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Posted by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Qu: Davis

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Posted by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Qu: Davis

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Posted by Captain Emmeline Davis (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Qu: Davis

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Garth leaned forward as the flop was revealed, mouth turned downward in a thoughtful frown at first. Then he glanced at his cards and his eyebrows shot upwards as he leaned back again to look around at the others, a bit more lively than before. It was only after a few long seconds of silence and probably the feeling of a few eyes on him that Garth grunted in surprise, realizing from the context that it was his turn. “Ermhurm, I raise $20,” he said quickly before tossing two $10 chips into the middle.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

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Emmy offered Garth a brief nod before turning to the COS and raising an eyebrow.

Davis, CO

Nijix noticed everyone rushed through their turns too fast. She hadn’t caught all ticks or tells, but she spotted a few common ones. Her eyes looked at her hidden cards again. Odds of her winning weren’t the best, but they were not the worst. A pure gamble, she thought. When her turn came around, she tapped the $10 chips idly in thought. Finally she decided.

“Call.” She tossed in two $10 chips, matching his raise. This left her with $970.

-Lt. Nijix Tavium, CoS

Emmy enjoyed the brief moment watching the COS watch the rest of the crew. She had hoped that this exercise would allow her to learn more about their body language, although it was also an excuse to check the box of a social and bonding occasion. She nodded at Tavium and then focused her attention on the Andorian Chief Engineer, curious to see what his actions would be.

Davis, CO

Keval’s antennae moved as he reached for a stick of salt and vinegar chewing gum. He chewed on it as he studied he fellow officers, before tossing in two $10 chips. “I call,” he said. The Andorian was ready for a fight on the next card.

-Lt. Keval Vras, CE

Emmy’s hand followed Vras’ as he reached for the chewing gum, deciding to sample it for herself. She carefully placed it on her tongue and then moved it to her molars as she inquisitively chewed, more focused on watching her crew. Her attention focused on the CMO as she gave her first real compression of the stick of gum and her face lit up at the odd combination of flavors. She found she enjoyed it… the sample of a similar item she had tried previously had been much too sweet for her preferences.

Davis, CO

Aizala started at the cards in her hands for a couple of moments and then at the cards in the middle of the table. If she understood the rules correctly, she had a pair. But so did everybody else. The cards in her hands didn’t seem to match the ones on the table. So should she leave the game? Then this was only the second round. So cards more in her favour might still be put on table. But what if not? What if she lost? Without noticing it, she muttered under her breath, “This isn’t real money. You can’t actually loose anything.” Looking up and right at the Captain, she said, “I call as well.” At the same time she put two $10 chips on to the pile in the middle.

~Lt. Tija, Asst. CMO

XO (DEALER): Ten of Diamonds, Ace of Spades (Remaining: $950)
CSO: Queen of Clubs, Four of Spades (Remaining: $950)
COS: Two of Hearts, King of Hearts (Remaining: $970)
CE: Four of Diamonds, Seven of Spades (Remaining: $970)
CMO: Nine of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds (Remaining: $970)

POT: $170

Flop: Six of Spades, Eight of Hearts, Eight of Spades

As the CMO called the bet, Emmy moved to deal out the next card before remembering that the XO had not had the opportunity to bet yet. Her eyes flicked to him expectantly as she waited to see what he planned to do.

Davis, CO

Max looked at the flop, and he schooled his face to not show what he was really thinking. He really didn’t have much to go on, but at the same time, it sure didn’t look like a lot of his fellow players really knew what they were doing.

Maybe now was the chance for him to take a risk, and see how they would react. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he lost, it was still early enough in the game.

Picking up $40 in chips, he tossed them into the middle of the table. “I’ll raise you $20.”

Cmdr. Harkness - XO

A satisfied look came over Emmy’s face as a small smile danced at the corner of her lips. Her attention again shifted to the CSO to await each of her department head’s reactions in turn.

Davis, CO

Garth scowled, apparently displeased that his initial raise had been upstaged. “Call,” he snorted, tossing another $20 into the pot. He peaked again at his cards, perhaps becoming suspicious that his hand was not as good as he initially thought it was.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

A slight smirk danced across Emmy’s features as she turned to the COS with a curious head tilt.

Davis, CO

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Nijix’s nose wrinkled from the faint scent of salt and vinegar. She never enjoyed the mixing of the two, preferring a balance of sweet and sour. It didn’t help the texture of gum never appealed to her either. She listened to the others call until it came around to the XO again. As expected, he took advantage and rose the betting again. The CSO appeared disgruntled by the display resulting in him calling it.

The joined trill shook her head then decided to join in on the XO’s attempt to torture the others. Even if she was knocked out early, she could just mingle and enjoy the snacks.

“I’ll raise it by $20. Can’t let the XO have all the fun,” Nijix flashed him a cheeky smirk. She tossed in two twenty-five chips and a single ten chip bring it to a total of $60 for her turn. It was likely the others wouldn’t be happy with her raise.

-Lt. Nijix Tavium, CoS

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