Aizala took a deep breath before entering Nine Forward. Once inside she walked towards the replicator closest to the door and ordered one of her own herbal teas. As she turned around her eyes fell on one of her Cadets and she walked over to the other woman. “Hello Cadet, how are you doing?” she asked, feeling a little awkward as she wasn’t really one for social gatherings. But she tried not to show her own discomfort. Partly because she didn’t want to make the alumni feel like she wasn’t happy for them. And partly because she noticed some unease in Gartenberg and hoped that if she at least pretended to be at ease, so would the Cadet.

~Lt. Tija, Asst. CMO

Lillian was just fixing her uniform as she reached the entrance to Nine forward this was not the first graduation she had a party when she Graduated from Medical school some years ago and she love it it was a chance to let her hair down and take a brake from all the studying that had been here life for so long.
This was a chance to make connections.
she stood tall and walk in to the party.
Lillian noted as she entered that there where a few ppl in a small group and a some ppl off on there own.
Lillian made her way to get a drink a sparkling water, Lillian was of the thought in space duty you can be call to an emergency that she really drank anyway.
she made here way over to the group that had Lt. Tija in in and created them.
“Hello all interesting mission huh” Lillian said as she took a sip of here water

Lillian Anderson Cadet Security.

“Hello Cadet Anderson,” Aizala greeted her politely and with a small smile playing across her face. “That is one way to put it,” she said bluntly, but not in an unkind way. But before she could say more she saw the Captain walk to the front and fell silent.

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Emmy resisted the urge to tap her foot as she watched the members of the Challenger crew trickle in. Finally, she’d had enough and made her way to the front of the room. While public speaking was not her favorite activity, she was comfortable enough with the task that she wasn’t feeling overly anxious about the next few moments.

“May I have your attention everyone?” she called out, her voice calm and firm. She paused for the briefest of moments to allow the bustle in the room to simmer down.

“Lieutenant Tija, come forward,” she instructed.

Davis, CO

Aizala had just been about to take another sip of her tea and looked rather surprised when she was called to the front. Pushing the surprise and confusion to the back of her mind, she made her way towards the front of the room. On her way she put her cup down on one of the tables and made sure that her dress uniform and her hair were in order.

It didn’t take long, till the fair skinned and very freckled Bajoran stood next to Davis. “Captain,” she said with slight nod and small smile as she folded her hands behind her back and stood at attention.

~Lt. Tija, Asst. CMO

Garth did his best to shamble into nine forward discretely. Looking as disheveled as usual, the only hint of additional effort put into Garth’s appearance was his dress uniform donned under his black lab coat, rather than his typical tunic. He was secretly late on purpose, having wanted to avoid the awkward socializing as much as possible. But he was also glad that he arrived as Lieutenant Tija was brought to the front of the room. He nodded approvingly in anticipation of her promotion. Tija had been an admirable partner during the stressful events of the last mission. Garth prided himself on being a bit of a lone wolf, but he had to admit that they had made a good team.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

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