Cadet Fitzgerald’s Boarding Physical

Posted March 25, 2020, 1:21 a.m. by Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineer) (Dillon Tenhover)

Posted by Lieutenant Tija Aizala (Chief Medical Officer) in Cadet Fitzgerald’s Boarding Physical

Posted by Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineer) in Cadet Fitzgerald’s Boarding Physical
The newly arrived cadet entered the medbay, searching for the doctor whom he was supposed to see. The medbay was surprisingly empty which Fitzgerald supposed was a good thing. There was a lot of strange machinery that with all of his engineering knowledge he couldn’t tell what half of it was. The cadet pondered for a moment the complexity of the medical field before dismissing it.
He approached what appeared to be the highest ranked medical officer and stood at attention. “Cadet Fitzgerald reporting for my first physical sir!”
The cadet hoped that he was speaking to the correct person, he had not yet become fully acquainted with the senior staff aboard the ship.

Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineering)

OOC: Welcome aboard, Dillon! That’s a great post! Also I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to see if one of my cadets is going to take over your boarding evaluation.


OOC: Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for the heads up!

Cadet Miles Fitzgerald (Engineering)

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