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“May I have your attention everyone?” she called out, her voice calm and firm. She paused for the briefest of moments to allow the bustle in the room to simmer down.

“Lieutenant Tija, come forward,” she instructed.

Davis, CO

Aizala had just been about to take another sip of her tea and looked rather surprised when she was called to the front. Pushing the surprise and confusion to the back of her mind, she made her way towards the front of the room. On her way she put her cup down on one of the tables and made sure that her dress uniform and her hair were in order.

It didn’t take long, till the fair skinned and very freckled Bajoran stood next to Davis. “Captain,” she said with slight nod and small smile as she folded her hands behind her back and stood at attention.

~Lt. Tija, Asst. CMO

Emmy paused for several moments to allow the CMO to situate herself beside her. Thankfully, the crowd remained fairly quiet so that she did not have to go through the inordinate effort to gain everyone’s attention again. “Lieutenant Tija has been elevated to Chief Medical Officer. Congratulations, Lieutenant,” she announced, simply. She extended her hand to the Bajoran, although the gesture seemed more routine than truly warm.

“Thank you, Captain,” Tija replied as she reached for the Captain’s hand. In the moment they were shaking hands, the Captain would be able to notice that while her hands were soft, there were also a few calluses and scars on them.

Garth did his best to shamble into nine forward discretely. Looking as disheveled as usual, the only hint of additional effort put into Garth’s appearance was his dress uniform donned under his black lab coat, rather than his typical tunic. He was secretly late on purpose, having wanted to avoid the awkward socializing as much as possible. But he was also glad that he arrived as Lieutenant Tija was brought to the front of the room. He nodded approvingly in anticipation of her promotion. Tija had been an admirable partner during the stressful events of the last mission. Garth prided himself on being a bit of a lone wolf, but he had to admit that they had made a good team.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

Following their handshake, Emmy dropped Tija’s hand and gestured slightly to indicate that she was dismissed from the front of the room. Once she had made her way back into the crowd, she glanced around the room rapidly and settled her eyes on the next person she intended to invite up.

“Lieutenant Garth, come forward.”

Davis, CO

With a nod, Tija turned around and walked towards the back of the room once more.

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Garth offered a small “hmpf” and a snort of surprise as hearing his name come out of the cpatian’s mouth caused him to start. He teetered forward through the crowd, expecting the crew in front of him to part as his wheezing breaths pushed against the back of their necks.

Eventually, Garth stood in front of the captain, leaning lightly on his jet black cane. “Captain,” he said as a way of greeting, inclining his head formally.

(Lt. J.g. Garth, CSO)

Emmy didn’t waste any time once Garth had made it to the front of the room. Her soft, but firm tone began again.

“Starfleet has authorized your promotion to full Lieutenant. Congratulations.”

She extended her hand again.

Davis, CO

Garth’s mouth fell open slightly under his wild mustache and his bushy eyebrows rose in astonishment. He pulled his lab coat a little straighter in subconscious self-consciousness, then chuckled lightly. After a second of collecting himself, he extended his hand to clasp the captain’s in a strong grip. “Thank you, Captain Davis. I’m surprised, and honored. I appreciate the recognition.”

When dismissed, Garth would make his way to the refreshments table and pour himself whatever was convenient, finding himself a little dry-mouthed. He had always said that he just wanted a lab, and that rank didn’t matter to him. But maybe he cared more about the prestige than he had previously thought.

(Lt. Garth, CSO)

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