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A cadet training as a pilot began her preflight checks on one of the Challenger’s Valhalla-class runabouts. She had been notified that the XO would potentially be flying the runabout as well, but for now, she was in charge until everyone got there and situated.

Cadet Flysalot

Cadet Douglas walked toward the the runabout. “Cadet Douglas, reporting as ordered. I have an idea to get us through the storm in one piece, maybe not with a bruise or two, but alive.”

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

One of the engineering crew chief in the shuttle bay wandered around the outside doing checks and coordinating with Flysalot doing the thumbs up and down system checks before making a few notes on a PaDD coordinating with other enlistedmen. “Do ya know what load out yer gonna need?” he asked the cadet pilot.

GM Wombat

Douglas trying to intervene. “I have an idea. If we do a manual de-orbit burn with oxidized atmospheric thrusters and shut down and use RCS for the Re-Entry phase, the storm might not destroy us entirely. But I would have to co pilot for course correction calculations on the fall.” Douglas took a breath. “To use that plan we need to use a Fuel, oxidizer mix for the atmospheric thrusters, otherwise impulse would destroy us.

(Cadet. Douglas. Science)

“Maybe you want to pilot?” Flysalot commented with a grin at the cadet. “We’ll get you there, I promise. We just need to wait a few moments for the rest of the team.”

Cadet Flysalot

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