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Posted by Cadet Devon Collins (Security Officer) in Counsellors office - Cadet Collins check in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Janusz Korczak (Counselor) in Counsellors office - Cadet Collins check in

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Bubbles laughed softly as she got the water for Collins and a some sort of neon red bubbly drink for herself. She took a sip and a delighted look came over her face, so whatever it was, it must have been tasty. “The Challenger has been commissioned when you were a child, likely,” she finally replied, unable to hold back a giggle. “She’s been around for a long time, but Starfleet keeps her fresh for us to practice our skills on before we get assigned to a mainstream ship.” Luckily for Collins, Bubbles was more than happy to share her own thoughts in this casual situation. “I’m enjoying the chance although I haven’t been aboard long. Commander Korczak is such an amazing mentor…” her voice trailed off as she blushed lightly. “He’s pretty easy on the eyes too.” She punctuated her last comment with another giggle and a sip of her bubbly drink. “How did you end up in Starfleet?”

Cadet Bubbles

At that time, the doors opened and a Betazoid male stepped through and turned to face a figure behind him. “Thank you, sir. I will work on that. See you next week.” and then moved to depart the office.

Standing in the door to the inner office was a human male in the blue uniform of Science and Medical. He was… unimpressive looking to everyone, except Cadet Bubbles, apparently. Of average height and slight build, his brown hair and eyes were unremarkable. What was remarkable were the actual pair of glasses perched on his nose. “Ms. Bubbles, please make sure Ensign Gron returns next week at the usual time.” he said, his accent a startling combination of multiple accents all vying for control. But his speech was clear and concise. Looking at Collins, he said “Cadet, if you will kindly give me a moment, I’ll be with you shortly.” and he nodded and stepped back into his office and let the door close.

Korczak, CNS

He nodded at Commander Korczak, and smiled as the door closed. Looking back at Bubbles, “Well cadet, looks like we have a bit. As for me signing up for Starfleet, it was a no brainer really. I thought of so many different ways I could stand out from the rest of my family, and this was the best option. That, and I’ve always wanted to explore the wider universe. I grew up in a fairly small community, and it seemed like my life was all mapped out for me. Only problem is, no one ever asked for my opinion.” He chuckled a little. Sitting back down, and enjoying the ice cold water, he stated “And I haven’t had any regrets at all. I feel, well, I feel like I’ve come home. I can’t wait until I get to my assigned ship after I graduate, and make a name for myself. Heck, maybe even a Captain some day…” Grinning, he looks back at her again. “But enough about me, what about you, what brought you to Starfleet?”
Cadet Devon Collins, Security

The doors opened again and Korczak reemerged and said “My apologies for interrupting yet again. Cadet, you may come in now.” The Counselor turned and entered when he made sure the Cadet was following, and the office on the other side of the door was unlike any area in the rest of the ship. It was lit in a more subdued manner than the rest of the ship, with the light coming from wall lamps rather than the typical overhead lighting. Multiple bookcases with glass enclosed shelves lined one wall, filled with copies and originals of many texts on many different subjects, and a quick glance would show multiple languages as well. The desk was set at an angle against the opposite wall to the door in the corner, allowing for a large open space in the middle. Here there was a couch and a few chairs, one of which sat in front of and facing away from the desk. Pictures hung on the walls, some were even old photographs. Each depicted either places, individuals, or groups of people, and many were in black and white.

Korczak stopped and took a seat in the seating area. The man was wholly plain looking; in fact so nondescript that he almost blended in with the office. His voice, on the other hand, was distinctive. “Please, Cadet. Do come in. Have a seat.” and he indicated the siting area. The man had a most unusual accent, as if two wholly unrelated accents were vying for control. Even with that, his speech was clear and articulate; with crisp pronunciation and diction. The only other noticeable fact of the man were the glasses perched on his nose… actual glasses.

Korczak pushed said glasses up his nose a bit higher and looked at the Cadet. “If you would like a drink before we start, you are welcome to the replicator as well.”

Korczak, CNS

“Thank you Sir, but I’m ok for the moment.” Paused before one of the bookcases before he took a seat, he continued, “This is quite the collection Sir. You and my father would get along very well I believe.” He quickly memorized several of the titles, to reflect on them should he choose to pursue his father’s advice and expand his mind, rather than his body, Collins sat down where indicated. “It is a pleasure to meet with you Sir.” He relaxed somewhat comfortably in his chair, and a small half grin was evident on his face.

Cadet D. Collins, Security

Taking a seat opposite, Korczak said “Thank you. Most belonged to my parents. They allowed me a few selections prior to my leaving home. And is your father a bibliophile, Cadet? And are you?”

Korczak, CNS

“I am, somewhat, Commander.” The grin slid off his face. “My father most definitely is. He’s a professor back at Mount Royal University, on Earth. I love the man, but if the choice were between books and people, well, his library would match the size of Alexandria, rather than his student and peerage fan base matching the same.”
His head shook slightly, almost in disbelief as he realized he was already sharing way too much, about something he’d long come to terms with. “In any case, I’ve always found it a true pleasure to hold an actual book in my hands, to feel the coarseness of the paper, to smell the decaying ink, rather than to just read it with the behind glow of a PADD.”

Cadet Devon Collins, Security

“I agree wholeheartedly, Cadet. Paper seems to carry the words in a more… meaningful… fashion.” and he paused for a brief moment. “I know of the university you spoke of. What does your father teach?”

Korczak, CNS

Devon felt he did a sufficient job of smothering the sigh he felt bubbling up. “He’s in the spatial engineering department there. It’s a great school, love the campus myself, I actually completed a degree there before applying for Star Fleet. ” That was pretty neutral right? It’s not that Devon didnt love his father, he did very much, both his parents actually, it was just that he was so tired of living in their shadows.

But really, what were the odds that Korzcak would recognize his father, and even then make the connection between the last names? Of course, Lawrence Collins was doing some groundbreaking work, and Debora Collins had discovered the “Spencer Gene”, but there were billions of humans throughout the galaxy. At least, that’s what Devon kept telling himself…

Cadet Devon Collins, Security

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