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Emmy didn’t waste any time once Garth had made it to the front of the room. Her soft, but firm tone began again.

“Starfleet has authorized your promotion to full Lieutenant. Congratulations.”

She extended her hand again.

Davis, CO

Garth’s mouth fell open slightly under his wild mustache and his bushy eyebrows rose in astonishment. He pulled his lab coat a little straighter in subconscious self-consciousness, then chuckled lightly. After a second of collecting himself, he extended his hand to clasp the captain’s in a strong grip. “Thank you, Captain Davis. I’m surprised, and honored. I appreciate the recognition.”

When dismissed, Garth would make his way to the refreshments table and pour himself whatever was convenient, finding himself a little dry-mouthed. He had always said that he just wanted a lab, and that rank didn’t matter to him. But maybe he cared more about the prestige than he had previously thought.

(Lt. Garth, CSO)

“Congratulations Lieutenant,” Max said as he came up next to Garth. “Well deserved.”

Before taking a sip, Max raised his glass to Garth.

Cmdr. Harkness - XO

Walking over towards Garth, Tija greeted him with a nod and a smile. “Congratulations, Lieutenant. That promotion is well deserved.”

~Lt. Tija, CMO

Adinah moved over to the new Lieutenants, she’d meant to respond more positively to her CMO’s acknowledgement earlier, but then the captain had started and she hadn’t had time.

“Lieutenants,” she greeted, “congratulations to the both of your for your well earned promotions.” While Adinah didnt know as much about Lt. Garth she did know enough about her DH to know the promotion was definitely well deserved.

Cadet Gartenberg (Medical)

Garth finished taking a few gulps of his beverage as the torrent of congratulations poured in from his other crew members. He offered a stoic nod to each in acknowledgement, but didn’t trust himself to give a verbal response, for fear of betraying his excitement. He had to maintain his grumpy demeanor at all times, after all.

Tija turned her head as Gartenberg approached them “Thank you, Cadet,” she replied with a soft smile. “Not long and the Captain will call you to the front for your graduation.”

Emmy allowed the murmurs of congratulations to move on for a few moments before she began moving through the list of cadets who were graduating from the Academy. Each took their turn coming forward to receive their new Ensign pips. Finally, she reached the last cadet.

“Cadet Anderson, please come forward.”

Davis, CO

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~Lt. Tija, CMO

(Lt. Garth, CSO)

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